Angell Summer

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Truths- need to be- Told -

Mimi’s POV

I’ve heard that name countless times as I was growing up and never in anything but the most hostile terms. Magnus McKinney Scourge of the south My father would never reveal the whole story, it didn’t warrant the credence of repetition he’d always say- but I’ve gotten a gist of it from bits and pieces he’d drop when he was on a rampage with the memory of it.

Apparently, Magnus McKinney had repeatedly slandered my father in the newspaper in the years before the world war and also the great experiment came to an end after Savannah and the rest of Georgia became a Royal Colony in 1754. Entrepreneurs and slaves were brought into the struggling colony, and Savannah Sandoval Davincii was made the governor of Georgia , It had been mild at first, for him to accuse my father of being part of Human trafficking, when he sells slaves, and he is stealing money from the Overseers Georgia and Dallas residents, but then when his plan failed, he came back to apologize to my dad for it.

Magnus McKinney, he and his big fat wife entered the room like British people with the tall lanky Archersons trailing the ugly beast is even wearing a smile that doesn’t even suit his fucking fat face with his blade head. Fucking McKinney’s.

“Well, well, well, ” he boomed as he entered the sitting room, “so these are your daughters, eh, Eros McCarthy? ”

“Miracle, and Janis, ” my dad said without enthusiasm, “this is Mr. McKinney and his wife from the southern part of Atlanta Georgia.”

“How do you do?” I spat. Moving swiftly to them.

“please, excuse my sister from rising. She had a bit of a headache. ”

“Hello, how do you do? ” Janis called from the chair with a wave. My mother moved Quietly to Janis’s side with a tight frown. I greeted the Archerson’s, allowed Lucas to Kiss the air over my hand and tried to keep my eyes from straying to the front door. He has left, I couldn’t help thinking Summer’s gone, you’ll never see him again and it serves you right.

“Lovely just lovely, Eros, ” McKinney said, eyeing me first and then Janis, but directing his words to my father. “Married either of them off yet? ”

"mother, I’ll be fine, ” Janis Whispered loudly in obvious irritation. “Leave me alone. ”

McKinney smacked his lips together and let his eyes trail my figure. “Shouldn’t you marry her off before she passes childbearing years. ” My mouth dropped open and I looked at him anew- the old hag, I thought with distaste how I despised being talked about like a magnetic piece of doggies. On the heels of McKinney’s tasteless remark about me and my sister, my father introduced Matthew and somehow got everyone settled with drinks and conversation. I couldn’t just sit here and let Summer disappear forever I have to find him. I groaned which made all eyes turned to me. I opened my mouth to speak when the front door swung open.

“Ah here’s our last guest now,” my father said, strolling from the door with the first genuine smile of the evening on his face.

“Let me apologize on his behalf for his tardiness, he had an important errand to run for which he begged to be excused in advance.” I turned anxiously to the door my heart in my stomach. Summer entered the room large and breathtakingly handsome exuding the night cold like an aura of power, his hair was ruffled and his pale eyes stood out starkly against wind-stroked cheeks as he surveyed the company. I dropped to my seat in relief while the rest of the company rose with his entrance I sat still on the bench letting my eyes drink in the sight of him. I was vaguely aware of the dumb smile spreading across my face.

He was here, my mind rejoices He hadn’t left and if he had left perhaps that meant he intended to stay Suddenly all my worries about the future, my father, the lies we had to undo or live with-all paled beside my profound relief at his return I would make him stay.

“Good evening, ” he said with a short bow. “I’m Sorry to be so late I had something I needed to do.” he turned back to my father “Thank you for your help, Sir. ” I watched as my father smile and clap him on the back with one hand. “No trouble, Let me introduce you to our guests Summer.”

Summer turned back to the crowd nodding a greeting to Matthew and bowing his acquaintance to Archerson’s, but when his eyes lit on Mr. McKinney he froze, the movement was so abrupt it drew the attention of the guests and McKinney lifted his eyebrows with an injured air. my father noticed the strange reaction but he ignored it pulling Summer forward with a subtle yet insistent hand and proceeding with the introduction. My graze lifted from Summer to McKinney who stood with his portly stomach thrust outward and made a shrewd look in his eyes.

“Magnus McKinney, Angell Summer,” my father said. “I believe you two might know each other You’re from the same part of the country. You did say you grew up on the part of southern Georgia didn’t you Summer? ”

Summer cautiously extended his hand. “That’s right,” he said lively holding McKinney’s graze.

