Angell Summer

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-What did you say?-

We don’t laugh on the same joke again,
Why do we cry on the same problem
Again? --| GOALCAST|--

Third person's POV

Mimi’s mother was a formidably built matron with a High, corseted bosom and an impressive Mount of silvering brown hair. She was, Angell could see at once, a woman of great control and little imagination. Next, to her, Mimi’s spirit glowed like a live coal. After her mother’s comment about Lucas Archerson’s desired role in the family, Mimi’s face glowed as well red and hot as a red chili pepper with every utterance the toad made, Angell was sure the hue deepened.

“Mimi, why don’t you walk Lucas to the door?” Mr. Katelyn McCarthy suggested as Lucas lifted his sorry frame from the sofa and made a shuffling inclination towards the exit.

Mimi glared at her mother. “Giselle can show him the door.”

Mrs. Katelyn looked down her nose at her daughter, clearly not happy with the breach of obedience.

“But who,” she insisted, “will show him to Giselle?”

Angell pressed his lips together to keep a smile from his face; for some reason, Mimi’s discomfort gratified him. Perhaps it was because he knew she was embarrassed by the toad or perhaps it was because her conviction about marrying appropriately was so devilishly problematic in his instance. In any case, relief was his primary emotion upon learning of her parent’s design that she marry such a sick, plus dull person. If anything might force her to loosen up the threat of marriage to Lucas Archerson was a good bet.

“Oh, very well,” Mimi capitulated snatching up her skirts and moving hastily to Lucas. Despite his timid stride, he’d almost reached the door.“ thank you for coming, Lucas, and thank your mother for the kind invitation.”

Lucas turned at the door and grazed vaguely back at the group. “Yes, and you all can come,” he said, encompassing them with a weak sweep of his hat. “Friday night. Seven-twenty. Are you interested in portraits, Mr. Summer?” Lucas’s watery eyes settled briefly upon him.

“Portraits?” Angell repeated with an involuntary glance at Mimi's eyes. “Sure, I like portraits.” Lucas smiled. Perhaps I could show you my portraits, then on Friday.

Angell smiled back at the man, a modicum of anger surfacing in his heart. "alright," he said.

“If there’s time,” Mimi said, hustling Lucas to the door and out into the foyer.

Mrs. Katelyn McCarthy leaned over and squeezed Mimi’s arm, beaming. “Oh, Mimi, I’m so glad to hear you say so. I was just saying I knew you’d come around.” Mimi opened her mouth to respond just as the door opened, and all heads swung to see who it was.

“Glad to hear her say what?” A slim white-haired man asked gruffly. He wore a black broadcloth cutaway coat with the ease of a cowboy in leather, Angell thought, and his eyes Emeralds like Janis’s- were steadfast and flinty as gunmetal. He wasn’t a large man, in fact, some might say small boned, but his presence was enormous. Everyone rose at once. Mrs. McCarthy approached her husband with a subdued air of excitement and accepted his chaste peck on the cheek as she spoke.

“Mimi’s just been telling Mr. Summer how the appropriateness of a marriage such as hers to Lucas Archerson should be of foremost consideration.”

Angell saw the surprise on Mr. Eros McCarthy’s face and immediately liked him for it. As well, beneath the man's bushy white mustache, Angell thought he detected a hint of amusement.

“My dear has a few weeks out west altered you so severely, then?” He moved to take Mimi’s hands. Mimi smiled more genuinely than Angell had yet seen. “Not so severely, father,” she said, offering her cheek. “Mother didn’t let me finish my sentence.”

He chuckled. “No doubt. And no doubt as to how it would have ended, either.” He turned to Janis.

"And how is my youngest, eh?" He kissed her on the top of the head as she gave him a quick hug.

"Ohh father, I’m just happy to be home. I missed you a lot. ” she hugged him again and wounded her arm through his as she turned to Angell. “And father, I want you to meet someone very special. This-” she splayed a hand proudly in Angell’s direction- is Mr. Angell Summer. We all call him Angell though, don’t we, Mimi? He’s a darling, father. I just know you’ll love him.

Angell felt the graze of the man ad forcefully as the grip on his hand. “How do you do?” He said with a nod.

Though he met the man’s eyes squarely, inside he fought a desire to squirm. Mr. McCarthy had the expression of one who was never duped, and Angell didn’t flatter himself that he would be the first.

“How do you do, Mr. Summer.”

“We found Angell just in the nick of time, didn’t we, Mimi? Janis fluttered Like a pampered pet on her father’s arm. ” After that, dreadful tour through those awful background towns, we just happened on him, just like that. she beamed into her father's face.

“Imagine, such a gem amongst all those rocks. We had to invite him back to stay.”

“Oh?” You’ll be staying with us?” The hard eyes probed him again.

“With your permission, Sir.” Angell inclined his head, reluctant to say any more than was absolutely necessary. He had the uncomfortable feeling that the more he said, the more he would unintentionally reveal. His fears were immediately confirmed.

“Georgia,” Mr. Eros said, one lean finger extended. “I’d know that drawl anywhere. Am I right?”

The man’s delight was at once relieving and excruciating. Angell didn’t have to worry about concealing his accent anymore, he just had to worry about the man’s instincts and all the other secrets he could conceivably deduce.

Angell smiled politely. “That’s correct, sir.” Mr. Eros’s bushy white eyebrows drew together.


“I grew up on the Denerio Southeastern part of the state.” The mere memory of it caused his gut to clench. Dallas possibly.

Mr. Eros leaned back on his heels and looped a thumb In his vest pocket. “Ah, I know it well. Beautiful country. You’re of a rich gems, then?” Angell chuckled ironically, Gem gathering, indeed. He tried to ignore the alarm in his head that sounded whenever the subject of home arose.

"And I have got a brother to take over my dad, so I decided to find my own life then I decided to invest in ranches. I’ve done quite well myself."

“And I’m I glad of it,” Janis bubbled with a laugh.“Can you see me living in a ranch?” She laughed again, oblivious to the sudden silence around her. “I mean, if he hadn’t told me we could live in New York, I never would have agreed to marry him!”

Angell’s mouth dropped open, and he heard Mimi grasp. Mrs. McCarthy froze into stone, while her husband, Mr. Eros white brows drew together over darkening eyes.

“What did you say, Janis?” Mr. Eros’s tone was quiet, by it reverberated around the room as if he’d bellowed the words in a church.

Janis evidently realized her error and gasped, covering her mouth with both hands, her eyes sought first Mimi’s, then Angell’s. “Oh, I’m sorry, Angell.” She disentangled herself from Mr. McCarthy’s and rushed to Angell. Her hand settled on his chest and she turned simpering eyes up into his face. “I’ve ruined it now, haven’t I. Oh God, I’m so Stupid. Can you ever forgive me?”

Angell stared into her face, his own slack with shock, and saw through an astounded haze that sees lied.

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