Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 27


I and Noah ask at the same time.

“Yes. Violet Jess Blake. I Jesse Blake, am your Dad.”

He says.

“You are not!”

I say my eyes wide open so much that if I opened then any wider they would have dropped out. My jaw was so much dropped it was on the floor.

“I guess I will give you guys some privacy...”

Noah says and starts standing up.

“You sit here.”

I hiss and laugh.

“Officer Jesse, why are you kidding?”

I ask.

“I am not. Where do you think you got that middle name from?”

he ask. I stop and think.

“Do you have any other evidence?”

I ask in his tone. I had no memory of my dad except a few things. One was he called me honey and he made chocolate chip pancakes with blueberry ice-cream. And that teddy bear.

“Well yeah...”

he sighs.


I say.

“That teddy bear Jack. His eye fell off and I mended it. You were so innocent you never found out. I loved his blue color.”

He smiles and says. No way. I had tears in my eyes by now.

“Your real mother died of cancer. I married Rose which was a big mistake. I left you to her as I went out of state for training. A bigger mistake. When I came back, I saw and knew it was you. Your blue eyes just like mine. You still have the same smile. I knew I wanted to mend what I broke even if it worked only a little. At least I won’t make it fall apart again. I literally ruined everything. I never knew these horrible things which happened to you. I knew you always searched me but I was too guilty to not be able to come and stop her even when I knew something was wrong. And then she was cheating. I knew I had to stop this. Somehow. I am really sorry for everything I did and everything you went from. I sure can’t make it that way it was but I promise I will make is better than it is now. I am sorry honey...”

he ends. I remember a faded face which was holding me saying honey. If this is not my dad then I don’t know who is. I rush over to him and hug him, tears streaming down. Noah was looking at us and his eyes were watery. I take my hand out. He comes and hugs us.

“Dad, I love you sooo much. I am not angry that you left me, I am happy that you came back. You honey is stronger now. You made me strong enough to go through these.”

I say crying like a baby.

“You still didn’t deserve any of these Lettie...”

Noah whispers.

“And I don’t deserve you, but things change.”

I say.

“Truly you deserve someone better.”

He says.

“What did you just say?”

I ask. He looks at me with fake threaten in his eyes.

“If you say something like that again then I will punish you and Mr. Blake would be happy to give me a pair of handcuffs.”

he says and we all laugh.

“I guess you guys enjoyed last night too much!”

Dad smirks and says.


I say blushing. He is just a copy of Noah. Just like him. He sets down the banana pancakes I have always loved and his handmade Blueberry ice-cream.

“So Noah, from when are you guys together?”

He asks.

“2 months. 7 days. 4 hours. 8 minutes. 5 seconds.”

He says looking at his phone.

“You did not just count all that?!”

I ask shockingly.

“I did.”

He say like it was a piece of cake.

“For me?”

I ask.

“Who said that? I did that for me.”

He says.

“Can you stop loving me this much?”

I ask.

“Oh for that babe I can’t.”

he says and pulls me in for a deep kiss. He sure has changed from last night.

“I think the mail’s here.”

Dad says and rushed to the door. We pull apart.

“At least don’t do that in front of dad.”

I slap his arm.

“Well I am going to kiss you in front of every one soon, this is just practice.”

He says. I look in his dreamy eyes and if I hadn’t had already, I fell in love. More and More.

“Noah, I-!”

I am cut off again. Gosh! Damn it dad.

“There is someone at the door.”

Dad says. Sarah and Josh and Steve are at the door.

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