Angell Summer

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-what's doin with the ladies?-


Missouri -June 2009

third person’s POV

He slowed to a stop flipped a lock of dark hair out of his eyes with a jerk of his head and studied the group moment. It was possible he supposed that the appearance of the afternoon stage in the backward little town was cause for such excitement but he hoped it was something more worthy of attention than that Lord knew he could use a little excitement right now, He was busy with his supplies when he caught the eye of a cowhand leaning against the weathered clapboard of the store and moved closer.

“What’s doin’ with the ladies?”

The man turned a beady gaze on him, spat onto the planking of the boardwalk and shrugged. “stage come in.”

Summer raised an eyebrow. “that so?” He shifted his eyes back to the crowd. ” Reckon that’s the one bringin’ them dancin’ girls” he mused squinting at the gathering crowd as if to see better.

After loading the sacks of flour he headed back to the store noticing it wasn’t women gathering at the stage now a few men had stopped to look. Hell, before long the entire town might be in attendance, Summer thought, hating the fact that he himself was feeling a mite curious.

A little boy in a shabby red vest raced by and Summer nabbed him by the scruff of his collar. ” Hold up!” He said laughing as the boy skidded to a halt in the dirt.

“Hey Mister git offa me!” The little boy squirmed beneath Summer’s grip his collar up around his ears. “Whadya want?” “What’s going on over there?” Summer asked.

“I don’t know, Coupla city folk is all duded up real slick and Mizz Dippy told me to git my momma Them’s fancy riggin’ they got on.”

Summer set him back on the ground and the little boy shrugged his clothes back into place ‘that’s it?’ Fancy clothes and the whole goddamn town flocks to see ’em ?

The boy looked back at the gathering group. “Why not? Ain’t much else doing.” He said then added ‘see ya’ and run off like a shot.

Summer glanced after him then back at the gathering which now seems to be moving. whoever it takes to get someplace and the cob was moving with them, He smiled to himself. Bet they where surprised to find themselves celebrities for showing up.

Well it didn’t matter any to him he decided to stroll back into the store and they weren’t from anyplace near Georgia.

Half an hour later, Summer could not help but stare at the stunning light brown haired woman with dazzling blue eyes in dark blue traveling suit who entered Mrs Secrets boardinghouse.

He was sitting on an armchair near the front desk waiting for Old frankenstein to come back with his pay when she entered gracing the room with both beauty and a pretty smile, ‘She had to be the one who’d drawn the crowd earlier’ he thought for she was well dressed and followed by a gentleman whom Summer hoped to heaven was not her husband if only to maintain his faith in the rightness of all things.

Mrs Secret straight faced stood tense and inhospitable behind the front desk somehow exuding both awe and disapproval .

“Can I help you ?” She barked at the newcomers.

“Are you the proprietress?” The beauty asked in a voice that was meek to his hearing, At the sound of it Summer felt something wither inside himself - his confidence or his optimism both, She was as pretty as a fucking picture.

“Yes, I am.” Mrs secrets sour air of displeasure looked to have taken a beating in the face of beauty’s obvious breeding and she attempted a gruesome smile Summer wondered what on earth could have brought such a beautiful damsel to a filthy little slump like Queenstown.

“We need two rooms the cleanest you have will do” Beauty pulled off her gloves a finger at a time with cool snapping efficiency.

" Every one of ’em’s clean” Mrs Secrets said taking a card from beneath the desk. “I’ll set you up in my best rooms and I run clean house here.”

“I’m sure you do” beauty concurred in a tone to Summers ears warned the place had better be clean.

“Do you have someone to take our bags up?” Mrs Secrets finished filling out the check-in card, “I’ll get em up there” she promised.

“Rooms 3 and 4 upstairs to the left Privy to the right second door You’ll find it’s clean too.”

“Very good” the cultured voice said, ending the topic of conversion by tone alone.

I appreciate you having the bags taken up and also, i would like to freshen up for super can you recommend a reputable establishment where we could dine?

Mrs secrets expression screwed up uncertainty at this statement.

“You want to eat?”

" that’s correct” her mouth curve in a forced though pretty smile.

Mrs Secrets paused her lips, “there’s only one place in town for the likes of you” she spout out. Bianca’s Place out the door to the left.

It was beauty turn to perplexed Summer noted with a private smile but she didn’t ask what manner of evil her ladylike senses should be on the lookout for.

“Bianca’s then” she said with a nod.

“That’ll be cash up front now” Mrs Secrets added as if their fine clothes and up scale demeanor weren’t fooling her.

“Now a - ” Mrs Secrets piped up but beauty cut her off.

“Pay her” she instructed.

“But her implications m---”

She sighed and shook her head ” pay her Matthew what differences does it make?”

“Mrs Secrets glanced at the card In her hand” thank you Miss--

“--McCarthy” Mimi replied.

I appreciate your understanding. “Miss McCarthy”

Miss McCarthy waved her hand in dismissal and started for the stairs. Summer stood and cleared his throat beauty as he preferred to think of the lady who turned and fixed dark-Lashes, blue eyes on him, he felt the blood stall in his veins.

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