Sealed by Fate

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One will do anything to protect her, Another will do anything to make her his. 17-year-old Annabeth has always known something was different about her, she just doesn't know what that is. For as long as she can remember she has dreams of a man, Not just any man, not she loves and he loves her, he keeps her safe as well. The problem is; she doesn't know him. When Dark and sexy Kierran McAllister walks into her life things start getting weird. She feels like she knows him, and she is drawn to him. She is also dangerously attracted to him but that could be very deadly for both of them. Her Ex-boyfriend will kill Kierran if she dares to look at or talk to him. She broke up with him but he refuses to let her go. Kierran McAllister has known Annabeth since she was a few minutes old, For the past 17 years, he has been standing in the background keeping her identity a secret from the Elders. Her Father came to Kierran and asked if he could Enroll in her school so he could make sure Annabeth was safe. Kierran didn't expect to feel .the pull of the mate-bond and his Soul mate when he locked eyes with her for the first time. Since then his sole purpose was her; to protect her and seal the bond. Only an evil was in the works and was determined to destroy the bond.

Romance / Drama
Amanda Jensen
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Music: “Let her go” Passenger

“She will be okay.” The young vampire tells his Sire, as the older he places his swaddled newborn daughter in the younger one’s arms. He glances over at the mother, who was barely holding on to what little life she had left. She holds her weak hand out towards her infant.

“I need to see her.” She chokes out. The younger vampire nods and walks over to where the failing woman lays. He sets the baby in her arms and watches as she places a kiss on her newborn’s forehead. “You have a wonderful path ahead of you.” She looks adoringly at her daughter with tears streaming down her pale face.

“I love you my sweet baby girl, but we can't be together for a while, however, I will always be with you in here." Her hand lays on her baby girl's heart." When the time comes, we will meet again, but for now, be happy and enjoy life. “She kisses her forehead once more and places her newborn daughter back in the younger vampire’s embrace. He turns to walk out but she calls out to him.

“You need to understand something. Her life will not be an easy one, things will happen that will be out of our control. The most important thing is to protect her and keep her away from the Elders. Don’t let them find out about her, they will do everything to destroy her because of how special and rare she is.”

The mother's dark chocolate eyes are filled with trust but also grieve when she cast her gaze upon him holding her baby girl. A sense of peace and comes over her, seeing her infant daughter snuggled against the young man’s chest. “I will protect her with my life.” The young vampire looked down at the beautiful baby and felt something stir in his chest. He can't pinpoint the feelings but what he does know is he won't leave this innocent girl helpless in a world full of so much evil, hate, and despair. He decides he doesn’t want such vileness to touch her pure soul; he would do anything in his power to keep her innocent and pure.

“She will never know fear with me.” He tells her parents, his sire, and her mother. They both look up with solemn faces as they are unsure of their only daughter’s fate, but they knew the words that left the young’s man were to be true. They have chosen wisely for their child’s guardian. He would protect this little girl, his little girl, not only from the Elders but from all the malevolence of the world as well. He would save her.

“You cannot stay with her; you will have to stay hidden in the shadows.” His Sire says with a sigh. “It’s the only way to keep her safe.”

The younger man knows better than to argue with his sire, so he bowed his head in submission. He saw the final tears fall from the grieving Mother’s eyes and felt her sorrow. The young man remembers the time he watched his own mother cry at his funeral and remembers the pain in her eyes, this was all too real. “I know she is in good hands with you; it’s time to take her now.” His sire hands him a manila envelope with two names printed upon it, the name of her new parents. “These are all the documents the family will need for her and they are also expecting you.” He nods his head and presses the baby girl closer to his chest, he would keep her safe if it was the last thing he did.

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