Angell Summer

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-Matthew got kidnapped-

Mimi McCarthy’s POV

I stood on the front porch of the hotel in the sharp angled glow of the evening sun, I scanned the faces of people passing by in search of Matthew and Mr. Summer, they were to have met me here at half-past five and it was now a quarter to seven and I had made dinner reservations at seven to give them enough time but giving Mr summer the appearance of a gentleman was more involved than I’d thought, it wasn’t like Matthew to be even five minutes late let alone sixteen.

I looked as far up and down the street as I could then scanned the chairs on the front porch.

The very contemplation of it brought me pleasure, I could not imagine trying to alter a Man’s whole style of motion in such a short time while also trying to realign his speech patterns as it was, the physical area at least could not have been more perfect. A second later I noticed Matthew rushing towards me. I rose instantly, ready to give him a proper dose of disdain for his untimely arrival and noted that his arms as well were full parcels with an inward grasp, I swept my graze to the man coming towards me. He saw me and a breathtaking smile split his face. As the blood departed from my head, I sat down heavily It was unbelievable I’d thought the man with the packages to be someone Mr. Summer could emulate -when all the while it was Mr. Summer. I took a moment to catch my breath, then rose again on uncertain knees as he ascended the stairs.

“I’m sorry we’re late, Miss McCarthy,” he said, giving me a rueful smile. “We just got so tied up in what we were doing, that time runs rickety split. I nearly laughed at the jarring speech but I kept it to a smile and absorbed the transformation, his thick dark hair had been cut short in a style that showed off his high cheekbone and light eyes. He was immaculately clean shaven, and the high white collar of his shirt contrasted pleasantly with his sun tanned-alabaster skin, he looked healthy and fit, and devilishly handsome.

I felt a chuckle bubble to my throat and could not stop it. Matthew gave me an appalled look.

" you may think," he said, “that shopping for a new wardrobe is some sort of picnic but next time you can go with him and see how much fun it is he actually wanted to buy a pair of striped stockings for you but I refused to let him enter the shop.”

“They look really pretty, Miss McCarthy,” Angell said in a voice full of temptation.

I couldn’t help it, I laughed at his effrontery, ” ok, we have to move on now it's getting really dark out there. I spat.

Third person's POV

After the warm dinner and laughable conversation they have had, they walked out to see that it was very late that even the darkness was unpleasant the silents was like a jade stone to the air but few carriages drove by, Matthew stopped a carriage but unfortunately, another carriage overtook the one Matthew had to stop, Angell took a step nearer to Matthew and Miss McCarthy, he definitely knew what is about to happen, the carriage that Matthew had stopped was forgotten as the other carriage overtook them In the split second of illumination, Angell glimpsed,what he half expected and yet prayed was not there because Mimi is freaking out behind Matthew- then two men came down from the carriage, one has a gun and the other with an opaque cloudiness of his left eye.

A thousand images flashed through Angell's mind the instant he beheld the face. “Good lord,” Angell said under his beneath. The blood seemed to stall in his veins.

The carriage passed, and they have plunged again into darkness. "they are Robbers" Matthew panicked between his breath. Without a second thought, Matthew disappeared from miss McCarthy behind the same goes with the other man with a patched eye. " where is Matthew? where is the other man? "Angell descended on the man, the rogue was tall but Angell was stronger.

"do not move an inch" the man with a pistol spats as he walks closer to our standing position a swift fist to the man’s gut bounced him back against the shop door, Taking advantage of surprise and the man’s blind left eye, Angell hooked a right to the side of his head and watched as the lean body crumbled, unconsciously to the sidewalk.

What did you do? Mimi wailed, what’s the matter with you, can't you see that he has a gun? He was supposed to tell us where is partner disappeared to with Matthew. Shaken, Angell rubbed his fist with his other hand and looked up to her. What was she saying ? He tried to think but all he could see was a milky blue eye on a sneering face If he concentrated he could see the man’s fist raised up with the thick butt of a leather whip enclosed in it. He shuddered. Impossible. It couldn’t be who he thought it was he turned the man over with the toe of his boot. There, all too clearly was the face he once knew so well. Valerian bratts the general to his late mother's office what seemed a million years ago. Beads of sweats broke out on Angell’s forehead and he closed his eyes against the onslaught of memories.

He had to leave- he had to get the hell out of there, He had to disappear before the man woke up and had a chance to recognized him.

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