Angell Summer

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-That would be bigamy-

Third person's POV

The barber had arrived and Angell had already bathed, donned the white robe that hung next to the tub and settled down in the washroom when someone knocked on the door. The barber, a small man with a bald head slapped a hot towel over Angell’s face and told him to sit still that he’d get the door. A moment later, two sets of footsteps entered the washroom.

“Mr. Summer, ”Matthew's voice announced.

“As soon as Mr. Scollins is finished, I want you to get dressed and meet me in the lobby.”

“Srrr Fnnng,” Angell Mumbled.

He heard Flynn sigh. “What?”

Angell pushed the damp towel up past his lips. "Sure thing" he repeated.


“Hey, Flynn?” He said, impulse getting the better of him. “Can I ask you somethin’?”

He heard Flynn turn slowly. Then, “Thing,” the man said forcefully. Something, you just said ‘thing’ a minute ago; its the same word, Something. Say it. Angell pushed the towel off his face as the barber stropped his blade. He started at Matthew Flynn in Concern.

“Somethin’ eatin’ you, Flynn?” He asked.

The man sighed and stared at the floor as if counting to 5 before an explosion, the barber began slathering Angell’s face with soap.

“Yes, Something is eating me,” Flynn said finally, with this whole endeavor we’re doomed to failure because you are a hopeless stupid idiot and because of your attitude we’ll be laughingstocks and Miss Janis will be shunned. He shoved his hands in his pockets and looked to Angell like he was about to cry.

“About that,” Angell said finally. “I don’t know but I wonder why you folks had to travel all the way to a dumb-ass place like Queens-town to find this woman a husband ain’t there nobody back home willin’ to marry her?” At this Flynn turned swiftly that Angell thought he was going to get hit he suffered a brief vision of the barber’s blade slicing open his throat before he realized that Flynn has stopped himself, though the little man looked angry enough to kill something.

“You don’t understand,” Flynn ground out between clenched teeth. New York is not like places you’re used to, people there - they do not believe in people making mistakes they don’t understand when something is not exactly as they think it should be, Miss Janis would be completely ostracized if they were to find out this Dilemma, She’d be humiliated, blacklisted - her whole family would be banished from all the best homes.

Angell watched him try to get hold of himself and smiled lazily. You make the places I’m used to sounding downright friendly, he said, and I know you don’t mean to do that. You might find some nice fella more suitable who will be willing to keep the lady secrets, Angell offered. Mr. Scollins wiped the remaining soap from Angell’s face. “Maybe I can come up not too much in ranks of gentlemen, but I’m a right good judge of character.”

Flynn didn’t answer immediately, Angell watches him steadily. You don’t have to be a tree full of owls to know he was thinking about someone like Angell Summer had no business even being in the same room with someone related to Mimi McCarthy. When Flynn finally raised his head, he smiled ruefully. No. You’re the closest we’re going to get to a nice fellow, I’m afraid. You see, it can’t be anyone they know, anyone from New York or they’ll be ruined. Everyone will find out, and it’ll spoil even Miss Mimi chances of getting married. We had to find someone completely unknown.

“Well, you’ve done that.” Angell shook his head thinking of all the people he’d known and the chances of one of them ending up in New York City.

Miss Janis had the chance to make a brilliant match Both Marco Armani and Nicosia Fissolo were interested in her and there was a rumor the Duke Lucca Fiorenza of ETRURIA was making plans to come and see her, She would have been set for life instead. . . .' he let his hands drop open limply.

“Nothing. She’ll have nothing.” She’ll have less than nothing Angell thought, getting into the morose spirit things. She’ll have a husband with nothing too, and that had to add up to a negative.

“Well look,” Angell said, the matter of fact I’ll marry her then I’ll go off somewhere and you tell everyone I died somehow then you can marry her off to the Duke if he still wants her, you see? Matthew looked at him in astonishment.

“That would be bigamy.”

Angell smiled deprecatingly. “ it’d be pretty big of me too but what the heck, you’re buying me a few suits right?

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