Angell Summer

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-Dance lesson-

Third person's POV

Angell was sitting on top of the bed covers fully clothed in an attempt to stay awake with Reflection of A Man propped in front of him when someone knocked at his door when he called out to enter and watched as the doorway offered Matthew a stack of three books under one arm at the sight of them Angell groaned and dropped his head back against the headboard.

“Please, not more” he pleaded from behind closed eyes then he raised his head and fixed an ominous look on Matthew’s amused face. Matthew tossed the books on the bed where they bounced twice with heavy finality. “I think you’ll find these a little easier to swallow than Mr. Soul. He might be one of Mimi’s favorite Author’s but I think it’s pretty obvious he’ll never be one of yours.”

Now there am gotta disagree with you any night I can’t get to sleep, he’ll be higher up on my list than warm milk but he put the book down and leaned over the Pile at the foot of the bed. “Have a seat.” He waved Matthew to the chair near the fire and dragged the books to his lap.

Matthew seated himself and folded his arms over his chest.

"Robby Mick," Angell read, then put the volume down and picked up the next. WHAT IT MEANS TO SAVED.

I looked for Frankenstein but the shop here didn’t have it. I’ll get it for you in New York.”

“Oh, yeah. You mentioned him before, I forget why.” Matthew raised a brow and didn’t enlighten him. Listen, Angell, I wanted to ask you a question Angell flipped open the “gross” tales and glanced at a page. “Shoot.”

Did anything odd happen between you and Mimi the night I was robbed? She’s skittish as a colt and I can’t figure out why. Angell’s eyes flicked up to Matthew ’s, his body motionless. “Nothin’ at all,” he answered quickly. Too quickly.

Matthew’s eyes narrowed and he murmured, “Ah-ah-ah, don’t forget your ings. Nothing and not Nothin’. Angell repeated calmer. “She might have lost some faith that I could protect her or something.

Why? Is she talkin’ about ditchin’ me? Matthew’s brow raised again, expectantly.

"Ditching?" Angell enunciated. Can’t you just answer the damn question?

“She mentioned it once,” Matthew said mildly. For some reason, this surprised Angell after her assurance the day she’d given him the book, he’d believed she had no intention of backing out he’d even hoped part of the reason might be because she had some feelings for him. That she’d actually said something to Matthew about getting rid of him was disconcerting.

“Right after the robbery” Matthew continued. She mentioned second thoughts but then she remembered her commitment to her sister It’s not like Mimi to question herself but she looked truly torn after that night. Angell studied the tooled leather cover of the book in his hands. “I reckon-”

"I think."

He issued a long-suffering sigh, his mind using the time to try to come up with something. I think I scared her. That man, the character we ran into on the street, I had a suspicion about him so I knocked him out, It might have seemed a bit savage to Miss McCarthy. Matthew nodded and watched him. “Why does that embarrass you?”

Angell’s head jerked up, the man was far too astute. “It doesn’t-”

“Damn it, can’t we just have a regular conversation here?”

Matthew blinked. “That’s precisely what I’m trying to have.” He leaned forward in his chair, his elbows on his knees. Listen, Mr. Summer, you’ve got to remember when we get to New York that no matter what the topic is, no matter how involved you get in a conversation, you must never forget your manners of expression those people will crucify you for slip of tongue if even a trace of your origin shows you’ll be discovered and they’ll cut you like a hot knife through butter.

"When you invite a lady to dance Mr. Summer." Mimi pronounced, feeling distinctly uncomfortable knowing the lesson that was to follow. you should use the phrase 'Will you honor me with your hand for a waltz?' Or whatever dance as you would like but you should not wait until the signal is given to take a partner because nothing is more impolite than to invite a lady hastily. Do you remember all I’ve told you? Mimi kept her hands clasped at her waist to avoid the nervous fidgeting they longed for, In a matter of moments, Mr. Summer would touch it for the first time since he’d kissed her the prospect was uncomfortably energizing.

“I do.” Angell’s eyes were hooded with his face inscrutable but Mimi could swear she saw a smile lurking at the corner of his mouth.

“Very well then Matthew” Mimi nodded to him to begin.

With great flourish, Matthew stood deposited the cane against the chair and pressed his hand to his heart. My dear friend, Mr. Summer Angell or should I say, Angell Summer, there is a woman of uncompromising brilliance to whom you must be introduced and I believe her acquaintance would improve you greatly. Would you join me?

“I’d be delighted,” Angell answered in a perfect mimic of Matthew’s theatrical tone.

The two of them started across the room together. “Wait.” Mimi held up one hand. Mr. Summer, take your hands from your pocket if you don’t mind, please and move confidently but not too quickly If you keep your hands tucked away and sidle over, we shall wonder if you're some sort of disfigurement to hide.

Matthew rolled his eyes and turned around. Angell pulled his hands from his pockets and Held them up to her. "Nothing to hide." Despite the innocuous nature of the jest, Mimi felt her pulse quicken for those hands, so well shaped and capable had held her close against his body, had pressed hotly at her waist and had ruthlessly felled a man in front of her she was not sure which of these facts caused her the most uneasiness.

“My friend, Matthew began again resigned. have you had the pleasure of meeting Miss McCarthy? I’m sure that her feet could do with a flattening, perhaps you’d care to dance with her?”

Angell executed a courtly bow. “Whatever the lady might desire.”

The words were not pointed out but Mimi felt her cheeks flamed pink at the statement anyway she had to get over this, she thought desperately, She felt like a little girl who suddenly becomes aware of the Gardener as a young man.

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