Mr. McKinney started to proffer his hand then hesitated. “Angell...” he said speculatively his extended hand clasped into a fist and withdrew. “Angell Summer, is it? ” McKinney eyes narrowed all but disappearing in his rotund face. “From Excellency Sandoval’s Davincii White House? ”

from the Excellency white house? I thought.

“That’s right,” he said again in that same cautiously blank tone. Something was happening I thought as I watch McKinney’s face grow redder as it had been when he came in because of the cold.

“is this kind of a joke, Eros? ” he asked in a hard voice looking like a market pig as I’ve pictured him all these years with each passing moment.

“I don’t know what you mean Magnus, ” my father said mildly But he didn’t sound surprised at all and he didn’t look away.

“I mean,” McKinney replied all traces of civility gone from his tone.

“Magnus,” Mrs. McKinney grasped.

McKinney turned to her and I saw the anger in his face full force. “Don’t you know who this is, Agatha? ” he roared.

“This is that kid from the White House ranch, the one who runs off trying to kill the colonel” Mrs. McKinney grasped again and brought a plump hand to her breast. “the poor man who lost his eye?” He turned his livid face back to my dad.

“What the hell are you trying to pull, Eros? Is this some sick evolution of a damned abolitionists leanings? Is this your idea of revenge? ”

“Mr. McKinney,” my mother stated imperiously, “I’ll like you to watch your language in my house,” she warned.

“Mr. McKinney! ” I called. “What on earth are you talking about? Mr summer is our guest and no disrespect shall be tolerated from anyone least of all, you.” I glanced anxiously at my father who observed the scene as if he’d choreographed it himself, a strangely smug look on his face.

“Father, have you nothing to say? ” I demanded my voice rising. “This man’s manner is reprehensible! ”

“It’s all right Mimi, ” Summer said quietly. “Let him finish his nonsense.”

“Watch your mouth young lady, this man whom you’re siding is a bad person,” McKinney said with his finger pointing to me.

“You better shut your mouth Magnus McKinney the man you claimed that I tried to kill raped and killed my mother in my damn fucking present and what do you expect me to do? Watch him?” Angell yelled out in frustration. We were all shocked at the brutishness of Angell’s tone with wide eyes.

“Killed your mother?” McKinney spat with a disgusted face. “You Lie”

“I lie? ” Angell repeated in acrimony.

“My name is not really Summer my name is Angell Fairchild and the woman Who the so-called Colonel Valerian Bratts Killed was the Governess of England and also southern Georgia, my mother Oceangela Fairchild.” I watch as Angell’s face got redder and angrier.

“And you stand in my face to call me names, I ran away not because I almost killed a man but because Bratts took my mother’s life and my father-” He paused, I watch as McKinney’s faces knock with surprise and fears, I can’t believe this.

“I can’t believe this”, my mother said, Oceangela Fairchild the governess? ”

“Yes, Mrs. McCarthy! ” his voice die down slowly with tears running down his face.

“I’m not just a ranch boy or a middle-class person as your society calls it, I am Angell Davincii but due to my father abandoning me because of his new wife Fiona who bore him a male child I knew then that I’ve no life in the South, I ran away at ten years old and shipped my self along to Queens-town Missouri. So I changed my name to Angell Summer because I remember my mom talking about giving the name summer to my unborn baby brother ” he pouts.

“What do you mean by unborn baby brother? ” Mrs. McKinney grasped.

“My mom was pregnant when Bratts raped and killed her.”

“Oh, my Goodness lord in heaven” Mrs. Archerson grasped.

“I knew Oceangela Fairchild !” finally my mom interrupted. All eyes moved from the crying Angell to My mother.

“We where friends back then she was the one who thought Mimi a few English languages she was an English governess I was shocked when she was proclaimed dead in the kitchen I never knew she was your mother, Angell, now I see the resemblance in you, her blue ocean eyes, I never knew you where that kid she called ‘Angel with one L’, my mom burst into tears. ” A thump sounded behind us and all heads turned to see Mrs. Archerson slumped on the floor in a faint. Mr. Archerson knelt swiftly beside his wife fanning her weakly with his handkerchief as my mom swiftly to the bell pull.

"Jesus! He’s the son to the governor? ” I heard as Lucas and Matthew grasped. I was just dumbfounded.

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