Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 26

Everyone goes home and I and Noah are left alone. I am going to the kitchen as he grabs my waist and pulls me back. He hold my wrists and pulls me closer.

“You know, I want to just throw you on the bed and....”

he drifts away. He looks hungrily at my lips. I close my eyes and put my lips on his. We were kissing each other greedily. He licks my bottom lip. I don’t allow. Come on boy, try harder, and get teased. He puts his hands on my thighs I gasp at his sudden approach and he finds the best moment and slips his tongue inside. He smirks. So he already won. Now we were playing with our tongues as we head to my room our lips never leaving each other’s. He throws me on the bed and him on top of me. He kisses my neck and I let out a slight moan as he sucks it greedily. Our bodies couldn’t get any closer. His heat radiating on mine. My hands were around his neck when he slips his hands inside my top. I was now on his lap. I could feel him hard. I was already wet with just a slight touch of his fingers on my skin. I nibble his ear as he shivers. I grab the hem of his shirt as he stops kissing me. He stands up.

“You can’t do this Lettie...”

he says. I stand up in front of him.


I ask confused.

“Because I will do that!”

he says and throws me on the bed again kissing me passionately.

“Do we have...?”

I ask panting.


He says.

Noah’s P.O.V.

I wake up and try to sit up but couldn’t as there is something heavy on my hand behind my chest. I realize it is Lettie’s head. I look at myself, I am completely naked, and I look at her. She is completely naked and I rewind last night. We did it and after cleaning up, we were too tired to dress and we both fell asleep. I quickly grab a blanket and put it over her. I silently move away trying not to wake her up. She groans. I dress up quickly and go to her.

“Dress up babe...”

I say kissing her forehead.


she whispers.


I ask.


she is cut off as her phone rings. I look at it. It is Officer Jesse. I mute it and come back.


she groans.

“You are naked babe, dress up!”

I say. She shoots up holding her blanket wide eyes and I couldn’t help but smile.


she asks.

“Yes. Now dress up before someone else sees you like this and I surely won’t like it.”

I say as I sit beside her and kiss her.

“Now let me dress...”

she says.

“ you want me to dress you?”

I ask smirking.

“It would be a pleasure....”

I look at her wide eyes my jaw dropping.

“To see you out of here!”

She smirks and completes her sentence.

“Well babe you are really beautiful...”

I say and kiss her cheek.

“You are more handsome than I am beautiful.”

She says.

“Think again, do you really want to dress, with this handsome boy beside you?”

I ask.


She says.


I head to shower. When I come out she is sitting there brushing her hair. I hug her from behind and kiss her cheek.


he says.


I ask.

“I was saying that I-!”

she is cut off as the doorbell rings.

“Shit. Shit. Shit!”

I say.


she asks.

“It is probably Officer Jesse, remember he wanted to talk to us and he called you...”

I say.

“Oh gosh, you couldn’t have told me sooner....”

she says. I rush to the door. I open it and sure officer Jesse is beaming at me.

“Hello boy. How are you?”

he asks.

“I am good.”

I say. He gaze travels at my neck. Shit!

“Oh....having fun?”

he asks. I hide my burning cheeks.

“Well ahem, it is none of my business call Violet down.”

He says. Violet comes down with her hair in front of her neck. I sucked too hard. I laugh at myself. We sit down as Officer Jesse starts talking.

Violet’s P.O.V.


he starts.


I and Noah ask.

“Well Violet. This is really important and I don’t know what else and I don’t even know if you are ready.”

He says.

“What? It is related to Rose or Chris?”

I ask.

“No, it is related to you.”

He says. Now I feel weird. I look at Noah as he takes my hand squeezing it and nodding.

“I am here babe...”

he whispers to me. I couldn’t help but smile.

“What is it?”

I ask.

“How do I say this? You would not even believe me and when you do, you would never forgive me...”

he says sighing. What exactly can it be?

“I am your dad!”

he says.

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