Angell Summer

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- i've a younger sister-

Mimi McCarthy’s POV

I was not so gullible that I didn’t see the plot against him but I could see no way of foiling it and since I could not help Mr Summer in any forthright way and as it happened that his plight aided my own I decided that sorting to bribery was not immoral in this instance. It was a well known fact of business that desperate times demanded desperate measures and I could think of nothing more desperate than my sister’s situation I had never been one to back down from responsibility and i wasn’t about to start now.

So if bribing a sheriff in an obscure town like Queenstown Missouri was the measure that’s called for I-Miracle McCarthy wouldn’t shy away from it.

The first thing I procured was a visit with the prisoner. The smell of dead rats was most prominent as Me and Matthew followed sheriff Lee into the office of the town jail. our footsteps rang on the bare plank flooring and the startling slam of the door behind them, one of the hazards of building structure that leaned twenty degrees forward,

“Here we are!” Sheriff Lee said as he turned around leaving us in front of the prison cell I turned around as he caught sight of us, he rose to his feet. I am pleased to note that though he was a big man, he moved quite and he knew enough to stand and try to straightened his hair and clothing in the presence of a lady.

“Miss McCarthy, Mr Flynn” he greeted us in surprise. “What on earth are you two doing in this dumb?” I and Matthew exchanged a tense look then I nodded for Matthew to begin. Matthew cleared his throat. “Mr Summer, he began- we’d like to ask you a few question if you don’t mind,” he allowed himself a smug smile and I glanced at the prisoner to see how he took it.

“Got nothing” Summer said his eyes cool as he grazed at Matthew.

Matthew chuckled once. “Good- good, Now Mr. Summer or should I say Mr Angell? never mind, he continued, would you please describe your profession?”

“My what?”

Matthew looked down at his feet a moment then up.

By profession I mean what is it that you do For a living?

Angell chewed the inside of his lip, the question taking some thought. “Well now, i do a little this and a little of that Whatever it takes to get a good meal.

“Does any of that which you do involve illegal activities?”

Angell drew back, an exaggeration expression on his face. “Hell no.” Matthew raised one brow and glared at the man. I’ll think you remember that there is a lady here. I smiled at the blush I thought I saw creep into Mr. Summers face.

I’m sorry Miss, he said with such sincerity that I did smile. “I don’t like people calling me a lawbreaker Miss I’m sure you understand.”

“It’s alright,” I murmured as Matthew continued wanting to press the point while Mr Summer where upset.

“Are you a gunfighter Mr. Angell?”Mr Summer swung on the man so I grasped.

“Didn’t I answered that question?”

“Didn’t we witness you gun-fighting?” Matthew insisted. I turned surprised eyes at Matthew at the strength and energy of his questioning. I had no idea he could be this self-possessed in the presence of a man as imposing Mr Summer.

“What you saw-” I watch as Angell replied - what you saw was me defending your woman from a pack of human wolves out to do no good, that’s what you saw Mr Flynn and You’d have been out there yourself if you had any-

“Mr. Summer,” Matthew interrupted. He made a half motion towards me as if he might place his hands over my ears; then he glared at Angell as if he wanted to wrap his hand around his neck. I stepped forward “Excuse me gentlemen, I said .” Matthew, I should continue.

“But - ”

I stopped him with one gloved hand upraised.

“No, I can be more impartial in this situation.” Matthew rolled his eyes and flung his hands out to his sides. “Fine-fine.” He turned and leaned against the far wall, fuming as I addressed the prisoner.

“Mr Summer.” I paused gathering my thoughts. Mr Flynn and I had in mind to speak to you about a matter which had cause us great headache recently. Angell’s brow beetled and he glanced from one to the other, It was obvious he was suspicious of our motive but it was also clear that he was more willing to speak with me than Matthew.

“I’m sorry to hear that” he said carefully-and I’d love to help you out but I reckon I’m gonna be a bit tied up for a long time here, His arms fanned out to state where he stood. I smiled and Mr Summer returned my smiling gesture back immediately, The grin was disarming and caused a faint fluttering in my stomach, It was- I thought the trusting smile of a boy. I lowered my graze. I cleared my throat. “If you were of a mind to help us Mr Summer, be able to help you in return.” I winced at the bartering sound of my words then continued, “we may be able to secure your release.”

I watched his expression changes from curiosity back to suspicion. “what’re you proposing? Miss McCarthy” He asked in such an intimate, almost amused tone that I felt the strange fluttering move along my nerves. Matthew from his corner laughed . “Interesting choice of words, wouldn’t you say Mimi?” I shot him an annoyed look Taking a deep breath as i turned back to Mr Summer his sly blue eyes rested on mine the expression in them reminiscent of a puppy’s who wanted to trust but had been kicked out too many times.

“I’m from New York city Mr Summer. Do you know where that is?” The beautiful eyes narrowed and his mouth formed a small smile “Reckon I heard of it.”

“My family has been there for generations and we are generally considered to be quite - respectable, we have a position in the society that requires great care and attention to maintain.” I moved one or two spaces along side of the cell.

“No offense Miss McCarthy, Angell spat leaning one hand on the bars ” but it’s pretty obvious you’re rich you’re making me nervous, what is it you want me to do for you in exchange for my freedom? ” I glanced at Matthew who shrugged his eyebrows and folded his arms across his chest.

I cleared my throat. “I have a younger sister-”

Angell burst out laughing. “Whoa -ho -ho there” he held up his hands as if in surrender. “I ain’t never heard a conversation begun like that turned out to be anything but trouble to me.” I felt disgusted to hear Matthew chuckling with him from the corner. I pressed my lips together and scorched Angell with a look and His laughter trickled.

“Are you interested in securing help for yourself or not? Mr. Summer” I demanded.

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