Angell Summer

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-Characters Interview-

So before we start, we need to thank the Author of this book ♥, thank you, Miss Bruce!!

1.) Miracle McCarthy, what made you choose Angell to be the fake husband to Janis? Was he the only Guy you saw??

Well, I must confess I saw a lot of guys, but when I saw Angell, he was one hot and sexy being, I adore him at first when I laid my eyes on him. *Smile*

2.) Angell, someone asked me to ask you the reason that made you so handsome? And also, do you have a nickname that your mother calls you when she was alive?

I'm feeling sad for making me think about my mother, but it's ok, she does call me Tintin.

*blushing* Well I don’t know but I think that answer needs to be directed to my mom and dad.

3.) Janis, what was your first impression when you first saw Angell?

That’s a crazy question but I still got to answer, the second I saw Angell my heart skips 3-4-5 he was roughly hot he looks so handsome, he-he was sooooooo-” ugh- I rest my case,

Lol, that’s funny Miss Janis...

4.) Mr. Eros McCarthy, why do trust Angell so much, to the extent of helping him get rid of Bratts?

I’ve been there to ya’know, I understand what is like to have a secret of being there when your mom died, I like him, he’s a good kid, he’s honest, truthful, talk about good deeds he’s that kind of person.

5.) Matthew, why did you not admit to Mimi that you got Janis pregnant?

I wanted to, but I saw that I cannot be able to explain to the society what love was, I was scared cos Mimi trusted me so much, the whole McCarthy family does.

6.) Mrs. Oceangela Fairchild, why did you not tell Davincii that Bratts is stalking you?

Well, I did, but he was too busy cheating and Bratts threatened to kill my boy, Angell.

7.) Mr. Sandoval Davincii, why didn’t you care for you boy?

I was too busy with my work, and I’m sorry for that.

8.) Bratts why were you stalking Mrs Fairchild and her son?

I loved her first, but she decided to go for the governor, I was so filled with jealousy, that’s why.

9.) Mr. McKinney, why did you do bad things to Mr. McCarthy?

He, was so good with his works, he’s a brave man, and I was jealous of that bravery.

10.) Miss Bruce, what gave you inspirations to write this book?

Well, *smile * I was inspired by my boyfriend, he was so much like Angell, and My friends and family, my readers, they all inspired me too, and I wanna thank all my readers may God bless you all.

thank you all.........................(kindly drop your review about this book, thank you)

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