Angell Summer

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-who is the father of this baby? tell us-

Playlists- If walls could talk!

These walls keep a secret
That only we know
But how long can they keep it?
’Cause we’re two lovers
We lose control, We’re two shadows
Chasing rainbows
Behind closed windows
Behind closed doors. -| Celine Dion|-

Third person's POV

Just when Angell thought Janis was about to relent she drove in the last bitter nail. “Or maybe you’ll just be a spinster after all.” Mimi’s eyes closed and he could see her swallow hard. Angell rose to his feet. “Tell me something about this great love of yours,” he said to Janis from the window, his voice carrying through the room as if he’d opened the sash and let in a gust of frigid air. Both of them turned in surprise as if they’d forgotten he was there. “Where is he now? Why isn’t this brilliant lover here trying to protect you instead of leaving all that to your sister?”

Janis’s eyes narrowed and her lips curled into a sneer. “The cowboy speaks! Go on, Mr. Summer, tell us, perhaps you know something of love-or isn’t your experience fit conversation for the drawing room?” He raised his brows and said coolly, “I never knocked anybody up and left her to deal with it alone, if that’s what you’re asking.” He took slow, thoughtful steps toward the two of them.

“He has reasons,” Janis defended with a shade less than total conviction. “Reasons for two people, would appreciate ?”

“Bullshits,” Angell spat.

Janis’s brow rose over condescending eyes.
“You can dress them up. . . .”

“There is no need for this,” Mimi said. “Angell, don’t taunt her.”

“is that what I’m doing? Taunting her?” He looked at Mimi, amazed that she could still defend her sister without a heart.

“Seems to me I’m just speaking what’s on everyone’s mind.

"She’s emotional," Mimi said, bowing her head in the face of his vehemence. “Let her be.” He laughed incredulously. “She’s a liar,” he countered then he turned to Janis. “Why did you do that-Spill the beans to your father about the engagement? If you want to get out of this marriage, why don’t you just name the father of that baby? Then you could stop dragging everyone all over hell and back trying to save you. ” Angell stepped close to Janis and spoke quietly. “Is it because he doesn’t want to be named? Doesn’t he want you, Janis?” Janis’s face suffused with color and she stepped back away from him, chin high.

“He wants me,” she ground out.

“Then tell us who he is. Come on Janis. Is he ashamed or are you?”

“Angell,” Mimi warned.

“You’re talking yourself out of a job, aren’t you, cowboy?” Janis asked. “Maybe you’re not very bright after all .”

“I think it’s you, Janis. I think you’re the one who's ashamed. What are you going to tell that little baby when he asks who his dad is?”

“I’m not ashamed.” She held his graze for a tense moment, then let her eyes slip away.

"Stop it, Angell,” Mimi commanded, the tone of her voice commanding attention.

“Ah, the stalwart Sister.” Angell turned back to her. “Stepping in just in time to save her sister-again-from embarrassment or is it her own embarrassment? Is it you Mimi, whose ashamed? are you afraid he’ll turn out to be someone so low that you can’t even bear his name spoken?” Mimi glanced quickly at her sister, then back at Angell. “I have no such fears-”

“Oh, come on Mimi. You have admitted it to me before. Haven’t you told Janis? haven’t you told her how bad for the family it would be to have her unsuitable lover be the father to his own child? Jesus, what if he turned out to be the butler or the gardener? or the mailman?” Janis scoffed.

“You’re being unreasonable,” Mimi protested.

“Am I? Tell me, Mimi, tell us both. What’s the real reason for you’ve made no effort to discover who the father is? Though he told himself he pushed her to admit it so they’d both know the kind of woman she really was. His tone had changed with the question. He didn’t attack; he implored her for the real answer. He needed to know that it wasn’t just shame that made her plan and goes through with this charade.

Mimi’s mouth opened as if she might speak, but for a moment nothing emerged. Angell raised his brows. She is too much shaking, enraged breath, her eyes locked with his.

"she wouldn’t tell me."

“Did you really want to know?”

“Of course!”

“How hard did you try?”

She pressed her lips together and looked at the floor. “I couldn’t try.”

“Why not?” She glared back at him. “Because she didn’t want to tell me because it wouldn’t have done any good even if she did.”

“Would not have done any good? You’d have ignored the facts even if you’d had them?” He felt his heart breaking. She glared at him through welling eyes.“Because if he’d wanted to marry her, he’d have made a claim by now,” she said angrily.

“Mimi!” Janis grasped. Mimi’s expression changed miserably.

“I’m sorry.”

Angell felt his insides nearly sing with relief. She thought her sister had been jilted. She’d rushed in to save Janis with this bizarre plan because she believed her sister had been used and dumped, but Angell knew better.

Janis’s voice rose, reedy and thin. “He would marry me, Mimi.” She turned angry eyes to Angell. “He would.”

“Then say it,” Angell pushed. “Say his name.”

“No!” Janis pouted, her lips quivering. “I-he-i don’t want to.” Angell enunciated slowly, “tell your sister who he is, Janis.” He waited for a bit. “Or I will.”

Mimi grasped and spun to face him. ”What?” Janis' eye widened then shot quickly from one to the other of them. Her gaze finally came to rest on Angell, scared and haughty.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t I?”

She sniffed and raised her chin. "You couldn’t possibly know."

“Say it” he commanded. “let’s stop this stupid charade.” Janis turned away from him, smoothing the skirt of her dress with her palms. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” A small commotion rose in the foyer as if the company had arrived and the three of them stood motionless. A second later, the door opened and Matthew appeared, crossing the threshold before stopping in surprise at the agitated faces that greeted him.

“Hello,” he said uncertainly.

“Hello, Matthew,” Mimi said quietly, turning her face away and lowering herself limply onto the sofa.

“Matthew,” Janis said stiffly not meeting his eyes. Angell pushed his hand into his pockets with a grim smile and leaned back on the arm of a chair.

“Matthew Flynn,” he said slowly. “Speak of the devil and he shall appear.” Angell mouthed.

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