Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 37

The next day we go to the cafe. We take a seat and order. When our order came, I saw Noah coming and sitting in the cafe.

“Josh, Noah!”

I say as I point seven seats away.

He turns around so fast that I hear his neck snap.

“What is he doing here? He said he was busy...”

he says. I nod. Then a girl comes and sits in front of him.

“Who is she?!”

I ask.

“You don’t know, it is the new girl, all the boys are drooling over him and she is beautiful...”

he says.


I say.

“Not more than you.”

He says.

“But the heck is he doing with her...”

I say as I stand up trying to go to them as Josh stops me. He grabs my hand.

“What?” I

hiss at him.

“Look at Scarlet first.”

He says. So that’s her name. I look over to her as I see that she is handing him piece of paper.

“What is it? A letter? How old fashioned!”

Josh laughs.

“That is not a letter you Dumbo, get your eyes checked, it is a bank cheque.”

I say.

“What the heck is she giving him?”

he asks.

“Money, or what?”

I state matter-of-factly.

“I know but why?”

“Don’t know...”

I say and we continue to stalk them.

“Look she is grabbing his hand, how dare she and how dare he?”

Josh asks.

“Look he pulled away...”

I say. I know Noah can never do that. At least not to Lettie...

“He will never do-!”

I stop as I realize Scarlet leaned in and kissed him.

“Just what the fuck?”

I bam my fists on the table.

“Calm down, we don’t want to get kicked out the 4th time...”

he says. I sit down. Then they talk for a bit. Actually it was Scarlet talking and Noah nodding. Then they stand up.


I say as I pull Josh with me towards them. He waves goodbye to Scarlet and starts walking towards the hospital.

“Noah fucking Watson, you wait the fuck here!”

I say as I grab his shoulder and spin him around.

“Just what the fuck do you think you were doing?”

Josh asks. So much anger had built up inside me that I thought I would blast. I could see Josh’s ears were red. He says nothing just stares at us.

“It is none of your business...”

he says quietly.

“It is sure not my business, it is our business, you asshole.”

I wanted to slap him hard.

“What happened?”

Josh asks.


I slap him in his face.

“You broke Lettie’s heart by kissing Scarlet. Then we ask you to meet up. You say you are busy. Then we see you in cafe with Scarlet. Then she kisses you and you don’t even pull away. Then she gives you something and you talk to her for ages. And you say nothing happened. What the fuck is wrong with you Noah?!”

I say as I feel tears of anger come in my eyes. He stands there silently.

“You already ruined your relationship with Lettie, I don’t you to ruin our friendship...”

Josh says. He starts to walk away.

"You wait here.”

Josh says and grabs him.

“Leave me alone!”

Noah says with an unrecognizable emotion in his eyes. Josh leaves him and he walks way.

“What the fuck is wrong with him?”

I say clenching my fists.

Noah’s P.O.V.

I walk away never turning back. I ruined my relationship and now our friendship. All for Lettie’s surgery. Scarlet told me to not tell anyone. I think she is using me but still I need the money. I don’t know what is right even more. What I know is I ruined everything. Everything is over. Lettie hates me. She is right. Now my friends are going to hate me too. I find myself in the hospital. I walk from her ward and I hear the sobbing. I broke her heart. I broke her. I destroyed everything. I wish I could tell her. But I am sure she would not even look at me. I go to the doctor’s office. I knock on the door. I give him the check and tell him to keep my name anonymous. Just tell everyone it was someone who gave the money. Doctor asks for my ID and stuff. Then I exit. I find dad outside.

“What are you doing here?”

he asks.

“The doctor called me and told me that someone paid for Lettie’s surgery. It will be tomorrow.”

I say pulling off the fakest smile I could. I walk away. I stop at her ward for a second and hear her still sobbing. She won’t get better if she keeps crying. But it is my fault after all. I look at my hand and I see the bracelet with the half heart. I wonder what she did with it. Did she throw it away? Maybe she did. She had the right to. I bump into someone as I am walking out.

“Watch where you are going...”

I look up and meet Rebecca’s smiling face. I don’t smile back.

“What is wrong?”

she asks.


I say as I leave her to her thoughts and walk away. I meet Scarlet in the exit. She leans in kisses me. I think I really made a wrong choice but I can’t go back now and I have to save Lettie. Everything would be fine. Tomorrow. She will forget me maybe but I won’t be able to. I broke her heart. It hurts me hurting her but I couldn’t do anything. I was so hopeless. I wanted to just vanish into air and never come back.

Violet’s P.O.V.

This was the day of my surgery. But at this point I really didn’t have a will to live. I don’t know what I felt for Noah anymore. I said that I hated him. I don’t know but I had a feeling that somewhere in my heart, deep below I still loved him. Maybe. I looked at my hand. I t was the bracelet that he gave me. My mind told me to throw it away. My heart stopped me. There was knock on the door.

“Honey, can I come in?”

dad asks.


I say.

“Get ready for the surgery honey....”

he smiles and says.

“Dad, you paid for the surgery?”

I ask remembering the doctor telling me it will cost $70000.

“No, some anonymous person paid it. May god bless him”

dad says and smiled. I nod thinking about who was this rich going around paying for people’s surgery. I went in the surgery room holding dad’s hands. I saw Sarah and Josh on the door. I took a glance over the door where Noah stood. Why does he care anymore? Maybe he doesn’t. It would be nice if I die in between of my surgery. Why would I want to live anymore? But I had Dad, Sarah and Josh whom I needed. They need me too. I have to live, if not for Noah then for them. The doctor gives me injection and I fall unconscious.

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