Angell Summer

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-You'll surely pay for this-

Third person's POV

Mr. McCarthy curled one end of his mustache with two fingers. “I mean that I have a reason to believe Mimi has another admirer. One she might appreciate a little more than ‘poor Lucas, ’ as everyone seems compelled to call him. ” Despite herself, Mimi’s stomach fluttered. She edged closer to her father’s more direct. “What do you mean? ”

His eyes crinkled and he gave her a smile that was positively bedeviled. “who do you think I mean? ” Mimi expelled a breath. “Father, please don’t taunt me. ”

“Mimi,” her mother commanded, “if your father wants to taunt you, we must go along.” she turned back to him and inclined her head. “I think he means Mr. Inigo Alicanté. ”

Mimi felt her heart deflated. “Oh, Mr. Alicanté. Janis said the same thing. I hope you’re not right about that,” she said wearily, plopping with fatigue onto the sofa across from her father.

“Don’t be so quick to dismiss,” her mother archly . “he’s got a fortune according to Francesca Montenegro, and hotels all over the Netherlands, Italy, Mexico most especially and the United Kingdom, you know indigo is related to the great Alicante he is the brother to Valentino and Regina Alicante the Spanish billionaire. Why she’d be positively green with envy if you were to snare him. She had him in mind for little Talia. ”

“But mother, he’s a-”

“Now, ladies, ” her father said with a tolerant smile, the tips of his mustache curling upward towards shrewd eyes. “I did not refer to Mr. Inigo Alicanté who to be blunt, Frances is a buffoon of the first order. ”

Mimi tried to suppress a smile.
Her father continued, “would you be happier if I said I thought it was Mr. Angell Summer who admirers you, Mimi? ”

“Mr. Summer! ” her mother gasped. Mimi’s mirth disappeared and her eyes widened. She felt suddenly weightless and very aware of her disheveled appearance.

He laughed. “Ah. I can see you would.”

Mimi stammered, “B-but he’s Janis’s-”

“quite right!” her mother seconded.

“Janis can find another beau,” her father commented with a wave of his hand. ” she always does. Besides, it seems to take more to capture your heart than he does hers. Circumstances have led me to believe he’s found himself engaged to the wrong sister. ” Wide thoughts and turbulent emotions braided together in Mimi’s still-fogged brain. “he hasn’t said anything to you... ” she began dubiously.

“Not in words, no. But I know people, Mimi. And Mr. Summer’s a man who found himself on the wrong side of the fence, I can tell you. ”

Mimi’s glance jumped from one parent to the other; her mother’s expression was outraged, her father’s pleased .but she knew which one mattered most important question she’d steeled herself for the most important question she’d ever asked him. “And what-well how-what would you think of that ?” she stumbled, though she knew not where could it lead.

Summer had made it more than clear he intended to leave. “to be honest, I like the man, ” her father stated. “I’d have approved of him for Janis, but I’d be happier if he chooses you.

Mimi’s glance slid to her mother, elation and fear dancing in the corners of her heart. “well,” Mrs. McCarthy said in a tone that conveyed obvious displeasure, “he’s an interesting sort of fellow, I’ll give you that. But I’m not inclined to let him change his mind too quickly. After all, if he made a poor decision, to begin with, rushing into another engagement with Mimi isn’t likely to be any wiser. ”

“Absolutely Nonsense, ” Mr. McCarthy snapped. “it just took him a little longer to see Mimi’s worth beside Janis’s flash.”

Despite its back-handedness, the compliment brought a wave of emotion to Mimi’s chest. “Well, ” She said, issuing a nervous laugh. “Well. ” The strange events of the evening, not to mention the wine, all combined to make her insides quiver. Her father was virtually offering his approval of a match that had so far only existed in her head. Could possibly be right?

