Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 28

Steve’s P.O.V

“You were supposed to be at my house Lettie, you better have a good explanation or I will kill you on the spot!”

Sarah threatens Violet and we all laugh.

“ night....”

she stops.

“Stop. Stop. I don’t need more details.”

Josh says shaking his head.

“Well I guess our group is now just Awkward Potato Group.”

Noah says.

“Can I join?”

I ask squealing.


Noah says.

“Why Noah are you jealous?”

Violet asks smirking.

“Why would I be jealous? I have you.”

He says smiling, pulling her cheek. It is true. I couldn’t help but imagine myself on his spot.

“Well who is that gentle man in the kitchen?”

Josh asks.


Lettie says.


I say. I guess I don’t know everything and I was shocked and confused at the fact that Josh and Sarah had their eyes wide. Violet tells us everything and she tells me all other things I didn’t knew as I was new.

“So are you guys really together?”

I ask hoping there was still a chance which shattered just a few seconds later. Noah, Violet, Josh, Sarah and her dad said all together. Guess who is jealous? I don’t know why? What is this feeling of wanting to punch Noah in his face? I don’t know. Noah leans in and kisses her. I turn my eyes away. But I looked how her lips fit his. I wished I was Noah. Sitting with her. Kissing her. Wait. What the fuck am I even thinking? Kissing Violet who has been a friend of mine just few weeks ago. How can I? What is wrong?

“Is everything okay? You are spacing out for like 5 minutes. And about the awkward potato group – yes.”

Violet says putting her hand on my shoulder. I felt a wave of tingles as her hand touches my bare shoulder. What? I have read in books, is this what I am thinking? Wanting to be with her. Feeling something. Wanting to kiss her. Am I falling for her? I couldn’t be. Right?

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