Angell Summer

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Janis gave birth to a baby girl they named her Bertha Flynn, Mimi just found out that she has been pregnant for 2 weeks now after the simple marriage ceremony they had in the Davincii vineyard, if not for the argument with Angell and his father, the wedding ceremony would have been a very big grand ceremony with about thousand of person, ministers, Duchess’s, Duke’s, Colonels e.t.c they would have been willing to attend the ceremony of the governor son, but Angell said that he wants a simple ceremony for just the family and a few friends.

Savanna Sandoval Davincii apologizes to Angell after so many years and he also found out that William was not his son but the son of Valerian Bratts, he divorced Fiona and he vows never to get married again and also give Oceangela a benefiting burial.

Angell forgives his father but denial him access to his life completely he vowed never to bear his father’s name or left alone let his wife and his unborn children bear the name “Davincii ” which his father agreed with.

Eros McCarthy and his wife were given a great position in society by the ministers because of Sandoval Davincii, Angell’s father.

Lucas traveled to China to keep up with his researches and exploration and Bella the lady from queen's town went along with him after they both started catching feelings for each other with the help of Angell, and they never knew that she had an interest in antiques.

Magnus McKinney was moved to exile, he and his wife for high treason.

“Angell?” Matthew called, “You need to put the fear of God into my little girl Bertha, she’s so much like you,” He said.

“Then I guess Bertha ought not to scare the pants off your waist like her mother always did because I know that it is a good thing that Bertha did inherit your polished behavior,” Angell said dryly with a short laugh.

“That child doesn’t fear mere mortals, not even her grandpa Eros and grandma Kathryn.”

“Just because she walks all over you Matthew that doesn’t mean you can discipline Bertha the way you always did with her mother back then, because if you do, she’s so gonna get the whole family in trouble the way Janis did, or are you willing to go to Missouri to get her a husband when the time comes?” , Mimi said from behind them with a grimacing smile.

“Good heaven I can’t help it, if she acts like her mother I will surely be ruin for life so I prefer she will choose sir Eros calm and Angells obedient,” Matthew said.

“She’s the sweetest of them all. ” Angell added moving his right hand to Mimi’s rib cage to caress the side of her breast. “There’s something about a mean brown headed lady that I can’t resist.” Mimi pressed her lips together “Which one?”

Matthew got up and walked away from the two lovers to meet Janis who was busy seating on the other side of the garden and knitting little sweaters.

From behind her, Angell looked at the side of Matthew who walks down to the garden balcony where Janis was sitting busy knitting a blouse for the little Flynn.

“There ain’t any beautiful lady in Queens-town except Bella, ” he said with a wink.

“Be careful Angell,” Mimi said with a smirk. “This beautiful brown-headed wife of mine can be really fuzzy sometimes.”

He laughed. “I’ve seen this beautiful brown headed lady gets angry countless times already. ” She raised the gun that was in her hand and closed her eyes while Angell continued to explore her body with one hand holding her tightly around them with others. “Stop it, ” she said without much conviction.

“You’re distracting me. ” Mimi warns.

“You’re so damn tense, relax into it let me help you.” he traced the other side of her breast and from the back, he slid his hand to the front as he caressed her already hard fixed nipples with his thumb.”

Mimi melted against him, her arms lowering slowly as her eyes closed. “Oh, who cares about learning how to shoot guns? I want something else, ” she scoffed as he pulled her and straightened her up tightly against him, her bare back touching his bare chest, his face next to hers, he said “Line up sights. let your body relax Mimi, they might see us from the house, let your body relax, but keep your focus on my one spot. ”

She exhaled slowly. They both exhaled, slowly. “pick your moment,” he said, “and. . . .” His right hand left her breast and his arm around her as he squeezed the trigger Once, twice, thrice. The sound reverberated off the hills The smoke cleared and only one can remain stand.

“How did you do that? ” Mimi demanded. “You Forex three times with one hand on my breast and the other holding my hand to the gun and you fired three times and hit 5 cans!”

“Magically, you are my Abracadabra. ”

“You won’t stop to amuse me, Angell, ” she said turning her arms and looking up at him, her eyes narrowed.

“And I still have many amusement plans for you, Mimi,” he said his lips curving at the devilment on his face.

“And my father expects great things of you Angell, great amusement’s and you can’t let him down. ”

Mimi closed her eyes and rubbed her temple against his cheek. “Hmm, You know what else my father wants from us? ”

Angell reveled in the feel of her arms around him, her free hand uninhibitedly exploring his back. “What’s that? ”

She turned her head into his neck and kissed him near his collarbone. “He wants grandchild from us too, he wants, little Angell and little Mimi. ”

He raised his eyebrows. “Like seriously? ”

“I think so. ” He leaned down and captured her lips in his, his eyes open their grazes met and smiled with the kiss.

“Then come with your husband Mrs. Miracle Fairchild,” he said kissing her hungrily in a soft way,“let’s go add another child to the one inside of you since father said he wanted little Angell and little miracle and you are really a miracle to me Mimi you and everyone else is really a miracle to my life.”

“Let’s go home to our room and continue the amusement that I have for you in an enjoyable location meant for our love. ”

As he carried Mimi in a bridal style planting numerous kisses to her face, Matthew and Janis were just smiling menacingly at both of them. “Go, Mr. and Mrs. Fairchild, ” Janis yelled with her hands up from waving, as Angell and Mimi’s approaches were they were sitting.

Let’s go make Babies my love, you’re my Racing Heart ♥

THE END......?

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