Angell Summer

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-Angell holstered his gun to shoot-

Third person’s POV

Angell felt regret seep into every pore If he hadn’t been so anxious to speak a few meaningless words to the poor lady none of them would be in this predicament He would tell by the one-eyed syrupy stare that the man was going to cause trouble He was in the obstinate stage of drunkenness.

Angell sighed. Consider me a - what’s it called? He took his time thinking. “A good Samaritan that’s what I am.”

What the nonsense is that? Milky teeth barked then looked back at his companions. What the fuck is is he talking about?

Miss McCarthy swooned at the man's language so Angell stepped up beside her ready to catch anything that fell Unable to resist the opportunity he laid one hand behind her Elbow’s. how in tarnation should we know, filigio? One of Man’s companion said while his eyes rolled around in his head without direction. “We don’t know no more than you.”

I should think you all would like to control your language in the presence of this lady. Angell offered, but you can’t She’ll be leaving now. Angell started to pull her back a step when one-eye-yellow-teeth or filigio as his buddy had called him moved one hand to the holster at his hip.

“I wouldn’t go nowhere if I were you, Mister,” he said.

Miss McCarthy grasped and leaned into Angell’s side, For a moment he could think of nothing outside the sweet warmth of her body’s pressure against his. He squeezed her elbow.

“What, you gonna shoot me?” Angell inquired. Right here? In front of all these witnesses?.

filigio looked around. “I don’t see any witnesses. Do you boys see any witnesses?”

A surprising number of men at the bar and surrounding the tables answered with a resounding "No" Angell frowned. This idea was getting stupider by the minute He glanced over to see Matthew struggling to stand despite Bella’s weight on his lap.

Before the dumb-ass had time to add to the problem, Angell suggested: you and I outta Settle this outside the two of us. filigio shows his milky teeth again Miss McCarthy turned thick-Lashed eyes at him and said, “You must not Mister Summer.” He flashed her confident grin. Don’t you worry about me Miss McCarthy I can take care of myself you know he mimicked in a high voice then wiped the grin off his face and growled,

“why don’t we go outside and see about that?”

Matthew managed to extricate himself from Bella’s clutches and bustled over to Miss McCarthy’s other side. “This is absurd this is completely uncalled for Miss McCarthy and I came here to enjoy a simple meal we have no desire to be party to a gunfight,” he objected with his voice cracking on the last word, filigio and his thugs cracked. “You can stay here with the womenfolks” filigio spat out.

“I’ll be right back baby doll,” he added to Miss McCarthy with a wink. Angell rolled his eyes and turned towards the doors behind him he heard the scrape and clatter of chairs as what must have been the entire room rose to its feet he dreaded the scene he knew awaited him. Another town to get kicked out of, he though with fatigue Not that Queenstown was anything special but how did he manage to always get himself to these kinds of scrapes? Seemed the more he tried to be inconspicuous the more he stirred things up after a scene like this in Dallas and him were asked to leave town usually by the sheriff.

The group emerged into the grey light dust, Angell made his way to the middle of the road, filigio stumbled down the step from the boardwalk and moved to a spot a few spaces away and he checked the barrel of his pistol with a bleary eye. Angell blew out a slow breath. The man was too drunk to kill. The question then was which appendages to go for He thought about shooting the man's hat off but generally speaking when drunks were made to look like that much of a fool they got ornery and kept shooting until they hit something.

He considered shooting the gun out of his hand but if he was a little bit off, the man could lose a finger and that would make him nasty He could go for a shoulder or a thigh, but that would involve a lot of blood and he didn’t want Miss McCarthy collapsing into the dirt. He opted for a foot a little toe, No real damage but enough blood to remind the fellow of the price of being a stupid pig.

One of filigio’s thug stood off to the side with a red bandanna. “Soon I’ll let go of this, start shooting,” the man said, loud enough for the crowd to hear.

Angell spied Miss McCarthy off to the side speaking to Matthew She pointed toward the jailhouse demanding that he get the sheriff’ to break it up Before the man had the chance to follow up on those orders, Angell planted his feet and gave a nod to the man holding the bandanna. No sense waiting for the law to show up.

filigio picked his stance and moved his arms out over his guns. Angell narrowed his eyes, allowed his breathing to slow and felt his body relax He smiled with a familiar sensation.

The crowd was hushed. Dust spiraled in a soft breeze.

The bandanna dropped.

Angell felt his body go fluid and his focus shrank to nothing but the one shot.

Shots rang out. filigio spun in the dust jerked to the ground then howled in agony holding his foot. Angell holstered his gun.

Then he noticed the sheriff step out of the crowd.

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