Angell Summer

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-pleasures swept within-

Third person's POV

The driver opened the door and Janis descended haughtily. "I give up" she declared stalking into the house. The driver held the door silent and watchful after Janis exit. Angell rose in the cramped quarters and tried to pull Mimi to her feet.

“No-no, ” She sighed, falling sideways onto the seat. “I’m quite..quite comfortable here ”

“Oh, hell, ” Summer muttered. It would probably ruin her reputation with the maids forever, he could leave her there all night. He leaned over and bundled her into his arms. The maids were discreet, though their curiosity was palpable after all, it probably wasn’t every day Miss Mimi was brought home drunker than a wharf rat. Speculation was written over their faces, particularly when she dismissed them for the evening with an imperious wave of her hand while Summer carried her past them upstairs. Summer paused on the threshold of Mimi’s bedroom and looked around. One gas lamp was lit in the far corner where a large canopied bed reigned. A frilly dressing table and a brocade covered chaises were on the opposite wall, books lined the wall near the fireplace, with more stacked on the tables beside her bed.

"Welcome to the sanctuary," Mimi pronounced with a wide sweep of one arm. “Bet you never thought you’d see the inside of this room. ” she giggled and summer entered swiftly. The maids were downstairs but giggling from the bedroom was not something to risk bearing heard. “you may put me down over there. ” she gestured towards the laced covered bed. He walked slowly towards it, in no hurry to give up his unusually affectionate burden. “Maybe you should call your maid to -get you undressed, ” Summer Suggested.

Mimi laughed. “Oh, don’t worry about that. I’ve done it a hundred times. ” Summer deposited her gently on the covers.

“Probably wouldn’t take much to get out of that dress, anyway,” he murmured, rising. Mimi’s eyes fluttered as he let go and he watched her take a deep breath and stretch. She certainly was beautiful, he noted telling himself he was just being objective. He liked the dark sweep of her lashes against her flushed cheeks.

“You’ll probably be able to sleep whether you change clothes or not. ” Summer forced his gaze away and glanced around the room wondering if he should leave her there fully clothed and cloaked.

"Don’t be silly," Mimi said. “I’m not going to sleep in this.” she flung back the cape and her fingers fumbled with the clasp at her neck.

"Here," Summer said. “I can help you with that, anyway. ” Mimi pushed herself off the bed to a standing position in front of him. She swayed only slightly. Somehow Summer managed to unclasped the cloak. It slid off her bare shoulders to the floor, her emerald green somber eyes gazed up at him.

“Just a minute, ” she said, holding one finger aloft. Then she turned and walked with exaggerated precision, towards the door. When she reached it, she turned her face back to Summer. “You don’t mind, do you? ” she asked quietly. Without waiting for an answer, she pushed it slowly shut. The gentle click of the closing door was loud with innuendo. Mimi held his gaze steadily. The maids were gone. Janis had left them alone. Mimi was awake and without inhibitions, to his fevered senses, it was as if that discreetly closed door was permission of some sort. Summer took a breath to calm the sudden tingling in his veins. He cocked his head and smiled slightly.

“How does this keep happening, us ending up in some bedroom all alone?”

She smiled back. “I plan it. ” His sense thrummed with excitement possibility and not a little chagrin as if she read his mind and toyed with him. She moved back to the bed and sat on the edge.

“Why don’t you sit down, Angell Summer?”

“Mimi, this might not be the best time to tell you, ” He started desperately then stopped and laughed wryly looking up at the canopy’s fringe.

"Or maybe it’s the best time." He paused then sighed. “I’m going to have to go soon. I mean, leave this place It’s got nothing to do with you. It’s well, I got-”

“Summer. ” He looked down. Her graze remarkably lucid was trained on him.

“Would you kiss me Angell, the way you did that night on the train? ” He opened his mouth to reply but what could he say? No? It wasn’t right. The truth was that night on the train he’d felt safe taunting her, knowing she would never fall for an unknown person like himself. The truth was they were separated not by class, more than attitude, more than a few things that she could imagine but he couldn’t get the words out.

"Please," she said quietly, her eyes were dark and decidedly sultry. “Pretend you still have feelings for me. ” He expelled a breath and moved towards her taking one of her hands in his, he tried to explain.

