Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 25

There is a knock and Open the door to see Sarah, Josh and Steve!

“He was on the way so we kidnapped him!”

Josh says and we all laugh. We are ready and we decide to play Truth or Dare.

“Okay, Steve Truth or Dare?”

Sarah asks.


He says.

“Well...who do you have crush on?”

she asks smirking and looks at me. Steve turns red and says.


“I told you!”

Josh says.

What? Why is everyone falling for me? I look over at Noah. He puts his hand on my waist and pulls me closer.

“Okay Noah, Truth or Dare?”

Steve says.

“Dare, I am not a pussy like you...”

Noah smirks.

“Well....kiss the most beautiful person in this room.”

He says. Noah looks at me, stands up and heads over to Steve! What?! What in the actual fuck? He grabs his chin and looks in his eyes. Steve turns red.


Sarah says. Steve closes his eyes. He gets close to Steve’s face and says-

“She is mine!”

and comes to me and kisses me. I kiss back.

“I literally thought there was something wrong.”

I say.

“I knew Lettie would kill him if he did that.”

Sarah says.

“Okay Josh, truth or dare?”


He looks at Steve and smirks and I knew Josh was regretting his life right now.

“I dare you to kiss Steve!”

Noah says.

“Dude! What the fuck?”

Josh screams.

“It is a game.”

Noah says calmly.

“Just a peck and I know Sarah won’t be angry.”

I tease.

“Do it Josh, I am waiting.”

Sarah smirks. Oh she was in too. Josh heads over to Steve puts his lips on his for a millisecond and breaks apart. He starts rubbing his lips violently while Steve just looks blankly.

“Fuck you!”

he says to Noah.

“Not interested!”

he says and we all laugh.

“Lettie, truth or dare”

Josh asks.


I say.

“Did you guys do ‘that’?”

he asks smirking. I feel my cheeks heat.


I say.

“Goodness Josh!”

Noah says.

“Sarah truth or dare?”

I ask.


she says.

“I dare you to prank call someone.”

I say. Sarah grabs her phone. She dials a random number and someone picks up. She puts the phone on speaker.


The voice asks.

“Hello, Am I speaking to Mr. Asshole, husband of Mrs. Bitch?” she asks as we all silently laugh.

“What the-!”

he says and cuts the call. We all roll on the floor laughing.

Next up we decide to play Never have I ever. I take out orange juice form the fridge. We start. This time I ask.

“Never have I ever gotten spanked.”

I say. Steve silently drinks. We all drink. Everyone has gotten spanked by their mommy. It was my aunt for me. Steve wasn’t drinking.

“Oh come on...”

I say. Steve drinks the whole cup and we spit our juices.

“Just how many times?”

Noah asks and we laugh.

“Never have I ever made out with someone in this room.”

Noah asks. I look at him while I drink as he drinks too. Sarah and Josh take a sip. I choke on my juice when I see Steve drinking. Josh chokes too.

“It was a dare guys.”

Josh says.

“Oh god!”

Sarah smacks him.

“Never have I ever crushed on my teacher.”

Josh asks. Sarah takes a sip. We all look at her.

“I got over it.”

She says.

“Never have I ever had a burning desire to punish someone in a naughty way.”

Josh asks. Noah takes a sip as he winks at me.

“You are a pervert!”

I say as I blush.

“Never have I ever had a crush on two people at the same time.”

He asks. I take a sip.

“Who is it?”

Noah asks with his eyes wide.

“Better ask who 'was' it.”

I say.

“Who was it?"

Sarah asks.


I say.

“And the other?”

Josh and Steve ask.

“Really? You guys are so dumb. It was Noah.”

I say. Noah looks at me.

“You never told me....”

he says.

“Nor did you.”

I say.

“When did you fall for me?”

He asks.

“I don’t know when but I sure did and I realized it after it was too late.”

I say.

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