Angell Summer

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what you can't have, you can't resist in the mystery of seduction, there's only one rule in the society, never fall in love with middle-class with a name that belied his true nature Angell Summer was born in a world of deception, not until the well mannered Sophisticated and Proper Miracle McCarthy first laid eyes on the sexy Adonis in the journey of searching for a husband for her sister, she was thinking he wasn't the ideal man for her... But still yet she needs him to Fool the people of New York, Angell could teach her how, but what started as a simple lesson in etiquette and speech soon become smoldering lessons in love...

Romance / Mystery
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-who got you pregnant,janis?-

New York City

May 1980

Third person’s P.O.V

"You’re what?" Miracle McCarthy spun on her younger sister, her mouth dropped open in shock, Her Silk gown swirled about her legs and she grasped the closest thing to her for balance, a faux marble half-Column topped with a huge fern in robust health.

Janis McCarthy lay on the brocaded Davenport plucking moodily at a box of pralines with an irritated shake on the wrist she disentangled the lace sleeve of her negligee from the candies, “please don’t get all dramatic about it, Mimi, I just need some advice and believe me if I could turn to anyone else, I would.” Janis started rolling her childlike eyes. Mimi watched Janis’s tongue cover the full lower lip while she studied the sweets, the mannerism had been cute on the chubby curly-haired child her sister had once been, she thought angrily but on the heels of the news she’d just casually dropped into the conversion, it now smacked of a lewd insolence.

At Mimi’s protracted silence Janis looked up, “all right if you must have it repeated I’m expecting ‘Pregnant with a child’.” She enunciated the words with schoolroom precision and widened her eyes in mock horror. “I’ve been sullied, soiled and ruined-I am impure-” Mimi winced as if the words were a physical assault. “You have had sexual intercourse with a man?” knowing she sounded stupid and slow but hoping to God that Janis would burst out laughing at the awful joke. Her lips were stiff as they formed the unfamiliar words.

Janis waved a pale hand.” all right Say it that way” Mimi stared at Janis “With whom?” Limpid eyes drifted up to Mimi’s astounded glare, Janis raised a brow and her baby doll mouth curved into a smile.

“come now Mimi do you think I’m going to tell you as easily as all that?” The impudence of Janis’s tone sent irritation sizzling along Mimi’s Nerves. Clearly, her sister who had always been the Darling of the family the perfect creamy - skinned downy -soft debutante of the decades had now proved beyond a doubt that she was nothing more than a spoiled self-centered child, Mimi thought with a weary fatalistic outrage. this time. she’d gone too far.

" fine” Mimi snapped. ” Don’t tell me, Don’t tell me any of it I don’t want to know.” she turned swiftly to the door half hoping the movement would force her sister to confess, half-hoping Janis would let her go.

" I don’t intend to tell you,” Janis said loudly. Mimi stopped turning slowly.

Janis popped another praline past perfect lips and chewed appreciatively. ” not that part anyway.” Despite her desire to leave, Mimi hesitated. It was incredible this nonchalance in the face of the most monstrous confession she could have made a combination of fear and shame for her younger sister. Janis bubbled beneath her breast Without another thought, Mimi strode to the satin covered Davenport on which Janis lounged, grabbed the box of candies and flung them back against the wall. Mimi watch as Janis gaped as the little nuts clattered to the floor some bouncing like marbles.

“Listen to me Janis McCarthy,” Mimi ground her teeth as it clenched against sudden nausea.

“You are in a lot of trouble If this cretin who defiles you doesn’t stand up and do the right thing you shall be ostracized from this town. We all shall be! Neither mom or dad nor all the family wealth will be able to save you from punishment. No one will have you, Do you understand? No One, Do you remember Madelene Dawson?” At this Janis blanched, I caught the first inkling of fear in her sulking eyes.

“Madelene, was not even with a child She was merely caught -in-ah-” Mimi struggle for an acceptable euphemism.

“They were caught naked” Janis grumbled, just say it for pity sake.

“They were caught in a compromising position” Mimi insisted.

“Madelene with that odious middle-class man and now the whole family had moved somewhere out west, they couldn’t stay here in New York not after what happened, not with everyone knowing what she’d done Is that what you want for us? For people to mock us.?” Mimi questioned Janis furiously. Janis watched Mimi petulantly as if it was Mimi’s reaction that created the scandal, not her own pregnancy.

Mimi shook her head and close her eyes. “Who is responsible?” Mimi questioned Janis who was busy picking on her nose. “The Patterson’s? The O’Brien’s? McClure’s?” Mimi spouts out with guessing eyes.

" Pah” Janis Spat. ” the Patterson who couldn’t do without them? And their horrid dinner parties! If I never see another swan sculpted out of liver-”

" Pâté ” Mimi corrected sharply.

“Whatever I can live without it” Janis added.

Mimi fists clenched by Janis sides ” what in the world are you thinking? How can you be so indifferent? Do you really think you’ll be able to bear this child without repercussions? For the love of God, Janis people won’t even walk on the same side of the street with you!” Janis narrowed her eyes. “then perhaps I’ll-I’ll- see someone- A doctor” she said frowning. Mimi gasped and stared at her as if she’d grown another head.

" you’ll do no such thing! Do you know how many women died trying something like that?” Janis leaned forward with mouth twisted in anger.

" Do you know how many women die during childbirth?” Mimi countered. Inexplicably, a lump grew in the back of her throat and she had to swallow hard before speaking.

" it’s worse Janis” I insisted.

“much worse I won’t let you do it.” Mimi was in anguish this time.

A long moment passed before Janis shrugged and leaned back. ” all right I’ll go away”

Hope sprang into Mimi’s heart.” Yes” Mimi said thinking, “you can go away to Dallas! To Aunt Jocelyn We can trust her, We’ll tell people you’ve gone to visit your aunt!” Mimi mood swept upward “- and it won’t even be a lie and the child can stay there with her.

“No!” Janis said.

“Perhaps she knows a good woman in her Vill-”

“I said no!” Janis sat up straight and her feet hit the floor with a slap. abruptly closed Janis’ mouth. “I want it” Janis stated.

Mimi felt rooted to the spot. “what ?” It was a breath of a word.

“I won’t leave it there, The baby I want it.” Into Mimi’s head popped an improbable vision of Janis in the parlor with a baby amidst the countless admirers who always congregated around her.

“What would you do with a baby?” Mimi asked But at the same, she had the reluctant thought, who could leave a baby behind?

“I don’t know but it could be fun,” Janis said in a small voice Then she smiled thinking “men just adore babies ya’ know? I’ve seen it on how They turn into mush around them.” A hopeless awareness descended on Mimi at that moment, a clarity that allowed her to see Janis would never understand the magnitude of my problem nor would she see how it could ruin all of their lives, Janis had no intention of helping herself. She would simply sit back and allow Mimi to come between her and disaster- again.

Janis McCarthy (fictional person) - is Miracle (Mimi) McCarthy kid sister. Who got pregnant and don’t wanna tell Mimi who defiles her and got her pregnant.

Miracle McCarthy is a decent lady who respects what society says or does.

This story might be confusing at first, just keep on reading, you’ll understand.

I hope you all enjoyed this chapter next chapter will be ready very soon don’t forget to vote and comment and drop a review. Thank you.

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