Did Summer want her after all? Would he stay if he knew he had her father’s approval? But even as they spoke, Mimi knew that in the other room, Summer was being blackmailed for something he would not share with her and that knowledge weighed heavily. He had wanted her out of the room was it because he considered the man dangerous? Did Valerian know who he is? What I didn’t know? Or was there something more, or something worse than killing his mom? is it Summers past that he did not want her to know about?

“Would he make you happy, Mimi? ” her father asked gently. Mimi turned to him, her eyes welling with unexpected tears. She swiped at them with impatient hands, she would never, she bowed, never to touch alcohol again.

“I think, ” she began, “I think. . .” But the words didn’t come. There was something wrong. Something terribly, terribly wrong. She knew the decision would not be hers to make.

“I’m gonna ruin you boy, ” Valerian sneered. “I got no interest in keepin’ you in this fancy life. And this ain’t no threat.

Summer slowed his breathing with an effort, leaned against the back of a chair and folded his arms over his chest. “Then why don’t you do it? Right now. What are you talking to me for? ”

Valerian shrugged and meandered toward the desk, several paces away. Opening the lid of the humidor he said, “Wanted to give you some warning shot, Summer. For old time sake. ” His grimy, gnarled fingers picked up a cigarette and held it to his nose.

“you’re living a good, Summer ” I wonder how you survived.

Angell unfolded his arms, strode to the desk and slammed the humidor shut with a sharp crack. “You want money, Valerian? Well, I don’t have any. I’m here on McCarthy’s money, and they don’t give a fuck what happens to me. ”

“I think that Miss McCarthy might give a dollar. And I bet she’s got a few of them, maybe I should be talking to her about how rich you are and how dirty your late mom was! ”

Angell's mouth went dry, with his jaw hard, his hand into a fist, "she wouldn’t believe you, Valerian, she knows I’m just a filthy pig they saw in a little dirty town." Valerian drew on his cigarette and squinted at him through the smoke. “No? ” he asked finally. “you don’t think she’d believe some desperado she picked up out of West got the filthy billionaire blood? Of course, I’ve been talking a lot of Summer.

"I know folks are wonderin’ where in tarnation you came from, who in hell you are. Even if she doesn’t, there are more than a few people out there’d believe your story."

“it’s not the story, it’s you nobody will believe."

" How about I tell ’em who your real father is? And who your late slut mother was? Hmm" This got Summer pissed off.

"I’ll just tell them that you lie, that you are a billionaires son? A son to a billionaire and a son to an English governess?" Valerian snorted.

The two looked at each other, Angell knew, mentally reliving the scene in the Sandoval household, when Valerian scant hours after Angelo was born, he came looking for Angell's mother he was supposed to kick Angell and his mother out of the house. But Angell's mother was beautiful and the opportunity to take advantage of her now that her circumstances had turned so drastically was too much for Valerian to resist. The ten years old Angell had entered the house to find Valerian and his mother on the kitchen floor Valerian on top of her, her body bloodied and broken, a kettle of boiling hot water was on the stove, Summer remembered filling the tiny room. Valerian looked up to see who entered, spotted the boy and rose violently towards him. Angell in his rage had hurled the scalding water in the man’s face, It was that had blinded his right eye. and burned the side of his lip. That’s when Angell had left running through the mud, only to keep running the rest of his life.

“you’ll pay me back for that, ” Angell said lowly. “You killed her- wasn’t that enough? ”

“No, you owe me, Summer” Valerian snorted.

“what did you want? ” why don’t you meet my father for it, he can pay you as much as you’ve requested, or you can go after my stepbrother. Angelo or my step-mom Fiona,

“No, I can’t, your dad wants me dead, after killing your mother and he’s looking for you”.

“All I want is Money” you give me something, you’ll make it good. “I’ll be back tomorrow -”

“No, ” Summer thought churned. “I can’t get any by tomorrow. Give me till Friday.”

“I’ll be waiting ” Valerian snorted and walked past him.

You’ll surely pay for what you did 'Valerian Bratts...'


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