Angell Summer

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-She's ain't his wife, Honey-

Third person’s POV

He looked up from the book and saw Bella Reid towards him, the end of a bright green neck wrap around her shoulder, the green eye Ella had been trying to get him to like her but even before miss McCarthy had shown up and spoiled his appetite for common things, he’d been resisting the easy route of paying for satisfaction he’d even considered seeking out some nice young thing and courting her though of course, he’d never marry. No, that wouldn’t be fair. Not to any woman.

“Hey, Bella” or should I say, Ella. he questioned. What’s up this beautiful evening? Her rouged lips curved upwards displaying a sensuality belied by the child-like gleam in her green eyes

Well, you know I’m always on a slow boil for you Summer she purred. Well hmm, I rather call you Angell, she settled one hip on his table and caressed the bare skin above her low cut bodice. He felt his own lips bend in return She’s was comely no doubt about it, “Well am sure am hungry” he drawled, when a sudden hush filled the room, There is sudden uncertainty and obvious trepidation stood miss McCarthy her hair pinned on the top of her head her sleek figure clad in a silk blue gown. His impulse was to get up and go to her try to ease the worried line of her brow but when she caught sight of him she averted her eyes stung, he leaned back in his chair.

“Who’s that?” Bella asked with her young mouth agape. She sure ain’t from around here. Angell chewed the inside of his lip and studied her. Nope She sure ain’t.

The young man who also follows Miss McCarthy around “Matthew” hadn’t noticed him but it wouldn’t have mattered if he had. There would have been no acknowledgment, Angell knew.

Bella sweetheart, get me a vodka will ya? He asked with his eyes not leaving the smooth passage Miss McCarthy made from door to table A host of sorts had materialized from behind the bar and seated them at the best table in the house, the noise in the room worked its way back up to. Angell didn’t know why he cared about Miss McCarthy’s rejection. Hell yeah, he’d asked for it. It was that he’d almost convinced himself she was created from better stuff than the usual eyebrow. Why he wasn’t sure, she was beautiful it was true But there was something else something in her own looks Something that drew him like a witch’s Long lost fatso spell.

Bella returned with his Vodka and he slammed it back in one swig. He ordered another along with whatever today’s special happened to me and continued to watch Miss McCarthy and the so-called Matthew.

Miss McCarthy spread her napkin on her lap and said something low to her companion As he spoke her eyes trailed around the room taking in motley crew at the bar and the vociferous poker game in the corner. One of the boys at the bar graced her with a yellow-toothed leer and a one batched eye then she blanched and stared at her hands in her lap.

Summer wished she’d relax show some curiosity instead of that prudish fear of the unwashed. The man was happy to still have teeth and one not-so-good eye to show off at every opportunity But her mouth formed a thin line and the stealthy travel of her eyes undermined her pretty face.

As Mister Matthew bent toward her and spoke, Angell was sure that the little jackasses were filling her head with all the evils represented by the collection of men in LA ROTONDA this evening.

He was guaranteeing some sort of calamitous molestation unless she stuck right close to him It was a trick he’d seen done a dozen times by men with unmarried ladies they want to keep.

It was what he’d be doing right now if he were sitting with her. His meal arrived and he looked down in dismay to see that he’d ordered oatmeal, He glanced up at Bella and caught her in an ungracious smirk.

“That’ll teach ya to pay more attention,” she said with a flip of her bouncy blonde hair.

" where’s the vodka?”

She pouted. “keep ya pant on, I’ll get it.” She flopped off again.

Angell sighed and serve a spoonful of oatmeal in a grimace, This is stupid he thought again Sitting here like a love-starved puppy while the grand dame of aristocracy sat not five yards away wishing he would disappear. He serves up another spoonful and chewed it before he noticed it taste like wheat flour then He pushed the plate away.

Bella returned with his drink and leaned against his table pulling one leg up unto it to expose a fishnet line of the calf.

What ya say, Summer? I got a free couple hours tonight and you know I had my eye on you for a while now. She leaned forward and Angell noted a light sprinkling of freckles across her chest above the swell of her breasts.

Instead of answering, he took a sip of vodka determined to nurse his one He wasn’t making near enough money to start squandering it on liquor.

Settling down the drinks. he studied her, you’re a right fine looking lady Bella. He pushed this thumbs into the pocket of his vest and leaned back. “Whatever made you turn to such a life as this one?”

Confusion floated in her green eyes. “what’s wrong with my life?”

Angell shrugged, I don’t know, why don’t you find some nice guy and settle down instead of selling that beautiful body of yours?

her face cleared and she pushed one end of her wrap around her shoulder. why Mr. Angell Summer, she wrapped a slim arm around his neck. “You are offering, sweetheart?”

He settled his big hands on her tiny waist and attempted to push her from her perch “No I wasn’t talking about me pumpkin.” But damn her young body was warm and nice right here for the taking. I ain’t worth marrying, take a word for it Ella I was talking about some nice guy a little closer to your own age.

He glanced around the room in search of someone who might fit the description But it was clear why a pretty young thing like Bella had turned to the life she had, None of the men in the room could provide her with the living she earned herself - with the possible exception of the not so little Matthew.

Angell’s eyes narrowed and he felt the devil take hold of his soul He looked sideways at Ella. “take that young gent over there.” He nodded his head in Miss McCarthy’s direction. ” I heard him talking earlier today about some green eye he saw - well, you know how men talk”

Ella followed his gaze and took in the fancy clothes, the well-stocked table and the obvious manners of the man in question. "Him?" She pointed and wrinkled her nose.

“Why he’s sitting there with his wife You don’t expect me to go flirting on him now, do you?”

she’s ain’t his wife, Honey’ I talked to them earlier today and she’s his sister.

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