Angell Summer

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-You're simply perfect-

Third person's POV

So, Summer began, “tell me about your life in New York you’re obviously close to the McCarthy’s are you the friend to the whole family’s or just Mimi’s?”

Matthew looked at him quizzically. “I work for them,” he said, amused. “I’m Mr. McCarthy’s personal assistant.”

“Oh,” the news surprised Angell and Matthew’s enjoyment of the fact irritated him. Matthew was so polished, so snobbish, so strict and unrelenting about Summer’s Lessons, Summer had been sure that Matthew was some rich son of a bitch helping Mimi out of class loyalty or some other unfathomable reason having to do with wealth. Regardless of Matthew’s thinking him a fool-nothing new and therefore not daunting-Summer pressed on. “You mean, you’re not- how’s it out? He searched for Marris words on the train. you’re not of the same set of the McCarthy’s? ”

At this Matthew actually laughed, a condescending sound with a bitter edge. “God, no and Eros McCarthy would launch an attack just hearing you ask the question, not to mention Marcelo. He’d probably call you out of it.

Angell furrowed his brow. “Marcelo’s the brother right?”

Matthew nodded with exaggeration.

“Eros is the father?”

Matthew scoffed. And don’t you ever forget it. Eros is a lion. Very fierce, very protective of his family but he’s fair too, Just don’t step out of line. Angell sighed and raised a corner of his mouth wryly. I imagine I’m already out of line, there isn’t any way now to start square with him, things being the meantime.

Matthew shrugged. if things go as they should he’ll never find out and once you leave New York he’ll cease to be curious. It's just getting you past him in meantime.

Angell thought about that, If he’s so protective of his family, what’s to stop him from investigating me? I don’t imagine it’d be all that hard to find out I’m not what you claim. Matthew eyed him a moment, sipped his brandy then looked past him. "He trusts me, he’ll believe that I checked you out."

“And you’re willing to risk that for me?” Matthew raised a brow and focused his attention back on Summer. “Not for you, no of course not, I'm doing it for Miss Janis. Don’t forget Angell, this is all for Janis.” His eyes darted past Angell again and then he stood up, his eyes on something beyond the lounge, for a second as he rose, Angell kept his eyes on Matthew, nothing the man’s extraordinary change of expression to a curious mix of pain and relief lighted his features, quickly overlaid by his usual ironic control.

Interesting, but Angell turned and he was not all surprised to see Mimi and another woman- the fabled Janis, no doubts descending the shallow staircase to the lounge.

Janis was shorter than Mimi but her hair was ginger red and more fair-skinned. she had a wispy cloud-like quality to her that contrasted in a frothy way with Mimi’s slender, solemn strength, the familial resemblance was not too plain- the light, feline eyes, the high cheekbone- but without a doubt the similarities don’t match, so it ended with her emerald glass eyes.

“So, this is my cowboy,” Janis purred, floating towards him in a white chiffon dress that did much to foster the cloud image. Her tongue flitted out and wet her pink lips before she smiled up at him.

Angell’s gut tightened involuntarily and he glanced at Mimi and Matthew to see if they’d noticed the gesture b their identically glowering expressions told him they had. Amusement ticked his lips; he let out with a smile. “Angell Summer, Miss Janis, It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

Janis’s expression was delighted as he bowed over her hand. She tossed a smile over her shoulders at Mimi. “Oh, you were so right, Mimi, He’s deliciously handsome.” Angell knew with every ounce of his being that Mimi had never called him “delicious,” but he did wonder what exactly she had said. Good things? Guarded things, most likely, he wondered if the two were close enough that she might have mentioned his kiss. He thought not.

Janis’s fingers tightened when he would have let her go, forcing his eyes to hers.

“Yes ” she exclaimed, holding his gaze, she painted lips curved, we’re going to have fun, aren’t we? Angell could not help the answering smile that broadened on his lips. She’s a terror, he thought, no wonder Matthew and Mimi had to go such lengths to save her from herself.

