Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 33

I look at his teary green eyes. I cry there. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t do anything. He removes his shirt and puts it on me. I cry and cry. It felt like eternity. I kept crying.

“Hang in there. I got you. Everything will be fine now. I am here. You will be okay. I promise you. Just don’t give up Violet. I love you!”

he says and it was the first time I saw him crying. He picked me up and carried me. Even thought my while body paining and was shouting to give up, I didn’t.

“You came? You kept your promise. I love you Noah.”

I say as I faint in his arms.

I wake up with a huge white light on top of me. My head was spinning but my body was numb. It wasn’t paining. It was just numb. I look to my right. Noah was sleeping beside my bed on the chair. How cute he looks when he sleeps. I smile. He saved me. I am alive. He kept his promise. The doctor comes in I close my eyes.

“Here are the reports."

He hands them to Noah.

“There are cuts and burns all over the body, even in sensitive places. There is a deep wound in her stomach. We will have to perform a surgery when she is prepared. Her body must be numb right now as I gave her pain relief. There is sign of physical abuse and harassment but no internal organs are harmed by it.”

He finishes. A tear drops from my eye. Noah thanks the doctor and doctor goes away.

“Oh Violet, you suffered so much you didn’t deserve any of this. All you deserved was a happy life.”

He says. More tears fall down from my eyes. His tears fall on my cheeks.

“I know you are awake babe, you can open your eyes...”

he says wiping my cheeks. But I was afraid when I opened my eyes I will cry more and would never be able to stop.

“It is okay. I will be with you, no matter what happens...”

he says holding my hand. I open my eyes. There he was, the boy I have always loved.

“Noah, I think you should leave me.”

I say.

“What are you talking about?”

he asks.

“My body is scarred Noah, you should go and search for a pure girl. I am impure. They made me impure. Leave me Noah.”

I say crying more.

“I can never leave you. I will lose myself if I do. And you are not impure Violet. You are the purest girl I have met. It is all about the person’s heart and thoughts not their body. Your body is not scarred Violet. You are not scarred. You’re not impure. You are what you were. You are the same Violet I have loved and will love. If you are worried that I will leave you because another person had touched you than you are wrong Violet. I know you would never do something like that and that is what I love about you. I would never dream of leaving you for someone who touched you without your approval. I will be with you until the last breath even if you don’t want to.”

he says.

“Noah, I-!”

he cuts me off.

“Now shut up and recover. You have to prepare for your surgery right?”

I nod.

“It is a surprise that you go through all these and you never say a single word, you keep telling us that you are happy when you are breaking inside, I told you that you can tell me anything, why do you hide it Violet, and it will hurt you more if you do that...”

I say.

“Fine, I will tell you everything from now on, now can I kiss you?”

I ask. He laughs and puts his lips on mine. I feel the tears again.

“Why do you keep crying babe?”

he asks.

“These are tears of happiness.”

I smile.

“I thought I would never meet you and I would-!”

I am cut off by Sarah storming in the room

“What did you just say? Do you want me to kill you?”

she says.

“I am sure you don’t, so stop saying things like that...”

Josh says.

“How can you think that you would never meet me? Even my ghost will haunt you forever.”

Noah says and we all laugh. Then they tell me about their plan and how they saved me.

“Oh my god Sarah, you are so intelligent.”

I say.

“I don’t think I will ever be able to thank you guys....”

I sigh.

“Is there a need to it?”

Sarah asks.

“Did we ask for it?”

Josh asks.

“I don’t think so.”

Noah says.

“Where is dad?”

I ask.

“I will call him.”

Josh says and goes out. Dad comes a bit later.

“How are you honey?”

he asks.


I smile.

“I shot Rose, she is dead!”

he says.


I ask as everyone else around me jumps from shock.

“Why are you guys jumping from shock, you guys were there.”

Dad says to Sarah, Josh and Noah.

“I mean yeah we were there but she is really dead?”

Noah asks.

“Yeah, well it is a clear path, she almost killed Sarah with the knife so it is a fair deal.”

Dad says.

“She did what?!”

I ask my jaw dropping on the floor.

“Josh grabbed her hand before she could slice Sarah’s throat...”

Noah says.


I stop. Don’t swear in front of daddy and keep calm Violet. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad. Like all the things she had done to me but I lived with her for years but then again the way she has always treated me...

“Well, whatever happens, happens.”

Sarah says.

“And for the good...”

I smile.

“One more thing, Chris and Steve are getting death sentence tomorrow, they are 18 so they age is legal so they will never come back in your life again.”

Dad sighs and sits down.


this time it was unexpected. By everyone.

“They deserve it, but I would have been happier if you would have let me kill them by my own hands, I am 16 so I wouldn’t even have gone to prison or something.”

Noah says.

“He is not the only one, Sarah almost broke Steve’s hand in the log cabin...”

Josh laughs.

“That was not even close to what he deserves...”

Sarah says.

“Calm down my girl.”

I say.

“Well Violet, prepare yourself for the surgery, just a small one and you will be fine.”

Noah holds my hand and smiles.

“Honey is strong, isn’t she?”

“I am, dad”

“Noah you are so tired, give yourself some rest, Sarah will take your place.”

I say looking at his tired face.

“I don’t really-!”

he is cut off by Sarah

“Do as she says or do you want a fractured hand too?”

Sarah threatens him.

“Fine. I will go.”

He says and goes away with Josh and dad.

“It has been so long since we had a girl night.”

I say.

“We will have one just after your surgery...”

Sarah smiles.

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