Black Sorrow In Disguise

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Chapter 9

I smile and turn around in my bed thinking all that happened. He really was my luck. My light. My hope. I take my phone, its 11:00 P.M. He must be sleeping but still, I want to send him a text.

* Me: Chris, I know best friends have the right to know everything, but I want-

-this to be just between us. We will tell them one day but not now, I swear-

-they will kill that guy....

He instantly texts back.

* Chris <3(yeah I have this emoji...): It will be....

He is awake!

*Me: You are awake, this late?!

*Chris <3: Yeah, just like you, thinking about you...


* Me: Yeah pretty much the same....

I say and then we go back to sleep.

I wake up next day. I am so happy that I am singing all the way to the school.

“Hey Violet...”

I turn round its Brittany.

“ are you?”

I ask smiling.

“Fine, you?”

She asks smiling back.


I say.

“So can you help me in this question, Professor Catherine will kill if I don’t answer...”

She says.

“Yeah, here....”

I solve and she thanks me and I go search those dumbos. They are nowhere to be seen. I look in the corridors, in the classes, in the playground. They are not there. I go in the cafeteria and they are sitting there with paper and pens in their hands.

“Hey guys...”

I say. As they hear me, they all panic and shove their papers in their pockets. Weird.

“What are you guys doing...?”

I ask eyeing them.


Sarah says.

“Really, okay...”

I sit beside Chris. I smile when I see that he is wearing that locket. He blushes.

“So guys, tomorrow, if you all remember is my birthday. So be there at 8:p.m. No excuses and Sarah please help me with my birthday shopping.”

I finish. Sarah nods and everyone is smiling.

“We are going to have so much fun but before that I have to deal with Professor Catherine....”

I sigh. We laugh. As classes finish, we walk home.

I and Sarah are out shopping.

“What dress do you think I should buy?”

I ask her.

“Whatever it is, it will be blue right?”

She smiles and says. We go in loads of shops and finally we end up choosing a light blue and golden western style dress. I but a blue necklace to match with it. Sarah’s buys some stuff and we head to home. Sarah promises to come 1 hour earlier and help me in the decoration and getting ready.


It’s been an hour and I cannot think of anything to gift Violet. It has to be something really special. I know some things like her favorite color is blue, maybe and she loves books and pendants but what do I give her? Something which is a combination of these three.....? I am in my room and I cannot decide anything. I go in the antique shop nearby and hopefully, I find exactly what I was looking for. It is a blue and silver pendant with a quote –

“Reality is finally better than dreams.”

Hey isn’t this the quote from the book ‘Black Sorrow’ ;) I really think this is the thing Violet would like. They pack it in silver wrapping and I write –

“To the special someone...Vie”

I smile as I come back and it’s time to go to the party. I wear my blue shirt and black ripped jeans and smile as the pendant hangs on my neck. Now me, Josh and Noah are all walking towards Violet’s house.

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