Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 7

I am getting ready as my B.F.F.s are coming. I wear my blue tank top and my black jeans. I am ready as the doorbell rings. I open it as Chris, Sarah, Josh and Noah jump on me and hug me. I hug them back. I am so happy. We decide to watch movies. We watch a horror movie which was NOT appreciated by me. 1) The room was very dark and I hate darkness. 2) I hate horror movies. So yeah, a great combination for me. I was sitting between Chris and Noah.

"What are you looking at?"

Noah smirks and asks and I realise I had been staring at him. I turn away.


I say as I thank the darkness so my pink cheeks weren't visible.

Sarah and Josh were sitting on the couch. I was too afraid to watch the movie but I still was. A jump scare came and I was NOT prepared for it. I screamed and jumped on Chris and hugged him.

“It’s okay Vie, it’s just a movie.”

He smiled and hugged me.

“I can’t watch it C-Chris….”

I say.

“Okay let’s go and get you some water.”

Chris says.

“You guys are sure you are going to get water?”

Noah smirks.

“Shut the heck Noah!”

I shout as I feel my face burning. We go down in the kitchen.

I get water and drink as Chris just looks at me.


I ask.


He is cut off as the light in the room switches off. I go to the door to open it but it’s somehow closed.

“Oh shit…I left the key in the keyhole…..”

I say panicking.

“The bulb just fused and Sarah, Josh and Noah are watching the movie too loud and we left our phones in the room and you hate darkness and we got locked in this room, what a coincidence.”

He says and laughs.

“Oh my fucking God…!”

I jump on Chris as I feel something on my shoulder that I am too afraid to touch...

“There’s an s-spider….”

I say closing my eyes and pointing at my shoulder.

“That’s just a spider Vie….”

Chris says as he brushes the spider off my shoulder gently. I feel the same electrical rush and tingling and I don’t know why but my face heats up, thank god it’s dark.

“J-just a spider? You got to be kidding me…”

I say as he laughs and I remember that I am still holding on him with my hands around his neck and his close to my waist. I pull away.

“I- uh…sorry….but I just have a p-panic attack in darkness or w-whenever I see a spider….”

“No its okay….”

He says.

“Now what are we going to do?”

I ask.

“Guess, we have to wait until the movie finishes….”

He says.

“God….me in a room with a crazy boy…”

I say laughing.

“Who did you say crazy?”

he asks as he grabs my wrists and pulls me to him. I have no words. I just stand there until-

“Sorry, I am really cocky….”

Chris says as he realises what he is doing and leaves my wrists and steps back…

“Nah, its o-okay….I like your cockiness….”

I say.

We are quite for a minute. It was cold down there. I rub my arms with my hands for warmth. Chris notices me and removes his hoodie. Pity me I worn a tank top.

“Here take this….”

He puts his hoodie on my shoulders.


I say and blush thinking how caring he is and the smell coming from his hoodie….Gosh….I sit on the floor and he sits beside me. I don’t know when but I fall asleep and I wake up with my head on Chris’s shoulders.

“Where the hell are you Chris and Violet?!!”

Sarah asks entering the kitchen. I wake up by hearing Sarah’s voice. I was sitting on the floor with my head on Chris’s shoulders and he had his head on the wall. We both wake up. Sarah, Josh and Noah finally finished the movie and at last came to check if we were still alive.

“What the hell took you guys so long….?”

Josh asks.

“Were you guys really……?”

Noah asks rising his eyebrows.


I say as I feel my cheeks hot and burning.


Chris says.

“Calm down, C-Chris, I am fine….”

I say patting his shoulders. His cheeks are also red. I never thought Chris was this shy and is cocky at the same time. It’s late so they go home and I lie in my bed scrolling through my phone. Why is god so happy, giving me happiness? Chris was so cute and kind to give his hoodie to me….I am still wearing it, I forgot to return it, I will tomorrow. He smells so nice. I can just cuddle him…What happens when he touches me? What the hell am I thinking?!!! Am I….F-falling for h-him? I drift to sleep thinking all this.

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