Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 39

Violet’s P.O.V.

I was in my room when hear a knock.

“Come in.”

I say as I have an urge to stand and shut the door on the person’s face.

“I know Violet you want to kick me out of here right now but just here this recording and then I will take the pleasure of being kicked by you.”

She says as I stop myself from smiling. But a small smile comes on my face. I listen to the recording and my eyes widen, my jaw drops more and more as the recording proceeded. The recording finishes and I couldn’t stop the tears rolling down my cheeks. I was such a cry-baby.

“Stop crying you 5 year old kindergartener.”

Josh says to me and Sarah comes and wipes my tears.

“Now what?”

I ask them.


they ask.

“I said I hated him...”

I say looking at the floor.

“Darling, I once said I loved Professor Catherine...”

Sarah says and we all laugh.

“I have to apologize to him but I will save that for later...First I will teach him a lesson.”

I say rubbing my hands together and laughing.


They asks curiously.

“Noah’s doesn’t know that Scarlet told me everything and I am not angry anymore. So we will pretend that Scarlet never told me as I kicked her out when she came and I am still angry at him...How is it?”

I ask.

“Oh my god...this is so amazing...”

They all say and jump together. So we make our plans.

Scarlet tells me that the look on Noah’s face was so awesome that she wanted to take a picture frame it and keep it when she told him that I did not even listen to the recording. Days pass like this and my last day in hospital comes. I was getting discharged in a few minutes.

“Does this mean we can party?”

I ask them.


Dad says as he comes in.

“I will be in the office, I decorated the house for you all. Enjoy!”

He says a he goes to office. We go home and the table is set up with all types of junk food and even drinks. Well I got carried away with the drinks a bit. I was drunk.

Noah’s P.O.V.

I was sitting in my house thinking about how I tell Lettie all this when I get a call from Josh.



“Why did you call me? I thought you said our friendship was over...”

I say sadly.

“Cut the crap and come here. Lettie is drunk and she is on the floor. She is not listening to us. She is saying your name over and over. Just come.”

He says and hangs up. I jump out of my bed and stop myself from jumping from the window to take the short route. I run to her house. I pant and knock on the door. Sarah opens it.

“I don’t know why I am leaving her you you...”

she says.

“You take care of her.”

Josh threatens me and they all go outside. Scarlet was there too.

“What are you doing here?”

I ask but before she could reply Lettie mumbles something. Scarlet goes out.


Lettie mumbles. I rush over to her and pick her up in my arms.

“I am sorry Noah to say I hate you. I don’t hate you Noah...I am sorry...”

she was crying. I wipe her tears.

“No babe, I am sorry... I hurt you so much.... I am so sorry. I know you would never hate me...”

I smile. I took her up in the bed and tucked her in. I turned to leave but I felt her grab my wrist. I turned around.

“Don’t leave me alone. I am so sorry Noah, I still love you...I love you so much”

she said and didn’t let go. I kissed her forehead and sat there on the bed.

“I love you too...”

I smiled.

“Noah, can I kiss you please....”

she is mixing up the words.

“No Lettie... you are drunk, you are not completely aware about what you are doing and I can’t do it when you are in this state. I don’t want you to regret what you did when you were drunk. We can talk about it tomorrow.”

I say as she drifts to sleep smiling.

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