Angell Summer

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-Money is not everything, Mimi-

Mimi McCarthy’s POV

So to keep her from ruining both herself and our entire family - which would put you out of your job Mr. Matthew Flynn, I am taking the only course of action I can think to take. Matthew seemed to shrink beneath my words he sat back in his chair and clutched his knees With his palms, his eyes downcast. “It seems so desperate, so - so unsavory.”

“Matthew,” I called with my tone softened with fraction, Janis has agreed to the scheme and she only needs to get married to the man and stay out from the spotlight for a year or two and then return. She’ll be able to keep her child and she will never see Mr. Summer again.

Suppose he won’t do it, this Angell Summer fellow? what’s in it for him? A wife he won’t see - a life he won’t have - what’s the point then?

There’s a great deal of money in it for him which is the point he most likely gonna appreciate.

Money isn’t everything! Matthew sputtered waving a hand. He will never be able to marry again only if they divorce which would be unthinkable. Suppose one day he decides he wants children of his own? What then?

“then he can discuss it with his wife, ” I said.

“Wha-! Disc-!” Matthews' face turned crimson as he lurched to his feet. You would have McCarthy blood mixed with - with - whatever this Angell person happens to be?

I folded my hand at my waist and regarded him.

“It’s common knowledge that breeding outside the direct line produces stronger stock.”

“Stronger stock?”

“Breeding!” I watch as Matthew’s arms gesticulated as he circled the chair on which he’d sat.

“We’re not talking about a Dog or horse here Mimi! For Chris-sake think of the little brutes that man might produce.” He looked on the verge of physical calamity, I thought.

Well, you’re the one who brought up blood issues, In any case, I doubt he’d be able to convince Janis to have more children so we should not misinterpret the point here. The crux of the matter is this, I paced forward my hand clasped behind my back my voice with the essence of rationality. “Mr. Summer will have the choice of marrying a very wealthy lady and claiming her child as his Or he may choose to spend an indeterminate amount of time - years - in jail for shooting off a man’s toe, I must say some people could choose marriage over jail.

Matthew stared at me with abject horror then scoffed and muttered something that sounded like, ”you wouldn’t“.

I froze. ” I beg your pardon?”

The short stab of pain his comment produced was automatic. True, she told people she didn’t care to marry but it was to disguise the fact that no had asked me No one had even come close I knew that I’m not as pretty as my flirtatious sister but my character was beyond reproach and I knew I was intelligent Paramount to all that I was a McCarthy Still while the gentlemen were always polite to me no one stayed around long enough to want to court me.

Matthew shook his head. “Nothing I’m sorry I - I - this whole plan is starting to get to me.” He smoothed his oiled hair back with one hand shoving the other into his pant pocket.

“You don’t wish to save Janis?” I asked him stuffy. “Of course Yes.” He nodded his head and swallowed hard.

“Then we should approach Mr. Summer and he is trainable with a change of wardrobe and a haircut he could become quite presentable” I tried keeping my voice even but felt blood rise again to my cheeks at the image I conjured so I paced back to the window.

“We’ll take the next several weeks to teach him manners and improve his speech then we’ll introduce him to New York as a baron That’s all, no details. We shouldn’t elaborate and muddy up the lie with details. Janis can get to know him to take him around, introduce him then they’ll marry a small ceremony with the family, She can wear something full - it’ll be cold enough and no one will be able to tell.”

I clapped my hand together, “it will work.” I turned back to Matthew who sat on the sofa. “It’s a very good plan,” I insisted to the top of his bent head. Can’t you see what a good plan it is? Not even our parents will know. My aunt is quite trustworthy I assure you.

I watch as Matthew’s head moved up and down in a movement I took for a nod. “It’s a good plan,” he echoed. He lifted his head his eyes thoughtful. “It will work. Its - I don’t have a good feeling about this Mr. Summer I thought we would find someone a little more----- someone with---someone a little bit more polished.”

I shook my head, determined. Someone more polished would have other choices. Mr. Summer is perfect. He had nothing to lose and everything to gain and he’s already shown himself to be of good character. Matthew’s brows raised. “By shooting a Man’s foot off?

I pursed my lips. “It was a toe. Excuse me. ” Matthew inclined his head.

By standing up for my honor, he demonstrated a good deal of integrity and we can trust him.

Matthew sighed. Alright, We’ll go with Summer But we’ll keep a close eye at him at all times I’m not quite as trusting of ignorant ruffians as you seem to be.

The jail was a tight musty-smelling place that was ice cold in the winter and sweltering in the summer I reflected. I was doing the poor soul a favor by offering this chance to escape the dead-end life of an outlaw.

Though I knew he’d been acting to circumvent a more serious crime, a remarkable number of people had recounted to the sheriff a far different scenario, Mr. Summer had picked the fight, one of them said. another said they’d seen him haranguing Mr filigio earlier in the day and at Mr. Summer’s denial, another corroborated the story.

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