Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 30

Noah’s P.O.V.

I put my arms around Lettie and pull her in a hug.

“It is okay, I am here...”

I say patting her head. She just cries in my arms.

“I left the door open, it is all my fault...”

she sobs.

“Calm down Lettie. It is fine. I will take care of him tomorrow.”

“Leave it Noah.”

“But he did it on purpose Lettie, he wanted to-!”

I stop clenching my fists.

He loves you and just wants to-!”

I am cut off as she puts her lips on mine and pulls me in for a deep kiss.

“But I love you baby...”

she says and her face reddens when she realizes what she said. Wow.

“Aww....really? Violet Jess Blake loves Noah Will Watson? Do you take him as your lawfully wedded husband?”

I tease.


she smacks me. And then I sit on the couch as she puts her head on my lap.

“I never knew it was this hard to say these three words...”

she says looking at me. Her eyes just make my heart melt.

“Yeah, you were trying to say it from ages.”

I sigh smiling.

“You knew?!”

she asks.

“I know everything babe.”

I smile.

“Well it slipped out this time...”

she sighs. I remember that I never said that I love her directly to her. And she was sure hoping it. I needed to say that. But...

“Well Lettie I....”

I lean in. She has her eyes wide.


she was waiting.

“I love....”

“I love potatoes! Would you eat some?”

I ask smirking. I love to tease her. She sits up.

“Really? Go and cook then.”

She says. I head over to the kitchen. I am preparing the meal when she comes in drinking water.

“I would to have my lips in place of the bottle.”

I say as I go over to her and grab her by the waist. She looks in my eyes her lips parting. She bites her lips and I stop the burning urge to kiss her. I lean in and now my lips are so close to her I could feel her breath on my face. She closes her eyes. My lips just brush on hers as I turn to the kitchen saying

“Oh god I am so hungry...”

I smirk. I loved the look of her face. I thanked god that all the sharp objects were in the drawers or I would have been dead by now.

“Why do you keep teasing me?”

she asks.

“Because I love it.”

I say.

“Noah please...don’t do makes me want to...”

she says coming close to my ear from behind. Her body touching mine. She whispers in my ear

“Murder you!”

she smirks and gets to drinking water again. Wow she learned my ways.

“I will give you that one.”

I say. There is a knock on the door as dad comes in.

“Welcome back dad!”

Lettie says.

“Sir what would you like to eat?”

I ask.

“Oh Noah you can call me dad...”

he says.


I say.

“Well cook whatever you guys like.”

He says washing his hands.

“Happy that you two aren’t ‘busy’.”

he says.

Violet’s P.O.V.

I was walking outside in the fresh air while Noah was cooking.

“Hey dear!”

I hear a voice. I turn around and see Chris.

“How did you get out?”

I ask.

“I have my ways...”

he says.

“Let me get dad.”

I say as I start walking towards the door but before I could turn the doorknob someone stabs a knife right through my stomach. I fall on the floor. Everything starts to black out. Rose was leaning over me smiling.

"I am afraid you won't be able to."

she says.


is the only thing I say before I faint.

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