Angell Summer

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Third person’s POV

She held his head with her fingers laced through his hair he did something tantalizing with his tongue on her neck that raised goosebumps all along her skin, and she threw her head back and her breath came harshly some remote objective part of her could not believe the extent to which she let herself go, his tongue traced a path to her ear and she tilted her head her eyes barely open. This isn’t happening she chanted silently, It’s a dream, a strange glorious dream, then she realized that the shadowy movement she saw through her lashes was a person- a man - and he was moving towards them. She gasped and pushed herself against Angell’s chest he pulled back and looked into her face.

“What is it?”

She pointed. “Look.”

Through the darkness, far enough away that they could barely make him out, a man shuffled along the sidewalk.

“What the fuck.” Angell stood and pulled her up next to him one hand still on her waist with the approach of the stranger reality rapidly set in It had probably been less than two minutes since she tripped, yet Mimi’s cheeks burned and the scrapes on her knees from the sidewalk were a sudden source of acute embarrassment through nobody but herself could be aware of them. She pulled away from Angell’s hand and her fingers flew to her hair pushing loose tendrils into the mass and trying to settle the topknot once again on top her bonnet which had fallen off and her neck wrap was wrapped sideways ignoring the way she pushed him off, Angell took a step towards the man, then another and another before he starts running down the sideways towards the stranger and leaving her alone. That’s when she realized it was Matthew. Matthew wearing a grapes berry underpants and wandering down the street with his head in his hand. She ran to catch them.

Mr. Summer arrived first with Mimi just behind. “Damn man, what happened to you?” He burst out with hilarious laughter. Matthew groaned and shook his head, one eye already bruised and swollen shut. “What do you think you foolish idiot, I was robbed.”

“Fuck,” Angell said. Here, lemme help you.”

“They took everything, everything,” Matthew moaned despite an obvious limp he jerked away from Summer’s solicitation. Angell stopped and donned an ironic expression raising a brow, he eyed the underpants and his bare chest. “Well, not everything.”

Matthew turned an un-amused sneer back. “yes, everything. You don’t think I’d actually wear something like this, do you?”

“You mean they left you with their underwear?” Mimi asked, stunned, she wanted to laugh out loud, but she manages to hinder the little gasps that were about escaping her little mouth. Matthew shot her a look. “The fat one couldn’t get my suit over it, so it was the only thing left in the alley and I couldn’t exactly come looking for you two stark naked.”

“Where have you two been anyway?” Matthew asked, clearly out of his head to be swearing in front of her. Mimi swallowed hard and tried to come up with something - anything - but her mind was too messed up, too empty of all the illicit feel of Summer’s lips on hers.

We ran into what you might call a questionable character act here,” Angell said, casually enough and when we tried to get away from him, Miss McCarthy here stumbled. I was just helpin’ her up. Angell gave her a look that was completely unreadable- blank even- but for the heat that burned in his eyes and scorched her cheeks.

“Yes-Yes, that’s right,” she agreed, acutely aware and somehow ashamed of her gratitude for the cover-up.

I’ll go and get the cab. Angell stepped away, Mimi couldn’t help the way her eyes trailed after him she hates herself for what they’d just done she hated it and felt shame to her bones but still, as she watched him walk away with that lithe stride, she knew that her attraction had not been momentary and that knowledge frightened her more than anything.

“Mr. Summer,” she began in a steady voice as she could muster, here is a book I brought for you and I want you to read it but before you do, I want to tell you that what happened last night was inexcusable.

She walked to the table near the window and deposited her bag, this was going to take every ounce of strength she possessed and I’ll like to caution you that if it ever happens again, I will fire you without thinking twice. It was a crime, a lie, and a sin to pretend it was all his fault but if she admitted any guilt, it would not squelch the ideas that might be forming in his mind, she told herself.

She pulled a book from a pile by the wing chair. “This book is not only edifying but it is beautifully written just pay close attention to the language as you read as well as the worthy sentiments expressed. she realized almost too late that by giving him this book she might actually have to hand it to him and getting that close to him suddenly seemed like a very bad idea so she placed it on the table and walked to the window several paces away. When he didn’t move, she motioned him towards it. “Go on.”

His expression was unreasonable but he moved forward and picked up the book off the table. “Reflection of A Man”, he read aloud, Amari Soul.”

Yes, It’s quite good and quite contemplative. He nodded, his eyes on her face b she looked out the window.

“Reflection of A Man,” he repeated.

That’s right. “Miss McCarthy, please look at me.”

She took a deep breath and tore her graze from the street with two blue eyes regarded her steadily and she tried to do the same.

I don’t like the thought of you bein’ angry with me. he said, and I want you to know that I really am sorry about what happened It won’t happen again, I know that. She nodded, sure her hair would go up in flames if her face got any hotter. He continued. “But if you’re gonna treat me like I’m invisible now that it happened it ain’t gonna be worth it to me you see you treated me with respect all along not like Mr. Flynn’s though I reckon I understand him good enough So if I lost from you, that trust you seemed to have in me I think maybe we’d better call it quits anyway.

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