Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 35

Violet was in the hospital as I made porridge for her and went to her ward. I knocked on the door.


she asks as I come in laughing.

“What? You need privacy don’t you?”

I say smiling. She eyes me.

“Fine. Now open your mouth.”

I say.

“No, its fine. I will eat it myself...”

she says as she tries to sit.


she says and lays back again.

“Careful! I told you. You need complete rest to recover...It must hurt so badly.”

I say looking at her.

“No it is fine.”

She says.

“It is not!”

I scold her lightly.

“It’s fine.”

“It’s not.”

“It is-!”

I put my lips on hers.


she completes her sentence when we pull apart. Her cheeks are red and she looks at me with surprise.

“Oh, shut up and eat.”

I say as I feed her.

I was talking to Lettie.

“But I think Sarah and Josh-.”

I stop as I realize that she is already sleeping. Oh god! Am I that boring? I hear some voices outside.

“I took the test and the wound is not healing, it is growing. It is bleeding internally. We would need another surgery. Exploratory Laparotomy to be specific. And it will cost a lot of money. We need to do that surgery to save her or else-!”

Dad cuts him off.

“How much?”

he asks. I know dad had already taken so many loans and he wasn’t in the state to take more.

“A minimum of $70000.”

The doctor says. $70000?! Shall I get my ears checked? This is so much money. There is no way dad would be able to collect that money with all those loans. No bank is going to give him loan.

“I will see...”

dad sighs.

“We need to do the surgery in a week.”

Doctor says.

“I will give you the fees just make sure my daughter is well...”

he says as I see him exit the hospital. I have to help him. I don’t even have a job. How can I help him? But I have to...somehow...Maybe I will just look or a job but who pays $70000 in a week? I was thinking all these as I find myself in the park.

“Need $70000 for surgery?”

I turn around and find Scarlet.

“Were you stalking me?”

I ask.

“Let’s say I was, but you need that money right?”

she asks.

“Yeah but there’s no way you have that much money and there’s no way I would take that from you...”

I say.

“You need it for her surgery or else she would die...”

she says fake pitying.

“She won’t”

I say.

“Probably not, when you have the money...”

she pushes her hair back.

“And you won’t be able to get that money anyhow...”

she continues. She has a point.

“I can give you the money...”

she sighs.

“You can’t!”

I say.

“My dad is a businessman dear...”

she smirks. I think about it. I can’t get her help but then I need to save Lettie and dad does not have money and I can’t have a job which pays that much and we need it in a week, this seems the only way. I have to do this. At any cost. I have to save Lettie at any cost even if it means borrowing money from Scarlet.


I agree.

“Okay I will give you the check.”

She says.

“I will pay it back-!”

she cuts me off.

“Who says I want the money back?”

she asks.

“You don't?! What do you want then?”

I ask.

“I want you do something...”

she smirks. Oh gosh now I am stuck. But I have to. I will have to do whatever she says if I want Lettie to survive.


I ask.

“Kiss me!”

she says.

“What?! No way!”

I say as my handsome face turns in a disgusted face.

“Then forget about the money and Violet’s life.”

she says and turns away and starts walking. Oh god. What did I get myself in? I can't cheat on her. But I have to save her. I need the money the most right now.


I say. She comes close grabs my shirt, pulls me and puts her lips on mine. I felt my bile come in my mouth. She was about to go with the tongue when I pull away.


I say as I stop the urge to puke.

“You will have to do so much more if you want the money... "

she says. Then she starts telling me about what I have to do. Then she takes out her mobile and poses for a selfie, then comes close, kisses me and takes a selfie.


I say pulling away as soon as she kissed me. What did I get myself in? Lettie would be so hurt if she found out that I was doing all this. But there is no other way.

“Meet me tomorrow in the cafe.”

She says and sashays away. I stood there thinking about my decision. What did I just do? How can I?

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