Angell Summer

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-Where are you originally from?-

Third person's POV

He sighed. “No Miss McCarthy, they were both from here In America, My mother called me Summer as a boy because I was young and I was alabaster fair and warm-hearted She said I looked like an angel then she picked angel from the bible cause she liked the sound of it and also how the angel delivered the message to Mary and her husband Joseph the carpenter. I guess I was known as Angell Summer instead of Summer Angell but most people call me Angell as my first name and Summer as the last.”

When he finished his speech Matthew closed his eyes and laid his head back against the seat, Miss McCarthy sat stock still and looked at him with an expression that could only be described as disturbed.

“But what about your father’s name? She asked with her voice just heard above a whisper, Didn’t you and your mother bear your father's name?”

Angell frowned and shook his head after a moment his eyes stole back to her anxious face and thinking it would do no good to screw up the deal, he smiled ruefully.

Well, to begin with, yeah of course we did. Certainly, he added for good measure thinking it sounded like something they’d say. “But for me and my father, well we had somethin’ of a fallin’ out, you might say quite a few years ago right before my mother died I would never use his name now, Never” he repeated vehemently feeling the old anger rise up inside him.

But her next words confuse him drawing his thoughts away from old hurts, best-forgotten injuries.

“Then why the unusual spelling?”
Caught off guard he could only respond “What?”

“Angell, with two ’L’s instead of just one?”

Angell felt his toes curl up his boots with humiliation His cheek burned and his palms dampened he clenched his teeth together so hard he thought they might split, Mr. Flynn lifted his head and sat upright looking at him with brows raised.

“Well, Angell forced out between stiff lips, I figured it didn’t look much like a name you know, with just one ‘l’ It more sounded like a word you know so I stuck on another one just for the hell of it”

He was lying, they knew he was lying he was sure of it but he forced himself to hold the graze of Mr. Flynn until that man looked away then he turned a guarded look on Miss McCarthy. She was looking at the paper with an open expression.

“Yes, I see, she said. you’re quite right and you have fine handwriting Mr. Summer. Really, Matthew looks and see a good strong hand, She held the paper out for Flynn to look. Angell was impressed with the generosity of her words but his humiliation was so complete that he could not feel good about them. Matthew glanced briefly at the paper and nodded once, “fine,” he repeated solely for Miss McCarthy’s benefit, Angell knew.

“Now, she said with more confidence, here is the plan we’re to travel on to St. Mali tonight though we probably won’t arrive until morning and we’ll stop there for the week. Matthew and I passed through on our way to Genovia City and it was quite a bustling little city. We should-”

“Wait a minute,” Angell said. He may be giving them a few more month but he was not going to erase all consideration of what he’d gotten on his own. “I’m I gonna be able to stop at Mrs. Secrets and get my things,? I got a coat that cost me a bundle last Winter and another change of clothes could make me a much better travelin’ companion if you know what I mean.”

“Oh, we know what you mean,” Flynn said, just loud enough to be heard. Miss McCarthy wore a rueful expression. “I’m sorry, but I’m afraid you can’t go back to Mrs. Secrets. You see, everyone knows you’ve been arrested you are supposed to be in prison that’s why we came so late.”

“please don’t worry,” Miss McCarthy said with her tone truly apologetic.

“It's not as if you could actually use any of that cowboy coat,” Flynn added.” Not in New York City.

To hear him say it, a person could have thought he was saying The Paradise of Heaven, Angell thought. New York was just another town, just like little rock, green Field, Dallas, or New Jersey for that matter. Miss McCarthy disturb his thought, we shall stay in St. Mali for the time it takes to procure you something of a wardrobe. We’ll supplement that when we get to New York we’ll simply say your trunks were stolen and we’ll start to work on Your speech tomorrow from now on, you must try to emulate either Mr. Flynn or me in our manner of addressing and deportment. Try to study us, Mr. Summer and copy what we do Surely you can hear the difference between your speech patterns and ours. She looked as if she wanted a reply from him from the last statement, so he nodded.

“Where are you originally from? You have something from the drawl. From the south perhaps.?”

He nodded again, unwilling to elaborate.
“Well, a slight trace of the south should be acceptable but strong local accents tend to brand one as ill-bred. No more idioms or colloquialisms, please. Mr. Summer. By the time Mimi finished talking, Angell was exhausted and not from lack of sleep the whole prospect of what they were planning to do seemed suddenly enormous and a little intimidating he wondered if any strength he’d achieved over the last twenty years would be required and tried to think of one thing he was good at that might be useful in New York.

He surely knows how to treat a whore like a lady- definitely not.

He was physically strong and could travel London distances without much rest - other than tonight, no.

He was good with guns- not likely.

But he knew none of that would come up.

They arrived at St. Mali and checked into the Lester Hotel, an establishment the likes of which Angell hadn’t seen in years.

"Got to go in the same direction, the same direction," the rich voice spoke in his mind as the polishing cloth caressed the metal. But you won’t ever have to do this kinda thing. . . .

The bellhop cleared his throat. “Mr. Summer? Is this suitable?” Angell took a breath and looked at the man’s face.

“Yeah, fine.” He shook his head free of the memory, unable to shake as easily the queer tingling up his spine.

“Miss McCarthy has ordered you to take your bath, Sir so I’ll be sending the maid up directly. the barber should arrive shortly after that.” After that, Angell knew he and Flynn were to visit the local haberdashery to outfit him for travel to the Paradise of Heaven.

“Thank you,” he said, feeling in his pockets out of habit more than any hope that his money was still there the bellhop gave a brief bow that’s all right, Sir the lady has taken care of everything. Thank you.

Angell Laughed once and shook his head. The lady has taken care of everything.

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