Angell Summer

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-Bastard, she hissed-

Third person's POV

“Kiss me,” she said on a hot hoarse breath.

He didn’t wait for her to repeat it he drove forward, his arms enveloping her, his mouth covering hers, she slid into the warmth of his chest, indulged the long slow delectable merging of mouths and tongues, breaths and bodies her hands clutched his back reveling in the expanse of hard muscle her breasts were crushed against his chest, her neck bent pliantly to his aggression, his tongue plunged into her mouth and she yielded to it as if her life depends on it.

Some primal instinct beneath her consciousness made her pull closer, made her fit her hips against his. He groaned and lowered a hand to the small of her back pulling their bodies close shifting, he turned her so her back lay against the cold metal car and she could feel his hardness as he pressed his hips into hers around them, impenetrable darkness reigned and the rhythmic clacking of the railroad ties merged with the hammering of her heart, the pulsing of their bodies and the grasping of their mingled breath, Hot fluid desire filled her, raged upwards through her body from the point of his manliness, she knew what madness her senses craved.

She knew that if they were not standing on the back of the moving train, she would have no defense against her own yearning but what could happen here? Where could it lead- even if they weren’t on this platform? The questions threw themselves at her regardless of her need to ignore them. Was it, then? Was this the thing that made Janis surrender herself to ruin? Her defensive impulse was propelled by the horror of this new realization with a suddenness that surprises both of them, Mimi shoved him away and Summer backed abruptly into the iron railing that was the only thing between safety and the onrushing track.

He glared at her, his hair blowing recklessly in the wind, his eyes on fire.

“Stop it,” she spouts out breathlessly, the words unnecessary in the face of his stunned and angry immobility.

“You mustn’t. You can’t.”

Summers breathing was harsh, his lungs expelling brisk clouds of frustration. She glanced fitfully at him through her own confusion- shooting wary eyes at him, then yanking them away to try to gather her thoughts. Why didn’t he say something? What was he thinking?

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I’ve turned you on. It's my fault. My fault entirely but it mustn’t go on.” She couldn’t look at him now. She only knew she had to back out of this volatile situation as quickly as she could. Perhaps it wasn’t too late to undo what she’d done after all they’d been able, for the most parts to ignore their last kiss.

“You’re right, Mimi,” he said finally and she couldn’t help the startled jerk of her eyes to his. “It mustn’t go on but, not for the reasons you think. his voice was charged with an emotion she couldn’t name. “Not because it's wrong for you to want to kiss me, not because the feelings you have, the wanting-”

“No !” she protested turning from the words. “Don’t go on.” He stepped toward her and took her upper arm in his hand, turning her.

“Let me finish.” His face was hard, his grip extreme.

“You want me, don’t deceive yourself about that and Lord Jesus knows I want you but the reason I don’t take you right here tonight has nothing to do with your high-class morality .”

She gasped again and struggled to pull away but he had her solidly by the shoulders and she had no choice but to stare up at him aghast, she saw him smile.

“You think I’ve insulted you, right?” and if I didn’t have hold of your arm right now you’d slap me and disappear right back through that door. Wouldn’t you?

She clamped her lips shut and glared at him, breathless now from anger, her self righteousness billowing with the onslaught of his words. She glared at him, then snatched his jacket off and threw it at him, He caught it in one hand.

“Bastard,” son of a bitch,” she hissed and pushed past him through the door. Summer stood motionless as the door slammed in front of him then he nodded and laughed derisively. Truer than you think Miss McCarthy. he murmured to himself. “Truer than you think.”

Mimi keeps a surreptitious eye on Summer as he studied the city around them. Though he said nothing, his expression was intense and she reluctantly found herself wondering what he thought about if he thought about her at all.

“Miss Janis is already at the hotel?” Matthew required.

Mimi nodded. “Yes. She’s resting according to Eugene she said She’ll meet us at dinner.”

Matthew issued a quiet snort and hunched back in the seat.

“As you may or may not know, Matthew,” Mimi said, the early stage of predicament requires her to get a good deal of rest. Unwillingly, she glanced at Summer who was suddenly regarding her with amusement blood flooded her face and she clenched her teeth. “Is something humorous Mr. Summer?” He folded his arms across his chest. “Nothing I could explain.”

Mimi pressed her lips together. For some reason, she wanted to cry and she couldn’t think of anything that would be more mortifying. She mentally drew herself up. This was insane at one point she’d worried he might take it into his head to believe the role they’d created for him, but now it seemed it was she who had believed the role too thoroughly.

Moments later, they pull up in front of the Palazosso white hotel. Eugene opened the carriage door and Matthew debarked turning to offer Mimi his hand just behind her Summer descended. “I suppose we’re on the top floor of this place,” he said halting on the sidewalk and looking upward. Mimi shot him a hard look and brushed past him toward the door. “Don’t be too ridiculous.”

It had been well over a month since Mimi had seen her sister and in that time Janis had grown slightly more plump and depressingly more beautiful, Though she’d always had a glow to her fine porcelain skin, she now looked positively radiant, her hair had a healthy sheen and her sleepy-lidded cat's eyes shimmered with life.

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