Angell Summer

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-if you want him, you best go get him-

Mimi’s POV

Magnus wandered back towards the window muttering, “Oh, dear lord, oh dear me ” I glanced at Janis and Matthew behind me and they share equally stunning looks before I turned back to Angell for some reason I could not seem to draw a complete breath.

“Angell? ” I managed to call over the lump in my throat why didn’t he say anything. Angell looked around the room his eyes empty with tears. “I should leave now, ” he said as simply as if the weather had just turned inclement.

“I’m glad that you finally told everyone, Angell.” my father said with a smile to his face.

“You knew? ” my mom questioned him as everyone turned to his direction “Yes,” he told me everything a day before the party at the Archerson’s.

“and I can’t believe that I called a governor son a poor street rat! ” Matthew whispered, but it was loud for everyone to hear.

“That was the secret Valerian was blackmailing him for?” I whispered to myself.

“I’m sorry I lied to everyone for so long, my apologies, I reckon I must live now.” My heart thundered and I glanced quickly at my mother who knelt next to Mrs. Archerson slapping her wrist She was not looking at me. My eyes slid to Janis who held a corner of the afghan in both fists under her chin behind her Matthew stood holding Janis’s shoulders as if she might drop over if he let go. Angell turned to me the strangely pale depths of his eyes unutterably sad, ′Do you see now?′ He had asked me that day after Valerian Bratts had left. ′Do you see that I’m not good for you?′

“And Ms. Miracle McCarthy I’m sorry,” he said quietly his chin raising fractionally with what vestige of pride he had left. “I apologize to you most of all I never meant it to be a lie and thank you, Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy, and also to you Janis and Matthew and nodded to Lucas.

I opened my mouth to speak but nothing emerged he turned and moved to the door. “Where are you going?” I blurted taking two steps forward then stopping as he turned on me, his eyes hard.

“I’m going to get my things, ” he said, “Goodbye My lady,” he added. I stood still as he left the room my feet planted to the floor desperation rang like a bell in my chest. Move you fool, my mind screamed. I have been so weak all my life I thought suddenly, now when the action was required I was powerless to provide it? I had to stop him, me and me alone. I turned to look at every one. My father turned to me and smiled slightly “If you want him, my dear, you’d best go get him.” I gaped at the moment my dad knew and he wanted me to stop him, gratitude swelled in my heart and I beamed at him, tears in my eyes.

“Thank you, ” I whispered then gathered up my skirts and raced for the door.

Third person POV

As she exited the room and rounded the corner to the stairs she heard Janis’s voice rose behind her to announce to the stunned group, “Father, I want Matthew. Can I have him? ”

“You want Matthew? ” he raised an eyebrow at her,

“Yes Father, I love Matthew can I get married to him? ” all eyes went from imaginary depth to Janis’s face.

Matthew was blushing red, “You love Matthew and want to get married to him why?” her mother asked with confusion glued to her face.

“Yes Mrs. McCarthy, I love Janis I don’t know if you can approve of our marriage? ” he spouts out boldly.

“Yes, you may go on,” Mr. McCarthy snapped at Mrs. McCarthy for a reply. Mrs. McCarthy was just looking at them bluntly. “I give you two my blesses but this is simply enough drama for today,” Mrs. McCarthy sighed in surrender as Janis face changes from a smile to a cry- frown face.

“Thank you, Mother and father, but that’s not all.” she gradually stood up from the chair with the help of Matthew.

“Oh, my Goodness...” everyone in the room yelled in surprise shock. “who did this to you? ” Mrs. McCarthy questioned with her eyes in shock. Everyone was just surprised.

“It’s me, Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy I’m sorry but we’re having our child less than 3 weeks.

“What?” Mr. McCarthy giggles between words.

“I’m going to be a grandpa?” he added, with a smile out of unison.

“You won’t stop to amaze me, Janis dear.” Mrs. McCarthy pouts out of unison. Everyone was just dumbfolded in the scenero that has been happening for over half the day.

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