Angell Summer

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-The Arrival -

~ Arrival at New York
~ Mom is trying to hook me up with our family friend, son, Lucas Archerson, I don’t like him, he’s so crumby and cannibalistic kinda person.
~ mom meeting Angell for the first time.

Third person's POV.

"Do you see that tall grey building, there?" Janis gestured with the sable muff on the end of one arm.

Angell nodded.

“That’s father’s building. Actually, he owns the whole block, but that’s his office so he keeps his office there.” She brought the muff back.

They both strode along Fifth Avenue. Janis excused herself, and ran into an antique store, Mr. Summer just stood out there waiting for her, he contemplated going in and telling her to buy the damn thing and be done with it, when he noticed an imperfect reflection in the glass just beside him, for some reason, the hair on the back of Angell's neck rose. It was a man and he moved not a muscle; he simply stood a little too close behind him, facing the window. Then, in answer to his worst fears, an oily voice emerged from the reflected pattern beside him.

“Doing pretty well yourself.” Angell’s head jerked to the figure beside him. Thin, dark hair slicked back over Valerian Bratt ’s narrow head. His pointed smile showing stained crooked teeth.
“Yeah, I thought it was you. Its mighty good to see you, Summer.” Angell was afraid and controlled his breath since a gun is pointed to his lift side hip.

“Can’t say the same for you, Valerian,” Angell managed in a low voice. Valerian cocked his head and fixed his one pebble hard eye on him while the other floated in the milky haze. “Well now, that’s a fine welcome for someone could have been your kin.”

Angell scoffed, a short, disgusted sound, “you were never my kin.”

“You don’t know that. I could have been your daddy. ” he cracked obscenely, drawing the startled attention of several passersby. An old rage began climbing the back of summer throats. He had vowed to kill this man untold times as a child, and the urge was still strong within him. "You know perfectly well who my daddy is."

"only cause he got there first. Besides, I know who he was, Mr. Fancy pants."

“What do you want from me, mister Valerian Bratt?” Valerian cast a scathing glance at Summer’s fine cost and grinned, “I’ll be watching you, to kill you, ” Valerian spat, and disappeared from Angell’s side, without a trace.

Mimi’s POV

“Hello, Lucas,” I said dramatically, extending my hand. I would show my mother I could have independent thoughts and still behave like a lady.

“Miss Mimi, I’m so pleased you’ve returned. How was your journey?” He took my hand with the softest of touches, lifted it towards his lips and kissed the air above it.

“It was very long and very tiring. I’m happy to be home .” I removed my hand from his lingering grasp and moved to the sofa.

“Now happier than everyone to have you home, I’m sure,” he murmured, glancing around as if afraid to come farther into the room.

“Would you have some tea, Lucas?” Mrs. Katelyn McCarthy, my mom asked, moving towards him, hand outstretched.

Lucas bent over it and nodded. “Thank you, madam,” he said to her fingers.

My mom looked at his bowed head and glanced at her daughter. I raised my brows.

" come along then, young man, ” my mom snapped “come sit next to Mimi on the sofa.” Humility was not something my mother had much respect for, I knew. But in this instance, my mother’s aggravation was more with me being right than any ineptitude on Lucas’s part. I was half tempted to take advantage of the fact by asking about Lucas’s birds, but I knew my mother would not forgive that. It becomes something of a family joke. Something about the way my mother asked the question made me suspicious. Lucas answer doubled it.

"Oh, yes. That’s right. The party. Can you come?", he looked expectantly from one to the other of us. I nearly smiled because my mother looked so frustrated. "what party is that, Lucas?" I asked.

“Mother’s dinner party. The day after tomorrow. We know it’s dreadfully short notice,” he recited as if by rote, “but we were hoping to catch you just as you arrived before your busy schedule filled up. ” he smiled, pleased with himself.

“Of course, We’d delighted to a cone, ” my mom said. Lucas smiled back relaxing on the chair.

“Blast it all, Angell.” Janis’s voice blew through the room as the door burst open. ” I don’t know why you’re so concerned about him...They both stopped in the doorway, surveying the group with surprised, apprehensive eyes. Though she tried to stop it, my heart jumped to my throat at the sight of Mr. Summer. Perhaps it was the obvious comparison to Lucas, but I thought he’d never looked so handsome. It was as if I were seeing him for the first time all over again, only this time as a gentleman in my drawing room, impeccably dressed. He was at that moment a dream come to life.

“Pardon us,” he said with a near perfect bow. “We didn’t realize anyone was home. ” he sent a sharp glanced to Janis who caught it and lobbed back an unconcerned grin. The words were pure poetry, relatively speaking. In fact, the very juxtaposition of them with the unpolished speech from my memory was enough to make me smile a warm private smile.

“Mother,” Janis cooed and strode towards her, arms outstretched.

Mom took her hands. “Janis dear, whatever have you got on your head?” She pecked her daughter's cheek while maintaining a wary eye on the crimson bonnet.

“It's new. Isn’t it divine?” Janis twirled once in front of us, then realized her oversight. “Oh, hello Lucas. ” She held out her hand, which he struggled to take a while righting his teacup and standing.

“Hello Miss Janis,” he mumbled.

"It's quite a hat". I nodded, wryly.

Janis turned on her. “Why, that’s just what Angell said. He said it looks like a turkey on Thanksgiving,” she turned a scandalized look on our mother.

“how is that anything for a gentleman to say about a lady’s hat?” I cleared my throat and rose. “Mother, this is Angell Summer. Mr. Summer, this is our mother Katelyn McCarthy.”

I watched carefully as my mother turned her graze to Angell. To her amazement, a sloe flush stole into our mother’s cheeks.

“Pleasure to meet you, ma’am, he said, bending low over her head. Though he’d tried to hide it at first his native drawl was evident with these words but for some reasons, it only deepened the sensual flutter of my stomach.
It’s his voice I thought it’s his voice that unnerves me against my will, I heard it again in my head close in just before his kiss. What do you want, Mimi? I mentally shook myself and watched as my mother's eyes took in Summers dark, glossy hair, his broad shoulders and impeccable cut of his suit.

"How do you do?" My mom asked.

“Frankly Mrs. McCarthy,” Angell said, “I’d be doing a bit better if I hadn’t just been dragged up and down Fifth Avenue by your daughter.

I closed my eyes. Course, that’s what my mother would call it, an amusing little speech like that,

"Poor Mr. Summer. ” My eyes popped open at the indulgence in my mother’s tone.

“It's so nice to meet someone who understands our little Janis so well.” My mom smiled positively and she had not yet let go of his hand. “Mimi’s been telling me you’re something of a, well, a special friend of our Janis’s.”

Angell's lips curved into a small smile that made my face hot, even though it was directed at my mother. Did I imagine it, or did he actually look pleased?

“I’d like to think so,” he said. “And I’m really grateful for you letting me visit with her.” He said.

“We’re happy to have you, truly. But please. . . .” my mom turned fractionally towards me and Lucas.

“Let me introduce you to Lucas Archerson, He’s a special friend to Mimi.”

what the hell. mmmm

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