Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 6

“Oh sweetie you are back.”

She says as I enter my house. I sigh thinking what new she has…. A knife? A chainsaw? A dagger? A sword? No that’s too much now... I was confused when I see Tom sitting there.

“Hello Violet…”

He smiles.

“Hello s-sir…”

I say.

“Sweetie I have a birthday gift for you and even if it is a week away, I will give it to you right know as me and Tom are going out for two months, you can cook right? Take care of this house when we are away, we are going today just in 30 minutes.”

She finishes and I cannot believe that she said all this….Two months without her, o.m.g no pain….Thank you so much….I was happy from inside but I hug her and say-

“Oh m-mom….I will miss you….”

She hugs me back and hands me my gift. I open it and guess what? A freaking smartphone…..o.m.g….I hope that she doesn’t just tortures me when she comes back. I am so happy and I wave at her as she goes away in the car. The whole house for myself, for two months, no torture….This is too much happiness…..

As I got my new phone I decided to prank call all my best friends. I dial Sarah’s number. She picks up.


she says.

“Hello, do you have a refrigerator?"

I ask in the most obnoxious voice I can make.


She asks doubtfully.

“Is it running?”

I ask again.

“Yes it is…”

Sarah say and I cut her off.

“Better hold it, it might run away…”

I say and laugh.

“What the –.”

I hung up as I laugh. I call her a few seconds later.

“Hello, do you have a refrigerator?”

I ask as I pinch myself to stop me from laughing.


she says in an angry and irritated voice.

“Told you to get hold of it, ran away right?”

I hang up. I laugh hysterically until tears come from my eyes. I call her again and this time she answers and says –

“I do not have a fucking refrigerator, it fucking ran away and I fucking did not take your advice seriously and I will fucking report you to the cops if you do not fucking stop calling me…”

She ends and before she could hang up.

“Calm down, Sarah, it’s me Violet….”

I say and I just laugh on the phone.

“Lettie, I swear I will kill you….”

She says in between laughs.

“Where the heck are you calling from?”

She asks.

“From my phone, it’s my birthday gift from her and she said that she will be away for two months….”

I say.

“Are you serious….?”

She asks.

“Yes now I have to prank Noah, Chris and Josh before we can PARTY!!!!”

I scream.


She screams too and I proceed to call Chris.


He asks.

“Hello, this is Chris Rogers, right?”

I ask.

“Yes…what is the purpose to call me…?”

He asks.

“Well, Chris…I am Rose and I am in love with you the first day I met you….I just can’t stop looking at you, you steal my breath away and-.”

I am cut off by him:

“-well I have a girlfriend, sorry Rose…”

He says. I pause for what feels like a minute. He has a freaking girlfriend?!!!! He never told me, he never told us….He was a part of our single squad. How can he lie?!! Who is she?!!! That bitch….Well Violet calm yourself down, why are you getting so angry…. I say to myself and proceed to ask him:

“Well what is the name of that lucky girl?”

I ask hoping he would not reply when he does.

“Violet Jess Blake….”

He says and I stop for a second, the phone almost drops from my hands trying to think if what I heard was true?

“Oh Vie….you can’t prank me…I recognise your voice very well and I thought that if you are pranking me then why don’t I just go on with the flow and prank my best friend…”

He ends and well I laugh and he laughs too when I tell him about how I pranked Sarah. I hang up telling him about my birthday gift and that she is away for two months.

I call Noah.

“Hello, who are you calling?”

He asks.

“This is Noah Watson right?”

I ask.


He says.

“Sir I am talking for and we are doing the public survey and I would like to ask you some questions.”

I say.

“Okay go on…”

He says.

“So what is your relationship status?”

I ask.

“I am single…”

He says.

“Do you have a middle name?”


“Do you know the square root of 68380?”


He says, I can sense the irritation in his voice, it was time for real fun now.

“Where do babies come from?”

I ask laughing silently.

“I think you are mature enough to know that…”

He says.

“Okay sir last question, will you marry me?”

I ask and a tears falls from my eyes as I control and try not to laugh.

“What kind of practical joke is this?!!!!”

He says and hangs up. I call him once again.

“I am not answering more non-sensible questions!!!!”

He says and is about to hang up when I say-

“Noah, calm down boy….it’s me Violet…”

“Goodness Violet….”

He says and laughs. I tell him the whole story and hang up calling Josh.


He picks up.

“Hello sir I am calling from a Chinese restaurant- ‘Yo.Potato’.”

I say trying to make a Chinese accent which is really bad.

“I did not order anything from there…”

He says

“Yeah sir I called you….”

I say.

“Okay so….?”

He asks.

“We sell egg rolls! $15 for one egg roll. Egg rolls! Egg rolls! You buy egg rolls or we hunt you down.”

I end.

“No ma’am do NOT hunt me down, I am coming to your shop….”

He says.

“Josh, you fell for this?!!”

I ask as I am laughing.

“Who said I did?”

He asks.

“No one, well anyways….”

I tell him about the party and all stuff.

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