Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 24

I wanted to ignore it but my curiosity got better of me. I sneak behind the tree and I find Chris and Rebecca. I quickly dial a number.

“Oh gosh, she was so hurt she was crying. She said ‘I thought you liked me Noah’.

Rebecca says. They are talking about me.

“He does. But you are really good at seducing people.”

Chris says.

“It wasn’t hard as he was drunk.”

Rebecca smirks. This bitch.

“They will never get back again.”

Chris says.

“We were never apart darling!”

I say coming from behind the tree.

“You are really good Rebecca, after all it is your job."

I say.

“Chris, you are really very thoughtful, you can’t have me so you won’t let anyone have me. Well let me say one thing – Me and Noah will never be apart. You take that as a challenge!

I say. They were so shocked that they didn’t move.

“You two are really dumb pulling something like this.”

I say.

“Hello Chris!”

A voice comes from behind Chris. He turns around and sees Officer Jesse holding handcuffs. He arrests him and goes to the police station.

“And you dear if you get any close to Noah let alone kissing then I will pull your fake lips out of your face, rip off your hair extensions, snatch your earrings from your ears and take your eyes out. And don’t do something like that again!”

I say.

“Who do you think I am?”

She says and hold her hand up to slap me. I grab it and say –

“A bitch. Did I get it right?”

I ask. I twist her hand until she is dying of pain.

“You are just a delicate bitch. Never touch me or I will cut your hand and give it in your other hand!”

I hiss. I leave her and she runs away. I never believed I would be this mean. It is night and moon is shining bright. I turn to leave.

“Well that was a pretty smooth move...”

Noah says as he comes out from behind a tree. I have tears in my eyes. I run over and hug him.

“I am s-!”

he cuts me off.

“Don’t you dare speak forward!”

he says.

“I really hurt you Noah.”

I say.

“I made you sad. I compared you to Chris. I said all those hurtful things. Forgive me.”

“Oh for that babe, I can’t!”

he says and presses his lips on mine.

“Because I was never angry with you in the first place...”

he says when we pull apart.


“Oh, shut up or I will make you shut up!”

he smirks. I sigh.


I hit him with my hand.

“Well you can thank me...”

he says.

“And for what gentleman?”

I ask.

“Because I just fulfilled your dream of kissing in moonlight.”

He says.

“How did you know?!”

“I know everything babe.”

I go to our house and I have my head in his lap.

“Noah, I want to play some games.”

I say.

“Like what babe?”

he asks smirking.

“Oh gosh no, not that type of games...”

I close my eyes blushing as I know he was thinking of tying my hands with a handcuff and....

“You pervert!”

I smack his head.

“Shall I call Josh and Sarah?”

I ask.


he says.

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