Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 31

I open my eyes as a light is burning on top of my eyes. I was in a room which was very familiar but I couldn’t remember how. I try to stand up but I was too weak. Oh gosh, I am so careless. Getting kidnapped. All the time. Won’t be a surprise even when I die. I look at my stomach where the knife should be but instead a band aid was wrapped roughly on it. I couldn’t move as my whole body was tied in ropes. I look on the floor and there was my blood dry. I felt so thirsty. There was a bottle on the table next to me. I couldn’t reach it.

“Oh someone’s thirsty.”

Steve enters the room. He grabs the bottle, looks at me and says

“You hate me right? The feelings can’t be more requited now.”

He says and empties the bottle in front of me.

“Jealously is really a bad thing. Look what it made you. Makes you do bad things. You won’t have me Steve. Give up. There isn’t a word to describe you, I would prefer a rotten pig rather than you. Don’t even try next time. Give up cause I will be Noah’s until my last breath.”

I say. I couldn’t speak much as my throat was dry. Then Rose and Chris enter the room.

“I really wanted to kill you but Chris had another amazing idea.”

Rose says.

“Torturing you...”

Steve finishes.

“I would love to.”

Chris agrees.

“Just give up and kill me there’s no use. But yeah you there sure won’t even get a place in hell. How good you are.”

I say. Steve grabs a knife from the table and comes to me.

“Say that you love me.”

He says.

“I love Noah, I hate you.”

I say hissing. He slides the knife sharply down my left hand.

“Who do you love now?”

he asks.

“My answer won’t change no matter what you do motherfucker.”

I smirk. It sure hurts but I can’t show them.

“You won’t get out this time...”

Rose says and pours the burning pot of water on my face. I bite my tongue to stop from hissing.

“I will take that as a challenge bitch.”

I say.

“I hate you. You hate me. We are the perfect couple.”

Chris says as he harshly grabs my right hand and puts in on the candle flame and never removes it.

“This is all you can do, goodness....”

I say.

“The real fun is about to begin babe...”

Steve says and pours a bottle of sanitizer on my wounds. Now that hurts. A tear threatens to fall as I hold it back. They cut me in so many bad places can’t even describe. They go away laughing. I sit there as it hisses in pain. My whole body was paining.

Where are you Noah? But I can’t always rely on him. He has helped me every time. I don’t want him to get in trouble. Why doesn’t he just leave me? He has already done so much to me. These guys aren’t going to give up, nor am I going to give up. Let us see who wins. But I was wishing of dying at this point. Steve comes in with food his hands. He puts it down and grabs my chin.

“Eat it we don’t want you to die, I and Chris are going to have fun with you...”

he says. I spit on his face.

“Words can’t describe how much I hate you.”

I say.

“Well, then I will give you more reasons to hate me.”

He says wiping his face. He says and starts removing his clothes.

“This is what you wanted to do from the day you met me right?”

I ask.


he smiles.

“But I am not like the other hoes you met darling.”

I say.

“Whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not, whether you do it or not, I am going to do it dear.”

He says as he comes closer to me.

“You love Noah right?

He asks. I just smirk.

"Then I will take him away from you or vice versa. I will torture you and then I will make you die a painful death. If I can’t have you no one can have you. I will ruin your life and take everything you have...”

he says.

“You can’t. You are just a desperate fuck-boy. Using a girl is all you can do? Just how desperate are you? You can do nothing more than this”

I say.

“We will see....”

he says as he forcefully starts removing my clothes.

Noah’s P.O.V.

“Dinner’s ready dad.”

I say. He smiles and sits on the dining table.

“Where is honey?”

he asks.

“She is outside having a walk. I will go get her.”

I say as I walk out. I look in the front porch. But she is not there. I go in the back garden she is also not there. Where did she go? Maybe she is in the house. I enter the house.

“Dad, she is not out. She must be in here.”

I say. Dad stops reading.

“She is not in the house.”

He says he eyes widen. I call her cell phone and I could hear the ringtone faintly from outside. I go out. There it laid, behind the bushes, on the grass, in a pool of blood. I stay frozen. I couldn’t feel anything.


I shout. He comes out and sees it.

“I know.”

He says and heads to his car.

“Where are we going?”

I ask.

“You are not going anywhere. I am going to the station and you go look for her where you think she can be. Hurry. We might be too late-!”

“No dad. We won’t be!”

I say as I rush on the roads, running in the moonlight. Where do I find her? Where can she be? I have no idea. ‘We might be too late’ dad’s voice rang in my ear.

“Sarah open the damn door...”

I knock on her door. She opens it sleepily.

“Lettie is missing, I found her cell phone in a pool of her blood.”

I say trying to keep calm. No Noah, it is not the time to break down. There was no sign of sleep in her eyes after hearing what I said. We run over to Josh’s house.

“You open the fucking door asshole!”

Sarah shouts. And then we go in search for Violet.

“Look Noah, we will never reach a conclusion running like this.”

Sarah says panting.

“But she needs us.”

I say.

“I know Noah, but we have to think things through, we have to reach a proper conclusion, we can’t just keep running like this.”

Josh says.


I say and sit on the footpath. The words kept ringing in my ears. It was all my fault to leave her alone like this. My phone rings. It was dad. After I hang up I say

“Chris and Rose are missing from the prison. They ran away probably. They are the one to do it.”

I say.


they both agree.

“Wait, I have a bad feeling about Steve.”

I say as I stand up and run over to his house. Sarah and Josh were coming behind me. I reach his house and the door is open. As I suspected, he wasn’t there. I enter the house. I tell Sarah and Josh about what happened earlier.

“So, I was right...huh?”

Josh asks.

“Honestly, this is the time to joke?”

Sarah shouts.

“I knew it. I always had a bad feeling about him.”

I say. I wander here and there to see if I could find something. Soon enough I find something. In the light of the lamp on his table, the ink on the notebook glistened. I head over to it. His diary! I rush over to it. I read the open page.

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