Angell Summer

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-Damsel in Distress!-

Third person’s POV

Now, Bella rose if only to get a better view. “And I’ll tell you something else, I bet if you go on over there right now and start batting them pretty green of yours you’d have him in the palm of your hand before dessert and at the very least, a man like that’s gotta have a right big purse. He’s kinda cute she mused teasing her own cheek now with the tip of the wrap. She licked her lips. That little jackass wouldn’t know what to do with a woman like Bella Reid, Angell thought but at least she might keep him busy a minute or two He wouldn’t mind taking a minute with Miss McCarthy getting the ridiculous idea out of his head that she was any different than the rest of her class and if he was wrong she’d invite him to set a spell on her some time spent with a beautiful woman wouldn’t do his self-esteem any harm.

“Go on” he encouraged her if he gives you hard time just come on back here and I’ll buy you a drink, how’s that? Bella turned back with a sly smile. “What’s in it for you?” She asked.

“Well,” he hedged. I wouldn’t mind getting a word in edgewise with the lady given the chance.

Bella laughed and pinched his cheek. My, but you do like to set your sight high you don’t quite seem her type, Angell. He snorted a laugh, that was the understatement of the century then she looked at him with something like compassion all right but I’m only doing it for you, she said flashing him that pretty grin slick and you’ll have a chance With that, she stood and began a slow movement -Bella Reid towards their table.

Angell watched her, the closer Bella got the harder time the not so little Matthew had to ignore her It was obvious he knew she was coming she was right in his line of vision and it was as obvious that he where flattered by her perusal because his color was as high as the stars and stripes and his eyes looked everywhere but her direction. When she was close enough, Bella leaned her provocative hip on the table, her back to Miss McCarthy and bent towards him.

Angell couldn’t hear what she said but he knew it must be good shots from the way, Matthews complexion took on an almost apoplectic hue and Miss McCarthy said something, no doubt some objection so polite Bella couldn’t recognize it and Bella threw a rejoined shoulder as the end of her wrap. Matthew laughed and slid his chair back a few inches as Bella moved closer. Angell saw her finger the material of his lapel Then when he thought she might be making some headway, Miss McCarthy stood up. He heard her this time for her voice was in high pitched. “I would appreciate it if you would leave us to our meal in peace, Miss whoever -you - are.”

Bella grazed back over her shoulders like a cat with a treat she had no intention of surrendering. Don’t get your bloomers all in a knot Babe. she said. We are having a conversation here.

Matthew was speechless as he looks from one woman to the other giving Bella a weak smile and attempting to roll his eyes at Miss McCarthy.

Bella preyed on the situation and slid onto Matthews' knee. “why don’t you go find yourself something to do for a few minutes” she suggested to Miss McCarthy. we could use a minute or two to get acquainted. In the same way that Angell’s had Matthews' hand encircled her waist in an attempt to prompt her from her seat but Bella would have none of it, She raised her forearms to his shoulders the end of the wrap in each hand.

Angell smiled to himself as he watched those bright green wrap touched Matthew scarlet baby face. He would bet the feeling of that core waist beneath his palms would be the undoing of the pompous Matthew.

“This is outrageous,” Miss McCarthy said looking around the room as if for confirmation of the absurdity of the situation. While every line of her body spoke her indignation, Angell experienced the first inklings that this had been a bad idea, a moment later when the man with the yellow leer and one patched eye approached her, he knew it was.

“Don’t get uppity now,” the man said with every one of his ugly teeth showing. let the gentleman have a little fun I’ll keep you busy for the meantime sugar. Angell groaned and got to his feet, he’d started this whole mess now he has to be the one to stop it.

“Thank you no,” Miss McCarthy stated. “If you would leave us alone we’ll be on our way -Matthew?” She snapped Matthew’s name like a whip and he looked at her. Guilt obvious in his eyes. Angell chuckled So the lick-spittle was enjoying Miss Reid’s company noted the swift removal of Matthew’s hand from Bella’s bareback.

“Oh don’t go honey”, Bella cooed smoothing Matthews hair with her fingers and leaning in so close her breasts pushed up against his shirt front. I was starting to like you.

“a drink,” the thug slurred to Miss McCarthy placing a grimy paw on her sleeve. It’ll calm you right down take my word for it. Miss McCarthy eyes scanned the room in a panic. Angell felt a sharp pang of remorse he cleared his throat, he started in his laziest drawl ambling towards the group, “the lady ain’t interested in your company.”

Yellow teeth and one eye slid to Angell. “who in the world are you?”

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