Angell Summer

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-Don't hurt me Mr Summer-

Third person's POV

“What are you doing? Where are we going?” Mimi was suddenly afraid not of the muggers or at this instant she was afraid of Summer of this stranger who had become abruptly unpredictable he was possessed, wild-eyed and he had hold of her hand in a punishing grip as he dragged her down the street. He moved so quickly that she stumbled as she struggled to keep up she indeed realizing that she was still more afraid of the Shadow dwellers than this suddenly alien Summer. Two blows. Two merciless swings of those sizable fists and the man was down Unconscious, Mimi had never seen before such ruthlessness.

She wondered if Mr.Summer was angry or crazy then she imagined the whole episode had been his plan from the beginning, That other man might have been his partner - maybe he killed Matthew!- and now this man, this Angell Summer was taking her away to ravage her, Panic screeched in her chest like wild animal but she could not force a sound from her throat. She could not have misjudged him so thoroughly she told herself that he was harmless even gentle, sweet Jesus, she’d even had a moment when she’d found him attractive.

Summer immediately let go of her hand, her dizziness abated but an unreasonably fear course through her.
“Miss McCarthy!” He swooped down beside her. her eyes swept up to his in fright and she shrank from his madness, even as she longed for his protection. Involuntary tears dripped over her lashes. He took her hands and she cried out, so paralyzed by the uncertainty that she could not fight him. She could only avert her eyes and let the unchecked tears dampened her dress.

“Let me be,” she pleaded.

He froze, his hands still holding hers. “Are you all Right? I’m sorry.”

“No, don’t- let go of me, Please don’t hurt me.” she didn’t absorb his tone, his words; she knew only that he still held her captive.

“Don’t hurt you?” His hands opened and she pulled hers free.

“Miss McCarthy- hell- I’d never hurt you. Never.”

She turned distrustful eyes to him.
“B-but what about- about him? That man?” Her voice and her limbs trembled from excess emotion. “What about Flynn?”

The fierceness left his face and his eyes became unutterably gentle. “We’ll find him. I promise. Please, don’t be scared.” For the first time, she noticed that he’d reached out again and stroked her arm lightly.

“Miss McCarthy, I’m sorry we had to get away from that man. He might have woken up and then . . . . . . . oh shh, quiet now I’m sorry,” She was still crying, a weeks worth of tension dissolving into salty tears as she realized the absurdity of the flight her imagination had taken for just a moment she wanted to let it all go, all the determinations the resolution the responsibilities for everything and everyone stronger than herself was overwhelming and at this moment Angell Summer was most definitely stronger. But she didn’t succumb to the temptation, She couldn’t. Instead, she sat motionless letting her tears dry on her cheeks while he comforted her.

“I won’t let anything happen to you.” His voice was quiet as tender as the hand upward to her shoulder then after a moment he touched her face and his thumb stroked her cheek tracing the path of her tears, She stared into his eyes dark in the night, unfathomable but trained on her in a way that would not let her look away he comforted her but there was something else, something in his posture or maybe just the intensity of his graze. Her breath stopped in her throat. As if he too noticed a shift, his hand moved slowly to her neck the touch changing from consolation to caress. His fingers gently pushed beneath the collar of her neck rap until his hand met skin his palm warm against her neck. Her lip opened: breath came rushing back, shallow and rapid his fingers touched her hair, her neck rap fell to the ground.

“You’re so soft,” he whispered.

It felt good, so good to be touched this way. Mimi was entranced, her body thrumming with emotion he pulled her towards him and she let him until they were so close she could not focus on his eyes her lashes dropped she could feel his breath on her mouth his fingers tensed curled in her hair and she felt his lips touch hers. A kiss so gentle but oh good lord, how it made her heart strike. he pulled a short way back after the contact and looked her in the eyes. his face was calm, his eyes potent. Heaven helps her but he was too handsome. Inexplicably, she leaned towards him, it was his strength she wanted to feel, his control she wanted to kiss him to touch him herself but she couldn’t make her hands move. Oh, she wanted more.

“Mimi” His voice was as a low chord that hummed in her brain.

She licked her suddenly dry lips. He groaned and his mouth descended again but this time, instead of the soft touch of a moment ago their lips met with a force that pushed her head back his hand buried itself in her hair his other arm shifted around her back and pulled her hard against his chest of their own accord, her hands rose and took fistfuls of his jacket his tongue drove into her mouth and she was assaulted by both the shock of her own lips opening under his and the tidal wave of desire that caused her to moan - actually moan - into the hot cavern of his mouth.

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