Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 40

She woke up next morning and screamed when she realised she was holding my hand. She throws a pillow at me.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

she said.

“You were drunk. Josh called me. He said you were saying my name over and over. I came here. I put you on the bed but when I turned around you grabbed my hand and said you still love me. Then you said you wanted me to kiss you...”

I finish. Her jaw dropped.

“And you did?”

she asked. I smiled and shook my head.


She asks.

“Because you were drunk...”

I say.

“But I am not drunk now...I am completely sober...”

she says and pulls me on the bed as I fall on top of her. She puts her lips on mine. I was shocked. I didn’t respond for a second but then I kissed back. Wasn’t she angry with me? But I wasn’t able to think. My mind went completely blank when she kissed me. Every time.

“I am sorry...”

we both mutter at the same time when we pull apart.

“I love you Violet. Do you love me?”

I ask. She kisses me again. When we pull apart she asks

“Did you get the answer?”

I nod smiling.

“Aren’t you surprised that I was angry with you for one month then I suddenly kissed you?”

she asks.

“I am but I am always ready to kiss you...”

I smirk. She smacks me.

“Well how?”

I ask.

“I heard the recording...”

she says. We turn around and now she was on top of me.

“You will love me till your last breath huh?”

she teases. I felt my cheeks flushing.

“Well me too...”

she whispers in my ear and gets up.

“I will make breakfast and call Sarah, Josh, Rebecca and Scarlet...”

she says. She goes to the kitchen but I fall asleep again as I was awake all night thinking about her. I wake up as I feel someone’s lips on mine and I recognize Lettie’s lips. She pulls away and starts to walk away. I grab her hand and pull her back on top of me.

“Now what’s up with you stealing kisses from me when I am sleeping huh?”

I ask smirking. She just blushes.

“Well, I-!”

I cut her off by putting my finger on her lips before she gives an excuse. Our lips were centimeters away and I and was about to kiss her as I hear people coughing. We pull apart and sit on the bed. We look over to the door. There stood Sarah, Josh, Rebecca and Scarlet all smiling and smirking.


I ask.

“We were just in the middle of-.”

Sarah cuts Lettie off

“I know girl, save that one for later...”

Rebecca smiles.

“Maybe for the night...”

Scarlet smirks.

“Or for your wedding day...”

Josh smiles. Gosh, these dumbos.

We all go down and eat breakfast when dad comes.

“So how are you all?”

He asks.


we answer.

“Well, Chris and Steve got the death sentence, they are dead! Want to go to their funeral?”

Dad asks. We all make a disgusted face.

“I was one is going to their funeral.”

Dad says then he goes to work in his bedroom.

“Well Scarlet do you like someone?”

Violet asks.

“Yup, already in love with the basketball team leader Ash.”

She says drooling.

“Good for you...”

I say smiling that she got over me.

“What about you Rebecca?”

Josh asks.

“I...uh...I don’t...I don’t have one....”

Rebecca stutters.

“You are lying...”

Sarah says.

“I am not.”

she snaps.

“We will find out.”

I say. The day ends as we continue joking and laughing. Just when I thought everything was finally fine, I was proved wrong.

We were walking in the park at night together. Everyone. When some guys came and stopped us.

“Jett sent you, right?”

Noah asks. I look over to the two muscular men. They were almost 24. They both nod.

“I don’t need the money back, leave it.”

Noah says.

“But you started a fight and bet up Jett...”

they say.

“So what? He didn’t give the money back”

Noah snaps.

“Leave it okay?”

Noah asks.

“We will...”

one of them says as he takes out his gun and shoots towards me.

I froze.

I closed my eyes waiting for that to hit me but someone took the bullet for me.

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