Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 32

Dear Diary,

Today Chris called me from the landline of the woods. He said that he was going to run with Rose and then we would kidnap Violet and torture her. Today would be my day. I would have her all for myself. I will do everything I want to do with her. I will touch every inch of her skin. I will make her forget about Noah. We will take her in the woods nearby my house. It is really deep so no one will hear us or find us. There is only one log cabin. I would have so much fun. After I saw her like that, I can’t wait to be with her. I can’t wait to do all the stuff with her.

The entry ends there. I felt like tearing the notebook to pieces. Sarah and Josh stood there. Their faces white. My ears were numb.

“I have an idea.”

Sarah says. She starts to search for something. She soon finds it.

“A notebook?”

I ask.

“Wait for it.”

She says. She starts dialing Chris’s number.

“I will call him as Rebecca and ask him where he is. You note down the address.”

She winks at us and throws the notebook at Josh. This girl has brains. Too much brains. We are 5 year-olds in front of her. She puts her phone on speaker. Soon enough he receives. Thank god the phone he had was a landline so he won’t know what number we had or that we weren’t actually Rebecca.


“Hello Baby...”


“Chris baby it is me....Rebecca.”

“Where did you get this number from?”

Oh shit. Now what?

“From the phone directory baby....”

“Oh so why are you calling this late darling?”

He is trapped. He believed us.

“Babe, I am so lonely, I want you. Please come and please my desires baby. I want you .Tonight. Now.”

She is so good at acting. I and Josh were standing there admiring her.

“I can’t. Though I want to.”


“I am busy.”

“You don’t have time for me baby...?”

“I do.”

“Then come and prove it.”

“I can’t but you can come where I am. Violet is here too. We will torture her together.”

He laughs.

“We sure will.”

Sarah fake laughs. He gives us direction as our faces were so lit up that our eyes were burning form out own face’s light. Josh notes down the directions. Then Sarah hangs up and we both jump on her and hug her.

“You are sooo good, but that fucker how did her say that about Violet and how did he talk to you like that?”

Josh asks.

“It is not the time for this, talk about this with your wife afterwards.”

I smirk. I call dad as we are on the way. The sky was already becoming bright. It was going to be morning soon. Dad comes soon.


he throws something to all of us.


we ask.

“And this too, this is a bulletproof jacket and helmets, I don’t want you guys to get hurt.”

He says.

“You guys should go home.”

I say to Sarah and Josh.

“You might get hurt.”

I say.

“What do you think we are? We are going to save our Awkward Potato Squad leader, whether you like it or not.”

They say. We laugh.

“We won’t be late dad. You called an ambulance right?”

I ask as he nods smiling. We enter the forest.

Violet’s P.O.V.

I didn’t want to live anymore. If there was any god, my trust from him was gone. I just wanted to jump off a cliff and die. Forgetting myself, forgetting Noah, forgetting everyone, and forgetting them and what they just did. They abused me physically. They forcefully used me. They used my body without my permission. They did all sorts of things with me. They touched me in the way I never wanted. They had no right to do what they did. My whole body is numb. I can’t feel anything not even the tears that are falling down. I would sure like to take my revenge from them before I die.

Where are you Noah? I am scared it will be too late when you come? Please come Noah. I am waiting. I will wait. Until my last breath. They left me like that Noah. They threw my clothes away and left me like that. They said they will come back soon. Noah do something. Come before they come back Noah. Please. This is the last time I want anything from you. Just save me from this living hell. I don’t want to die. I want to see you one last time. Noah, where are you idiot? I couldn’t move a single bit. I couldn’t even look at myself. I just let the tears stream down. I was going to die now anyway. If I could move, I would have strangled myself. Why didn’t I die before all this happened? I wish I would have got hit by a car on the way back. Anyways, my body was giving up. Everything was blacking out. This was death it was coming to me. I love you Noah. I will always do. Remember me. But then when I was about to faint and die I hear a knock. I hear voices.

“Hey Rebecca-!”

Chris stops.

“You are not Rebecca!”

he shouts.

“I sure am not. Get your eyes checked motherfucker. Your ears too.”

Sarah! She was here.

“Hey Steve, I read your diary. So sad... You should not keep diaries.”

Josh! They are here! Am I dreaming?

“Oh Rose! It is so nice to meet you again.”

Dad! Then I hear gunshots and screams. Then I hear another gunshot. Everything falls silent. They killed everyone. He killed everyone. He will kill me too. The door opens. I am going to die. Goodbye Noah.


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