Angell Summer

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-Mr......? Angell Summer-

Angell Summers P.O.V

She inquired. ‘Yes’

Though it only meant to rise as she passed and i guessed that it must have looked as if i were about to speak so i did.

Bianca’s ain’t the place to eat, I improvised realizing as I spoke the bumpkin accent I affected for so long sounded especially course in the harsh light of the lady’s refinement.

She moved not a muscle stood there looking at me with those fine sexy cool eyes. The man who always follow her around step closer to me to take a clear stare, what I considered unwarranted hostility.

I held up my hands in a kind of shrug and took one step backward.

I ain’t trying to be presumptuous, I pout out pulling the word out with mild triumph from some long unused lexicon in the back of my brain.

“I’m thinking your ladylike sensibility might be more affected if you spend the next three days in the privy.” i thought the words were true, I winced at my own crudeness as they emerged But I remained myself it wasn’t as if this conversation could go anywhere anyway as well play it up and see how much the lady could take.

Miss McCarthy’s face took on a mild look of disgust. “And where might you recommend we dine Mister--- ?”

“Angell”. I said and donned my hat pushing it under my arm I could still be polite.

Miss McCarthy covered her look of surprise at the mentioning of my name as soon as it appeared something most people didn’t even try to do and I was so impressed with my dark hair and white skin, most people laughed outright at the incongruous name.

I appreciate you’re not laughin’ at my name, ma’am .

Most people can’t resist it I reckon it’s my light colored eyes with my black hair One lady told me I looked downright demonic. I laughed . But she was a Slut so i don’t suppose her opinion matters much Neither she or the man appeared to have much to say to this so I masked an amused smile at their identical expressions.

I cleared my throat and repeated Anyways I’m Angell Summer, Angell at your service madam.

I held out my hand and the two of them looked at it with a grim smile I withdrew it and continued “LA ROTONDA across the street”

“What?” The Matthew pronounced.

“Suit yourself ” I said, my graze swept back to Miss McCarthy’s face my eyes taking in her flawless skin the clear eyes the light brown sheen of her hair Unexpected desire like a hunger roiled in my gut. “I reckon I was trying to help.” I took my hat from under my arm and placed it back on my head I started to turn away when she stopped me.

“Thank you Mr Angell” her voice held the first note of warmth I heard. I turned back Her slim white hand stretched towards me.

“I appreciate your intervention We will take your advice.”

An unaffected grin tugged at my mouth I took her hand in mine “Happy to oblige,” I murmured absorbing the softness of her skin.

With a nod and a sweet smile she turned and walked up the stairs followed by the pompous Matthew.

I couldn’t help but watch her go admiring the sway of her hips under the fine material of her pencil gown the precise set of her shoulders and the vulnerable curve of her neck where tendrils of her hair had escaped her wavy coil.

She was not the typical haughty belle, I reflected, bringing the fingers of the hand she’d touched towards my nose. Toulouse? Lilac. I folded my arms and sighed grazing after her. What would a man do, I wondered for God to bless him with a woman like that?

Third person POV

He’d been thinking bout her eyes that’s what and that cool distant stare He’d been thinking bout her long vulnerable neck and the arrogant confidence she had that her position would protect her from any passing ruffians. But she prove herself human and he’d ended up thinking Of her pearly skin and how soft that hair might feel if he were to plunge his fingers into it.

The fact is he reminded himself, a woman like that doesn’t eat, she dines, she doesn’t need a bed and a bath, she requires a room, She doesn’t rustle up some chow, she asks for a reputable establishment. He didn’t need a woman like that.

Angell seated himself at a table toward the back of the room close to the door so that if Mimi McCarthy comes he will see her with her noticing him He wanted to watch her for a while, he told himself, let himself imagine talking to her as equal, like the little the man who followed her around.

He wondered if the two of them where engaged they were brother and sister, he thought though they didn’t look at all alike. Miss McCarthy was all spun gold and alabaster white, The little Matthew had flat gray eyes, dirt brown hair and a brown expression. Not a laugh line on his face.

Angell opened the big book he had brought and scanned the cover page.

“Hi there, Angell” a feminine voice cooed.

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