“Mimi, my feelings-i can’t -You don’t completely understand. ”

“Then tell me, “She offered.

He wanted to, good heavens, how he wanted to but the explanations were too awful and he wouldn’t be able to stand seeing her turn away in disgust. Not now, that while she looked up at him with those liquid eyes not while she invited him to those perfect lips, that creamy skin...

"Ah fuck," He muttered and leaned forward to capture her mouth in his. He meant to keep it light, pure, but her hand curled around his neck and her lips opened under his. He hesitated just a second before his tongue dove into the sweetness of her mouth, finding her tongue and twining with it as she pulled him lower. He leaned closer and she lay back on the bed. He lay his arms on either side of her, her plaint body molded itself against his. Just another minute, he told himself, losing himself in her mouth and letting one hand run down her side, his thumb traced the underside of one breast. It was just too cruel to have in his hand something he knew he’d have to give up.

In an effort to stop the momentum of the kiss, Summer tore his lip away but the effect of seeing her, her hair tousled and coming undone, the shoulders of her gown draped low off her shoulders, the bodice barely covering the generous swell of her breasts was enough to undo him. He bent his head to her cheek then down her neck to the creamy expanse of skin. His tongue traced the edge of the bodice. Mimi’s finger twined in his hair. Her breath was rapid and so deep that it seemed her breasts strained up to meet his lips. He raised a hand and pulled the fabric down to reveal the tawny peak of one pale, perfect globe. His mouth closed over it. She let out a breath and her hands halted, holding his head to her breast.

“Oh,” she said with a sigh. He teased the nipple with his tongue. He would pleasure her, he thought through the thickening haze of desire in his head. He would show her that outlet of passion without ruining her but as her hands began to move again, his resolution faltered.

“Mimi,” he called out her name, hoping some semblance of sanity would retire with the word.

“I know,” she whispered. He rolled onto his side, and Mimi rolled to face him. Her hands found the buttons of his shirt and he felt the light fluttering motions of her fingers baring his chest. His hand cupped her breast and he placed a kiss on the corner of her mouth then moved his tongue along her jaw and down her neck. Soft intakes of breath rocked her and her fingers clutched his shirt his tongue teased her neck and his hand pushed down the other side of her gown, he rolled her onto her back and pushed the material to her waist, her pale breasts shone perfectly in the lamplight. He dipped his hand to taste of one taut nipple, his desire spiraling out of control. He ran one hand down her thigh and pulled her gown up almost ruthlessly. His fingers fumbled over her underclothes, finally pulling the pants down and cupping her buttocks to pull her closer at the same moment, her hand descended to the bulge of his pants.

He inhaled sharply. “Mimi,” he began.

“No,” she said. “Let me.”

As she stroked him through his pants, wave of decadent pleasure swept through him, threatening to undo all his resolve.

Pleasure her, he thought again. His hand found the soft nest of hair between her legs, and his fingers probed its recesses. She was hot, wet and pulsing. He searched for her pleasure point with one last hope that if she climaxed, he’d be able to stop himself from going the last step too far.

She thrust her hips up as his fingers drove inside of her. Soft, rhythmic sighs accompanied her movements and before he knew it, instincts took over. He rose over her and looked down at the wide mass of her hair spread on the pillow. Her body was bared to his gaze, the top of her gown pushed low and the bottom gathered at her waist. She looked at him with fevered eyes as he pulled down his pant, the size of his cock made Mimi shivered, he looked at her for permission. She sighed and nodded her head for approval. He pushed his cock inside her, feeling himself throb with every thrust. She licked her lips and arched her back as she moaned heavily in a sexy way making Angell to fuck her with passion, her nipples thrusting upward.He leaned forward and took one in his mouth. She moaned aloud. He moved his left hand to her mouth, conscious of the quiet house.

Take her, his mind, said to take her, she wants you. You can deny yourself everything, all you ever wanted, because of something that wasn’t even your fault. . . show her what you’re made of Angell Embrey Summer.

He looked down into her face, into the trusting eyes that gazed up at him with fervent, wholehearted desire, with every ounce of strength he possessed, he pulled back.

“There’s something you don’t know about me,” he whispered.

“I love you, Angell. Embrey. Summer” She whispered back, his mouth dropped open in shock.


“How did you know about my full name?” He spoke in shock.

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