Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 4

This can’t be my dad. Obviously he isn’t.

“Honey, this is Tom, my friend.”

Mom says to me.

“Tom, this is my lovely daughter, Violet.”

I flinch at the words ‘Lovely Daughter’ but smile anyway. She hands me my breakfast. I won’t be shocked if she adds poison in my food. Anyways I think she is cheating on my dad.

I go to school the next day feeling down, don’t know why? I am on my way when I hear a voice from behind me.

“Hey Chick, want to bang?”

My expression is like – what the fuck did you just say asshole?!! I am not used to being hit on as I am pretty much always in my home. I do not turn around, I just ignore him and keep walking.

“Not replying to me? I want you to do ‘stuff’…..with me”

He says and grabs my hand from behind. At this time, my instincts kick in and all thanks to the self-defence classes I took, I grabs his hand, twist it and turn around and just kick his ‘area’ from my knee, still holding and twisting his hand more and more.

“You don’t look strong as you try to be….asshole. I hope you remember not to touch girls, especially with this hand or you will end up in hospital, I swear.”

I end with a smirk on my face. When did I get this much confidence?!! He is in tears and I release his hand and he runs away.


I say and shake my head as I breathe out.

“Well that was a pretty smooth move…”

Somebody says. I turn around hoping not to see one another asshole. But I see a boy, he is from our Calculus and Science class. I don’t know his name. I look at him. Blonde hair, Green eyes, tall….Good looking. Handsome, Hot and Killing looks. W.T.H am I even thinking?!!

“Don’t kick me like that, I have no intentions….”

He say smirking and his hands are up in surrender. I laugh at that…

“I won’t, I know you but your name..?”

I stop.

“Noah…Nice to meet you Violet…”

He says smiling.

“Wow you know my name?!!”

“Girl, we are from the same classes…”

He says and I laugh. We high five each other and that’s how we become friends. Sometimes it’s really unexpected way in which you meet your friends.

I walk to school with Noah.

“Hey Noah, would you like to meet my friends?”

I ask him.

“Of Course Violet, I would love to…”

He says smiling.

“Okay let’s go…..”

I squeal like a kid and grab his hand and we run to the corridor, our usual spot.

“Hey guys…..I have someone…..”

I say jumping up and down still holding Noah’s hands. Sarah looks and me and laughs.

“Who is this gentle man?”

I look at Josh before answering, his eyes move to our hands we are holding and then he looks in my eyes. Is that pain…?!! But why? It can’t…. We are Best Friends. Anyways, I reply to Sarah:

“My boyfriend Noah….”

I say smirking. I look at Noah, his face is red and he is looking down. I look at Sarah, she has a face of approval as well as shock. I see Josh, his face is down.

“Just kidding guys….Noah is just my friend.”

I laugh….Everyone laughs. We four are the best friends now.

As I go to my locker, I see a note –

“Stay away from Noah… - Rebecca”

It says. I take the note and turn around to go to my friends when I see a girl standing in my way. She has immense makeup on her face, big earrings, hair extensions with colored hair, she looks like a rich spoiled girl and I would like to stay out of her way

“You read it right, Just stay away from Noah, he is mine bitch.”

As soon as she says that, Noah comes from nowhere and stands in front of me, I hold his arm.

“First of – WHO THE HECK ARE YOU? Second -What did you just say to Violet?!!! Do I even know you for you to claim me as yours? I would like to give you a warning, please do NOT dare to say anything like that to Violet or I would have to forget you are a girl….”

As soon as he says it she runs away. I was still holding his arm.

“T-thanks Noah, you didn’t need to say that…”

I say.

“But she was abusing you, I did not help you once but not again…”

he says and we go back to class which is calculus.

Noah is sitting in front of me in the calculus class and Chris is behind me and Sarah and Josh are on my either side. Best place to sit at. I turned around to ask Chris about the tuition when Professor Catherine was teaching and she saw me.

“Miss. Blake, you are not paying attention in my class….You should not talk in my class…”

She says.

“But Professor, I-.”

She cuts me off.

“-ENOUGH….!!!How dare you talk back…? DETENTION!!!!! NOW!”

She shouts at me. I stand up and go to the detention room with my notebook. I am doodling and I hear someone saying.

“That was awesome….guys.”

This is Noah’s voice. But doesn’t he happen to be in class? As I was thinking, Sarah, Josh, Chris and Noah walk in the room smiling at me.

“Don’t you guys happen to be in the fucking class!!”

I ask.

“Our Awkward n single Potato squad leader, we also happen to be your best friends.”

Noah says.

“If you forgot…when we became your BFFs we signed an imaginary contract of having your back or sticking with you.”

Sarah says.

“You shall NOT be alone!”

Josh says.

“How could we leave you alone, what if you get bored and die?”

Chris says with puppy dog eyes. I am laughing at their comments.

“But getting detention just for me…? Leave it, what EXACTLY did you guys do to get a detention?”

I ask.

“Well, Sarah will explain because it was her idea.”

Everyone says.

“Okay Sarah, how did you?!!”

I ask her.

“Well…we planned to just stand up and shout – ’Brittany is a bitch’, for no purpose but we were sure it will get us detention, we don’t know any Brittany but still when Professor Catherine was writing on the blackboard we did that. And there happened to be a freaking Brittany in our freaking class. She stood up like “W.T.F, do I know you all… And damn, we end up here.”

Sarah ends smiling.

“Oh gosh, I love you guys…”

I hug them.

After our detention ends, we go to apologise to Brittany. She laughs and says it is okay, she was just shocked. Now she is our good friend too.

I go home.

“Oh sweetie it’s been days since I gave you a gift….”

She says and I see that she has a glass of water in her hand which has smoke coming out. That was boiling water. She spills it on my left hand. I hiss in pain but no tears come out. She smiles and goes away. I am in my room crying on my pillow. Why would I have a life like this? It was better to not have one rather than having one like this. You come home every day with a fear of what this bitch is going to do to you next. Horrible ideas come in your mind. There this sense that you will never escape. This fear that you have to face it one day.

Next day I wake up and accidently touch my left hand, I hiss in pain again. I did not bother to apply anything to that burn. I was used to this now that it feels like a small burn. Anyways I wear long sleeves as usual and go to school. It’s time to ask Chris about my calculus tuitions. Before class, I go to find Chris. I see him at the playground. He is sitting on the bench writing something on a piece of paper.

“Hey C-Chris…”

I say. I think I scared him because as soon as he sees me, the pen drops from his hands, he starts panicking at shoves the paper in his pocket.

“Y-yes V-Vie?”

He asks. I laugh at how cute he looks when he stutters. I sit beside him on the bench and put my hands on his shoulder.

“Stop s-stuttering, I am not g-going to kill you or s-something…”

I laugh as I am stuttering as well.

“Well, what’s up?”

He asks.

“Um… C-Chris, I was thinking I am r-really bad at Calculus and y-you are a topper and Professor Catherine keeps t-targeting me and I will end up f-failing, so will y-you give me tuitions on calculus?”

I end and look at him.

He smirks and says –

“What will I get….?”

O.m.g, was that a pick up line?!!When did he become a bad boy type from the shy type? Maybe he was a mix of both. Opposite personalities! I hit his arm with my fist playfully.


I laugh. We are best friends and maybe he has sympathy so he agrees.

“Today my m-mom is out so we can s-study at my house…”

I say.

“Okay, no problem Vie.”

He smiles and says.

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