Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 3

"Why does this Professor Catherine ask me questions all the freaking time in her class?”

I ask Sarah and Josh angrily.

“Calm down Lettie, take this, drink you will feel better.”

Sarah say handing me her coffee cup.

“Eat this burger for extra happiness…”

Josh smiles and hands his burger to me. After eating and drinking, I finally feel better.

“Thank you guys, I don’t know what I would do without you both.”

“No need to thank us, it’s our duty to help you.”

Josh says.

“And yeah you can say thanks when we eat your food…”

Sarah say and we all three laugh.

“Hey Lettie, there’s a sleepover, me, you and Josh….at 8:00 P.M.”

Sarah say smiling.

“Okay guys, I will surely come.”

I smile and say.

I go home.

“Hello honey….”

My mom says with her usual smile.

“Hey mom…”

I say smiling weakly.


She says grabbing my hair harshly. It pains too much. Tears flow down my cheeks.

“Y-yes mom?”

I ask wiping the tears before she sees them. I have to get used to this.

“I saw a phone no. in my phone, I didn’t give you a phone so now you will use mine?!!”

She says still grabbing my hair. It was Sarah’s number. It was a mistake to take Sarah’s no and save it in mom’s mobile.

“It’s Professor’s. I asked for her number so I can get help at Calculus.”

I lie.

“Oh really…. let me dial it and my girl I warn you if that is not your professor then the burn marks that day were nothing. I swear I will shove your both hands in boiling water.”

She says and smiles. I stay there shaking. Shall I report her to the police? NO, she warned me, she told me that if anyone know about this she will kill my dad…. I don’t even remember him, I can’t let him die for me. I will just take all this sorrow and no one will know all this until I smile all the time.

She dialed the number and Sarah picked up.


She said.

“Hello Professor Parks, I am Violet’s mom. I just wanted to ask you how Violet was in her studies?”

My mom says and looks down at me smiling as she does.

“This is n- wait…..yes, yes, Mrs. Blake…. Violet is good at her studies, she answers well in class you just need to focus some on her calculations a little bit. Everything else is fine.”

Sarah ends and I must say that I was pleased that she did a great job sounding like Professor Catherine.

Mom ends the call and looks at me.

“You got saved this time….. But I still have something for you for using my phone without my permission.”

Mom says and goes to the kitchen. She comes back and my soul leaves my body for a second when I see what she has in her hand, she had a knife in her hand and was coming to me.

“Give me your hand dear, from which you touched my phone, you bitch….”

She says and grabs my left hand forcefully. Her grip is too strong. I close my eyes as the point of the knife touches my palm. It goes down a bit. I feel warm blood coming out. The knife is deep down my hand slicing my nerves but I don’t feel any pain. Wait….. It feels g-good…. Am I turning into a maniac?!! I sure will if I continue living with her. Shall I run away?

“Here you go sweetie…”

She smiles and says removing the knife from my hand. The blood is dripping and dripping but I feel nothing. Anyway I put some bandage and ask her.

“M-mom, can I go to my friend’s house?”

“Yes sweetie but come back before 10…I will have another gift for you just to make you remember that you should not touch somebody’s belongings…..”

I wear my jeans and tie my long brown hair in a ponytail, I don’t wear makeup because my green eyes are all beauty to me and they suit by pale skin with freckles. I head out. Soon, I reach Sarah’s house. I knock at the door. Sarah opens it. As soon as she opens the door, I jump and hug her tightly.

“O.m.g Sarah, thank you so much for saving me…”

“No problem Lettie, thank god you told me beforehand that you have this as Professor Parks…”

I open my eyes and see Josh smiling at me. I quickly hug him too.

“I am so happy that Sarah helped me, so happy to see you two…”

I stop hugging them and I see Josh looking away.


Sarah says as she is freaked out and is angry.

“It’s just a small cut.”

I say.


Josh says freaking out more than Sarah, he was angrier.

“You guys are very overprotective, it’s just a cut, let’s play some games, this can’t ruin our sleepover…”

“We are not playing anything until you tell us….”

Both of them say.

“Okay guys I will tell you someday, I swear but for now let us not ruin this sleepover.”

I say with pleading eyes making a puppy face.


They both say. We played lots of games and soon we forgot about all that. It was time to go home.

“Take care Lettie…”

Sarah says hugging me.

“Bye Violet, take care and please be careful…”

Josh says.

I go home and press the bell. Mom opens the door and she has a candle in her hand.

“Grab this candle honey…”

She says handing me it. I move my hand forward but before I could grab it she puts the candle flame on my right arm. It starts burning. I do not take my hand back, I just stand there. I feel the pain but she has somehow hypnotized me in believing that I deserve this. After some time she removes the candle and says

“Good Night Honey…”

“Goodnight mom…”

I say smiling.

I go in the bathroom, open the shower and just sit there on the floor and cry my heart out. And an idea pops in my head. Why don’t I just jump off a roof or something, I won’t have to go through this pain every day. But what about Sarah and Josh? Maybe they deserve someone better than me. But I have to live. I want justice. I want to see this bitch in pain as much as I got. I have to live, if not for Sarah and Josh then just for this bitch. There is a thing called justice…. Right? I wake up, shower and go to the dining room. I sit there. There is already a man sitting there.

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