“I believe that’s up to you, Miss Janis,” he answered. “It seems I’m here for your convenience.”

She took her hand back and clapped it together with her other one. “Wonderful!” She turned to Matthew and Mimi who were both beet-red in the face. “I like him,” she pronounced. “Let’s go to dinner.” She curled her arm through Angell’s and pulled so it nestled against the said of her breast.

“Tell me, Mr. Summer,” she continued, drawing him forward past a smoldering Mimi and a bullet-eyed Matthew, “tell me all about yourself, I want to know just what sort of husband my dear sister and my darling Matthew have picked out for me.”

They seated at a round table in the middle of the opulent hotel dining room. Angell held Janis’s chair for her, exactly as instructed innumerable times in the weeks before then sat simultaneously.

“Champagne!” Janis ordered with a flourish smile as the waiter appeared. “We must celebrate. I’m to be married, you know,” she told the server in a sultry confidential tone. the man flushed. “Congratulations,” he said with a short bow, his gaze fixed on her upturned eyes.

“Janis,” Mimi warned.

But she went on. “Yes, and my parents don’t even know it yet. Isn’t it too wicked? It’s to be a dreadful surprise.” Her voice was honeyed like Mimi’s but consciously so and it was obvious as far as the waiter was concerned that she might have been reciting the Bonaventure’s address. She simply dripped sensuality.

Angell found himself marveling over the skill with which she wielded her charms. The waiter was helpless as a butterfly in her web and though he may have been easy prey, Angell was sure her talents were not confined solely to the powerless.

“Miss Janis,” Angell ventured, when the waiter had stumbled off to do her bidding, “I wonder if you’d tell me about your father.”

Janis’s porcelain brow furrowed momentarily. “Why? Hasn’t Mimi filled you in on the dregs of all that nonsense?”

“I’d like to hear your opinion.” he reached into his coat pocket for a cigarette, saw Matthew’s minuscule shake of his head, he sighed and removed his hand.

Janis’s POV

“Oh, he’s an ogre.” I sighed. But a manageable one. I watched as Mr. Summer lifted a brow.
“I’d like to meet the man you considered unmanageable.” He spat and I gave him a sharp look then softened it with a slow smile. “I’m still looking for him,” I said quietly but Angell didn’t answer and I went on eyeing him. Matthew cleared his throat and picked up his water glass, hitting the empty wineglass next to it with a clang.

Angell continued. “What’s he like to say about an unexpected engagement, what do you think?”

I leaned back in my chair and shrugged. “He’ll be full of sound and fury, I’m sure,” I said dramatically but ultimately, there’ll be nothing for him to do about it, will there? I mean I’m marrying a real man, aren’t I? You’re not going to cower simply because the beast roars?

“I reckon that depends on the size of the beast's teeth,” Angell mused

I snickered. "You reckon? Oh, that’s charming."

“Janis.” Mimi frowned at me then passed the look to Mr. Summer.

“Excuse me. I Suppose, ” Mr. Summer corrected, thinking it might be a good idea to assess how large my teeth’s were.

“Oh no, don’t change it.” I leaned forward and put my warm hand to his arm. “It really is charming. So wonderful, Tell me, can you shoot a gun?”

Mr. Summer looked at me dubiously. It was impossible to tell if I were serious or baiting in either case, I was directing the conversation, indeed the whole mood of the table according to my whim. “Of course.”

I bit my bottom lip in a child-like gesture and grazed up at him. “Are you good?”

He chuckled cynically. "I was so confident, I was a good taste of my own medicine. I’m very good," he said, his tone low, his eyes penetrating.

I sat up abruptly, delighted and clapped my hands together again. “Oh, you’re perfect, simply perfect!”

“Miss Janis,” Matthew interrupted in a tone as sobering as ice water. I think we ought to concentrate on the business at hand.

"whatever." I spat

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