Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 5

Its 7:00 P.M. and it’s the time we decided to study. I was tying my hair in a ponytail when the doorbell rang. I jog over the door with my hair up in my arms. I open the door and again start tying my hair. He looks at me in awe or something.

“What are you l-looking at?”

I ask smiling.


He says and looks down. We go in my room and start studying.

“So this is solved like this…”

Chris was explaining me when he suddenly grabs my hand at the spot of the burn. I hiss in pain and pull my hand back.


I say.

“What is it Vie?”

Chris asks grabbing my hand carefully and pulling my sleeves up slowly. I do not stop him. I just close my eyes.


He asks screaming.

“Calm down C-Chris….”

I say slowly.

“Calm down? Are you fucking kidding me? There is a major burn on your hand, you have not applied anything on it, it must be paining and you ask me to calm down?!!!”

He asks.

“C-Chris, I did no d-do this. I-it’s….”

I stop closing my eyes as tears roll down my cheeks. He takes my other hand in his, wipes my tears and says –

“Vie, please don’t cry….look at me.”

I open my eyes as he has his hands on my chin.

“You can tell me, you trust me right?”

He asks. I nod.

“It’s my m-mom…”

I say flinching at the word mom. His mouth is open in shock.

“Y-your mom?!! Why would she do this? You should report to the police…”

He ends looking at me with concern in his eyes.

“I c-can’t…She h-has threatened that she would k-kill my dad and I don’t even remember h-him so I have to meet him at least once…..and I don’t know w-why she does that….I don’t even know if she is really my mom and she is sure to kill me if I even make a single move.”

I say.

“Oh Vie….I am really sorry….”

He says looking in my eyes.

“Oh you d-don’t have to….let’s move on.”

I say sighing.

“Yeah but Vie please take care of yourself and apply some medicine on this burn.”

He says coming back with the first aid kit.

“Give me your hand…Vie”

he says stretching his hand towards him. I put my hand in his and what is this tingling sensation? He slowly puts cream on it trying not to hurt me.

“Thank you C-Chris.”

I say. We finish the tuition and before Chris goes to his home, I say –

“Coffee at 8:p.m. tomorrow with You, Sarah, Josh and Noah they have the right to know this too…”

I say. He nods and hugs me.

“Take care, Vie…please”

I just smile at how caring he is.

We are at the restaurant as Chris is telling Josh, Sarah and Noah about my mom. They pretty much have the same reaction. They scream in anger and I ask them to calm down or we would be kicked out of here.

“Okay guys, let’s talk about something else.”

I say.

“Can I take your orders?”

The waiter says.

“Yeah… one grilled sandwich with no tomatoes and extra onions.”

Me and Chris say together and smile at each other. Josh, Sarah and Noah order too. And as we are drinking our coffee we thought it was better to drink coffee cause we had work after this, Sarah says that-

“Guys, you won’t imagine, once I was at a cafe when I ordered and the waiter asked for my name and I said- ‘Sarah with an H’ and you won’t believe guys what he writes, he literally wrote “H.A.R.A.H.”….I was just too angry at his dumbness, I never went to that cafe again…”

She ends and we all laugh.

As I was taking a sip from my coffee my leg accidently touches Chris’s leg under the table and I feel the tingling again and I choke on my coffee as Chris chokes too. We cough and wipe our mouths, my face has turned red and I look at Chris, he has redness on his face too and Sarah, Josh and Noah can’t understand what happened.

“What the hell is wrong…guys?”

Sarah asks laughing at how we choked and coughed at the same time.

“There is something seriously wrong with you guys.”

Josh laughs too.

“Goodness Gracious guys…you will die someday like this….you guys are going to kill yourselves....”

Noah says.

As we are talking and laughing Rebecca comes to our seat with a smirk on her face.

“It looks like you all are very happy."

“That’s because we have friends….”

Noah says.

“Oh… someone’s lonely here….”

Sarah says smirking.

“I will take revenge bitch…”

She says looking at me.

“She did not steal Noah from you, okay Rebecca, he chose us over you.”

Josh says.

“And do NOT abuse Vie…”

Chris says.

“Why don’t you just shut up? You don’t even know us, it will take me a second to wipe that smirk out of your face…”

I say and Rebecca just sashays away.

“That was amazing….”

I bet you don’t know who said this. We high five each other and laugh.

“Apply water to that burn!”

Guess who said this?

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