Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 8


I woke up and sat on my bed thinking about last night. Violet looked so cute when she was sleeping. I do not just understand the tingling I feel whenever she touches me. I eat breakfast and shower and come and sit on my bed just in my shorts. There is a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

I say thinking its mom and not bothering to put on a shirt. The door opens.

“C-Chris, I-!”

I see Violet standing at the door as she stops what she was saying and just looks at me with her mouth wide open and my hoodie falls from her hand on the ground and she just stands there looking at me in aww... with her mouth wide open. She is there with her eyes and mouth wide open. I stand up and grab my shirt quickly. My face is red by then. She turns around quickly when she realises what she is doing. I put on the shirt and say –

“S-sorry Vie, you can t-turn around now…”

She turns around and her face is redder than me.

“C-Chris, I just came to r-return your h-hoodie, I didn’t know y-you were....Sorry....”

She says.

“Oh it’s okay Vie....”

I say.

“Well y-you exercise?!!!”

She asks. I look down at my chest, yeah I have abs, not boasting but I do not exercise. I smirk and say –

“No, but what made you think so....?”

I ask.


Her face turns pink again.

“Have a seat.”

I pat the bed beside me. She sits beside me.

“So you came all the way to return my hoodie....?”

I ask.


she says questioningly.

“Now, you are here, let’s have brunch together. Only if you w-want to...”

I say.


she agrees. I smile. We go down together and sit on the table. She is sitting beside me. My mom smiles and serves us our special sandwiches and hot chocolate. She sits down and says –

“Oh Violet, you would NOT believe, Chris talks about you all the time....!”

She says and laughs.


I look at Mom in shock as I feel my cheeks flaming. I look at Violet and she is looking at her food, her cheeks are pink and she is smiling! A really shy smile.

“So Violet, how is your mom?”

She looks at my mom for a second in loss of words and looks at looks at me for help.

“M-mom, her mom is out for of town for some fresh air...”

I say. It makes the situation less awkward. My mom goes to take pancakes. I look at Violet and her eyes are almost wet. I put my hand on hers and whisper in her ear –

“Don’t worry Vie, I am right here....”

She calms down and holds my hand. I hug her and she hugs me back.


My mom coughs as she comes back. We leave each other and sit back. Silent for a minute.

“So, Chris when are you taking your girlfriend on a date?”

my mom asks. We both look up at my mom.

“N-no Mrs. Rogers, we are not.....we are just-.”

Violet says as she is cut off by mom-

“Oh honey, you don’t have to be shy....”

She says.

“No mom, we really are not....”

I say. I wish.

“Oh Chris, didn’t you tell me you like-?”

I cut her off before she says something else.

“We are full, let’s go Vie. Let’s just study.”

I say panicking and grab Violet’s hands and pull her up on the stairs. Mom is sitting there confused as I pull her in the room.

“Sorry but my mom is really an open-minded person.”

I say.

“Oh, its o-okay, I like y-your mom...”

She smiles. I sigh. We talk about stuff and it’s time for her to go home.

“I will drop you...”

I say.

“Okay, its p-pretty dark....”

she says. We are on the way as I stop by to tie my shoelace. Violet does not realise and keeps walking.As I reach where Violet is, I see there is a guy who is holding her jaw and his lips are close to hers and she is crying.

She is unable to speak because she is shocked. I run and without thinking, I punch him. I hold Violet behind me. She holds me from behind. He punches me back. Pity him, he doesn’t know I took karate classes. I throw a harder punch this time and he falls on the ground his nose and lips bleeding. I am so angry. How did he do this?! I jump on him and punch him more and more.


Violet comes from the back.

“C-Chris, leave him, it’s enough."


I stop.

“I know C-Chris, leave h-him, it’s enough, and I don’t want you to do that.”

She says looking in my eyes, her eyes are wet.


I sigh. I grab his collars and say-

“This is last don’t even know me....”

He struggles to stand up and runs away.

Violet is crying. I hug her. I wipe her tears.

“Vie, look in my eyes.”

I say. She looks up. I hold her cheeks in my hands.

“You don’t have to worry, I am here, I promise you that I will let no one touch you like that until I am here....I will always protect you. This is my promise to you, to protect you and be with you...”

I hold my pinkie. She takes it. I know a little childish but I mean it. She hugs me again.

“Please don’t cry, it hurts when you do....”

I say. She looks in my eye.

“I don’t know h-how to thank you Chris....From calculus to sandwiches to today to last night to the first time we met.....”

She says and smiles. I remember the first time.... I hold her hand. We walk to her home.

“C-Chris, wait here...”

She runs in her house. I stand there. She comes back. She is holding something in her hands.

“Turn around....”

She says.


I ask.

“Just do it...D-Dumbo”

She laughs. I turn around as I feel her hands on my neck. I feel the tingling. She ties something on my neck. I look down. It’s a bottle with a blue gem and a note –


It said. It’s really cute.

“This is my l-lucky charm I always have it with me, but coincidence I didn’t had it today but see I still had my luck with me....I am giving this to you as a thank you gift.”

She smiles and looks in my eyes.

“Y-you want m-me to keep it?”

I ask pretty shocked.

“Y-you don’t want to...?”

She asks looking sad.

“N-no Vie, I am just saying it’s your lucky charm...”

I say.

“I don’t need it until my luck is with me....”

She smiles and pulls my cheek. I smile.

“Good Night, Luck...”

She says and kisses my cheek. I am pretty shocked. I feel my cheeks heating.

“G-good night Vie...”

I say and kiss her cheek. I smile and turn around.

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