Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 41

“Your reflexes are just as bad as your taste buds...”

Sarah says as she falls on the floor blood coming out of her stomach. I stand there frozen. I couldn’t feel anything. It was like time stopped. Beside me Josh cried in pain but I couldn’t hear him. Scarlet screamed. I saw Noah run behind the guys. I saw Rebecca dialing a number. I saw Sarah smiling at me. Then everything disappeared as my head hit the ground.

I woke up into the hospital ward. I shot up. Noah looked at me.

“Sarah’s surgery is going on...”

Noah says. I quickly rush over with him to the waiting room. We wait there for what felt like ages. I knew Sarah would be fine. She had to. The light turned off. We all ran to the doctor.

“I am sorry...We couldn’t save her!”

The doctor said. It felt like my heart stopped for a second. He was lying wasn’t he? I dropped on my knees and cried. Scarlet and Rebecca sat beside me and patted my shoulders but I just kept crying. I looked over to Noah saying

“Tell me you are lying!"

and then wiping his tears. I saw Josh rushing to the doctor and saying

“She is fine. How dare you say that?! She is alright. You are a liar!"

Then he storms in the surgery room. Noah stood there silently wiping his eyes. I was crying and I kept crying. Rebecca and Scarlet sobbed beside me.

She just left us. How dare she? How can she leave us like this? She can’t do this. She has no right to leave us like this.

“Wake up Sarah!”

I heard Josh crying. I sat there on the floor of the hospital in between the hallway crying and I cried until I felt my throat dry. I still cried. Noah sat in front of me and held my hands.

“She left us dare she do that?”

I said crying. He pulled me in for a hug. For a second my mind was blank but the thoughts came again. I sat there. I buried my face on his shoulders, grabbed his shirt and cried on his chest. Rebecca and Scarlet were whispering something but I couldn’t hear it. I just cried in Noah’s arms.

“She...she...she left....she left us...Noah. Why?”

I say as I fall asleep crying.

Josh’s P.O.V.

I look at her body which was on the hospital bed, lifeless.

"Wake up Sarah!”

I shout as I shake her hoping that she would wake up but she didn’t. She had fallen asleep. For forever.

“I love you, you know that, wake up please....Sarah please....”

I say as I sob holding her.

“Sir you are making noise...”

The nurse comes and grabs me.

“No leave me. I want to talk to Sarah. I want to talk to her...”

I say.

“She is dead sir.”

The nurse says. Even if it was the truth it hurt as if a thousand knifes were shoved into my heart. I felt tears dripping all over my face.

“She is not!”

I say as I walk away silently. In the hallway sat Violet, Noah, Rebecca and Scarlet. I went in an empty ward, put my face in the pillow and screamed. I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder. I stopped and looked up. My teary eyes met Rebecca’s teary eyes. More tears fell down. She sat on the bed and hugged me. I hugged her back and cried in her arms. I screamed and screamed until my voice hitched. I cried there. I screamed again. I wanted to let it all out. I wanted it to be a lie. I wanted Sarah to come in, slap me and scold me for crying. But she never did.

Next day I woke up with my head in the pillow. My throat was sore and my eyes pained. I went to find everyone else. I saw them sitting in an empty ward. They were sitting there silently. No one said a single word when I went in.

“We have to do the funeral...”

I say as I break down. Everyone else starts crying too. After like half an hour, we stopped and we went to prepare for her funeral. I never hoped for this day to come. Seeing Sarah lay lifeless in front of me. I didn’t even get the chance to tell her how much I loved her.

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