Angell Summer

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-Summer or Fairchild?-

Angell’s POV

I looked around the room and threw out my hands in disgust, not a thing where I could call my own my guns and the clothing I’d worn when Mimi and Matthew had sprung me from jail was in a bag at the bottom of the bed I supposed I could put them on but why add insult to injury leaving the McCarthy’s house looking like a cow-puke it wouldn’t do any of them any favors, hell I probably wouldn’t even be able to get a cab.

I glanced at myself in the mirrors on the moire door. “Angell Summer -Angell Davincii -Angell Fairchild - the stupid son to the governor. I felt suspended for a moment as I looked at the reflection, the vision of what I might have been assuming Bratts didn’t kill my mother a vision of what never was.

Abruptly, I moved to the moire and took the bag from the door of it, I supposed I should wait until the assembled company departed before I leave even though I wanted more than anything else to leave this house, to leave those drawing rooms people and all they presented there was no sense in giving them another opportunity to humiliate me wrong. On an impulse, I tossed the bag onto the bed and dug through the clothes between the pull of my gun. No secret was safe forever I scoffed to myself. Blindsided again and not just by the good for nothing McKinney’s.

I closed my eyes and again saw Mimi’s silent face-the disbelief and confusion it was only a matter of time before it became foolish. I shook my head to clear it despite the ugliness there was some relief in coming clean I told myself especially to the McCarthy’s keeping the secret to myself had become more than I could stand.

The man had been surprised but not shocked when I had shown up at his office that afternoon apparently, he’d suspected something was amiss, though he’d obviously imagine nothing like what I had revealed after I told him about my past and assured him that Mimi knew nothing - except that I was a penniless nobody which was not true-Eros McCarthy wasted no time getting to the crux of the matter.

I smiled to myself as I remembered McCarthy’s face when he’d refused to disclose the whole plot, he could only make his own confessions, he’d said, though he’d added that Janis might help him fill in the rest of the story. Mr. Eros McCarthy was astonishingly nonjudgmental I marveled again he wasn’t pleased that was clear, but he’d seemed to understand plus he’d helped get rid of Valerian Bratts and for that, I would be forever grateful. I could still see Bratt’s face as he disappeared with the officers, his shock at being confronted by Eros McCarthy himself evident in his battered expression blackmailing me was not only illegal, it was no longer an option and the news was obviously devastating. After that, McCarthy had actually asked me-at least show up for dinner that it is what he wanted in return for his help and though I had been desperate to leave right away without ever having to face Mimi and tell her the truth of my past. Perhaps McCarthy had wanted the truth exposed to Mimi perhaps he suspected she had feelings for me too.

I closed my eyes again and tried not to think about how she’d looked just two nights ago, her hair loosed and her eyes heavy with desire.

I want you to make love to me and then I want you to stay with me.

I whipped the gun up from an imaginary holster and leveled it at my reflection in the mirror the liar stared back at me impassively Slowly, I squeezed the trigger the hammer falling on an empty chamber.

“Bang,” I whispered to my hard eyes in the mirror.

Someone tapped on the door. I straighten and stare at it after a second, I tossed the gun into my bag strode resolutely to the door and opened it. Mimi stood there her face a study in composure, she glided hair gleamed in the light from the hall lamp subtly perfect She was a living artwork.

“Miracle McCarthy,” I said wryly stepping back to widen the opening.

“I don’t suppose you’ll come to help me with my luggage.” I attempted to ignore the wrench of my heart at the sight of her, I moved towards the bed She had come to reprimand me or to tell me what a stupid thing I did, scoundrel I was to have deceived them all so.

She watches me carefully as I closed the door behind her. “No.” I scoffed and snatched my bag. “well, are you here to point out further flaws in my character namely dishonesty and stupidity,” I said, “You missed your chance the news came out I’m no longer in your employ and I’m bettering myself.” I bowed slightly my teeth gritted against emotional roller-coaster that I thought overwhelmed me I know that you think highly of me now, “The governor and governess son” I’m none of those things I’m me, I’m Angell Summer or Angell Fairchild.

“I didn’t come to point out flaws in your character,” She said slowly.

My mouth twisted. “To slap my face then? “Tell me Mimi which was more horrifying to discover you kissed someone who almost kills someone or someone who lied from the start? What is it, Mimi? Or is it humiliation that fears you the most?” for a moment I held my grazes looked as I fought the urge to kiss her to join my lips with hers and compel the impassioned response I’d gotten before.

“I didn’t come to slap you either,” she said quietly with great deliberation.

“No? ” I growled letting go of her and backing away she leaned back against the door. “No, I suppose you wouldn’t, You wouldn’t allow yourself to lose control would you? not even in anger, Well don’t worry Miss McCarthy I won’t upset you any longer I’m leaving You can marry Lucas Archerson for all I care a man of breeding and stature who’ll make you think of anything outside of your own ordered existence. ”

Indignation sparked In her eyes. “I’m not going to marry Lucas,” she said evenly. “And despite your low opinion, I have no trouble thinking of things beyond my very own existence.”

“You know what? ” I said barely absorbing her words through anger. “I don’t give a damn what you think, you or anyone else for that matter.” I laughed to myself and grabbed my bag from the floor.

“All this time I’ve been so damned afraid of what everyone thought of me and my unfortunate part of my mother and father... Blah blah blah Don’t worry about me being a son to a man who couldn’t revenge his wife or look for his son.”

“Mimi you didn’t kiss a liar, you kissed me, me Angell Summer or Angell Fairchild anyone you chose to call me.” Her breathing was rapid as if anger dwelt just beneath the surface of those somber eyes.

“I just need to know the truth Summer and my father just told me all about you,” she said.

We both exchanged a long look. Finally my voice low and raw, I said “And I thought you’d just come to see me off. ”

She swallowed and glanced down at her hands. “What is it? ”Talk to me dammit, I muttered and demanded. She raised her head slowly and meet my eyes she had reached a conclusion I could see it in the set of her jaw in the delicate cords of her neck.

Apprehension filled me. “I know why I kissed you,” she said her voice stronger than I anticipated she looked at me with the flinty eyes of her father, my heart hammered in my chest.

Silence quivered between us. “I kissed you, Angell Summer, ” she said firmly, “Because I am in love with you. ” I felt the ground dip beneath my feet.

she continued. “And I came up here tonight . . .” she paused her eyes suddenly uncertain, then she swallowed and raised her chin “I came up here because father told me if I want you I’d best go get you, So I came up here,” she swallowed again, “To ask you to marry me.” My mouth dropped open, my bag slid down from my nerveless fingers.

“What? ” the word was a whisper.

She took a step towards me and stopped her gaze steadily. “Angell Summer, will you-” I stopped her before she could complete her speech. I knee in front of her with one kneel down and one up. “Miracle McCarthy, will you Marry me and become Miracle Summer? ”

Her eyes glitter with excitement and amusement..... She was grinning at me like a pervert, I must say. “Yes-yes-yes- yes- Angell, I’ll marry you and become Miracle Fairchild. ”

I was hooked up in Awe. “Miracle Fairchild? Do you want to bear my mother’s last name?”

“Yes Angell and for the Summer will let your mothers dreams come true by giving our first child Summer.” I don’t know what I feel, but I’m so happy right now.

“I love you, Mimi, very much! ”

“I love you too Angell,! ”

THE END!!!!!!

Epilogue!! Epilogue!! Epilogue!!

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