Angell Summer

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-Will you marry someone like him?

Mimi McCarthy’s POV

“He is perfect,” I said.

“He’s in jail.” Matthew was aghast.

“He is what we’re looking for,” I insisted.

Mimi, he’s little better than a savage, have you taken leave of your senses?.

I stood closer to the window and sent Matthew a frosty glare, the kind I knew reduced otherwise self-composed men to guilty little boys. he got me out of a very precarious situation while you were dallying around with that bitch. Matthew picked up a chunky cigarette lighter from the table next to him and flicked it in and off he wanted his pipe, I knew but I abhorred the smell and would not allow it in my presence.

He snorted at my words and shook his head but he didn’t meet my eyes. I dare you that your father would be aghast at this whole venture by Picking a husband for your sister Janis from amongst this rabble - it’s outlandish, outrageous. It may even be dangerous.

I stepped away from the window and came toward him forcing him to look at me. Must I remind you that you agreed with this solution when I presented it to you in New York? Must I remind that we both decided Mom and dad should know nothing of it? And must I remind you that you insisted on coming along with me instead of letting me bring Mrs. Pierce’s as I’d planned?

Matthew sniffed and resumed his study of the lighter, the idea of entrusting your sister’s reputation and future to such a stuffy old whirl bag. I laughed in disbelief. A stuffy old whirl bag? I can hardly believe you would say such a thing Mrs. Pierce’s has been a dear friend of my family’s for almost half of my life and she has saved the reputation of more than one esteemed matron I could even name.

“The very fact that you can name them is evidence enough of what I mean” He held my graze for a significant moment before turning back to the lighter I am capable of keeping this secret between us. And anyway she’s too old she couldn’t have withstood the trip. Which was the only reason I agreed to travel with you? I took a deep breath and strode to the fireplace It was warm so the logs and kindly sat unlit I grazed at an appalling landscape that graced the focal point above the mantel.

That and we needed to leave immediately - which brings up another point.

We’re nearing the end of our allotted time. we must return with a groom for Janis before her stomach begins to show and with enough time for them to make some rudimentary social rounds to make it look real. I’d say that gives us another four weeks or three at the outside. I watch as Matthew arched his eyebrows at me and would you then still have time to plan and execute a formal wedding? we’re out of time right now.

“All the more reason to choose Mr. Angell Summer,” I snapped, turning to fix him with a speculative look.

Why are you fighting me so hard on this, Matthew? Do you have another idea? or do you think no one will notice Janis becoming round this month?

Matthew groaned and buried his face in his hands. “Oh for pity’s sake. No Of course not.” After a moment he lifted his head and spoke.

It makes me so - frustrated The fact that her stupidity, her foolishness, her irresponsibility have brought us to this, he ran his hands along his hair and muttered, It's revolting.

I squelched an automatic desire to defend my sister . after all, everything he said was true. “Even so-”

“Even so” Matthew straightened and pointed a finger to emphasized his words, I can’t see someone like your sister's caliber marrying an ill-bred rustic like Mr. Angell Summer, think for a moment, Mimi. He said, would you marry someone like him? My cheeks flooded with heat at the question and I turned away. “of course not” Our situations are completely different here Matthew But inside me I could not help the image that sprang into my mind of the man in question, When he’d approached me at the boarding house, I’ve been able to catch my breath He was so handsome in a rough sort of way All that dark reckless hair and those light blue eyes and when he smiled - that blinding white devastating smile - I felt the floor dip beneath my feet. Then the minute he has spoken and the repulsion I felt had been in direct inverse proportion to my attraction. He might as well have slapped me, so drastic was his unexpected crudeness. How could a man be so gifted and so coarse at the same time? he looks so handsome, dark long lashes he looks downwards pure.

An unutterable sadness had filled me increasing the more he spoke He was an Adonis with a twang and a toothpick.

It was almost too cruel to be borne. The more he spoke the more she expected him to become repugnant but still, I could not take my eyes away from him. So beautiful and so unbearable.

“There, you see?” Matthew pressed. you cannot conceive of marrying him yourself and yet you want your only sister to get married to him. It's unjust. He set the lighter down with a final thump and glare at me. “Well will find someone else, Someone more suitable.”

I regained my composure and turned a withering frown at him. Matthew, no one that is suitable will want my sister can’t you see, which suitable man will want to get married to a woman who is pregnant with someone else’s child? I let out a sink In a moment before continuing. I cannot get married to Mr. Angell myself neither can I imagine being pregnant before marriage uh. What you seem to have lost of this is that Janis is out of options, She is with a child for chrissake. I enunciated the word my tone not concealing my frustration.

She will not name, much less marry the father and she desires to keep the child.

“Yes, who would imagine that?”

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