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"What was it you said?" His breath was close to my ear, all I could smell was his masculine scent. I glanced around, noticing we were the only ones standing outside. "Cal-" I stammered softly, my eyes drinking his in as he spoke. "I want to kiss someone in the rain. I want someone to push me against a wall, kiss me hard and pull my hair to the point of pain. I want to want someone so much they are all I think about." He was quoting exactly what I had said yesterday-word for word. My heart stopped, I think. His face was close to mine, his lips brushing against mine as he muttered, "Let me be of some assistance here." **************** You can't help who you fall in love with.... 'I think that we have relationships with different people to learn things. Learn how to behave, how to fuck, how to break up, how to be.' Cal Fallon Gretchens life is just average. She has the boyfriend, the friends and the family. She is in the final year at high school and is set on following her career ambition as a therapist. Then Cal Fallon enters her world, changing everything she thought she knew about herself, her friends and the world as she knows it.... Cal Fallon. He has a past that he needs to keep a secret, until he meets Gretchen, and he realises he doesn't want to keep any secrets from her...even though it could put them both in danger.... FULL EDITED BOOK NOW ON AMAZON

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"Miss Red? I don't suppose you could tear yourself away from your phone to participate in class could you?"

I lifted my eyes to meet those of my teacher Mrs Saxton, who was glaring at me from the front of the classroom.

"Uh, I'm sorry...it was my mom..."

I felt my cheeks flushing as I lied, hastily putting the phone in my bag.

"Of course it was." She rolled her eyes and shook her head as she carried on speaking,

"So I will need you all to write an essay on whether you feel romantic movies are damaging to real life relationships. You may find you can speak to your parents and family for insight."

A few cackles came from the class. I felt my phone vibrating against my leg and I was relieved to hear the bell ring for the next period.

I grabbed my phone to see the envelope icon indicating I had a text message from Luke.

Babes, gotta put tonight on ice. Big dinner at home apparently- no phone zone- family shit. Will come see you after yeah? Love you x

I sighed.

"Girl thats a sigh, whats up?" My best friend Rosie asked.

I picked my bag up and followed Rosie out the classroom door into the carnage that was the school corridor.

"Luke has just cancelled our date. He has family shit apparently- no phone zone either!"

Rosie lifted a perfectly arched brow.

"Oh really? Well why don't you come with me and Sienna to The Lounge? Just what a girl needs to cheer her up. Or we could go to The Rink? Nothing beats a good skate." She grinned.

I shrugged.

"Yeah, why not?"

Just then I heard a crash coming from the end of the corridor.

"Watch where you are going dickhead!"

I craned my neck round to see what all the commotion was about and saw Finn- a friend of Lukes- squaring up to a boy I had not seen before in school.

"Who is that Rose?" I whispered, staring at the boy curiously.

"Ah this must be the new guy.. I heard Clara and Krystal talking about him earlier. He is Clara's cousin I heard. Pretty cute hmm? Good for us single girls!" She cackled, sticking her tongue out at me.

I watched him, trying not to gawp. He had dirty blond hair and was wearing a black t shirt that showed he was more than capable of handling himself with Finn.

"Fuck you. You're the dickhead, dickhead."

He spat the words at Finn who glared at him. Just then Mr Whetton strode down the hallway past the boys.

"Making friends already I see Cal? This is the wonderful Finn, quite the star around here aren't you?"

Finn glowered at the boy named Cal.

"Whatever man. Welcome to the school CAL." he glared at Cal as he walked away angrily. Cal leaned against the locker and watched Finn with an amused expression, pulling a cigarette out of his pocket. Suddenly, the air was filled with a sick smell of too much perfume and hairspray as Clara walked down from the canteen towards Cal.

"CAL!' she screeched, flicking her platinum blonde curls over her shoulder. 'I have been dying to introduce you to all my friends. Especially Krystal..." She was closely followed by Krystal, dressed in a tight denim skirt, incredibly high heels and a very revealing top- someone needed to remind her we were at school, not a strip joint.

"With all due respect Clara, I couldn't give less of a fuck. I'll catch you later."

He turned and walked towards the exit leaving Clara and Krystal standing open mouthed after him.

"WELL. He is well rude Clara." Krystal stood, hand on her hips as she watched him leave.

"Pretty hot though..."She added with a dirty smirk.

Hiding a smile, I turned to follow Rosie into class.

Later that evening I found myself at The Lounge with Rosie and Sienna, my two best friends. Sienna was busy chatting to her boyfriend Ethan, and I was sipping my caramel latte, discussing with Rosie the fact the new guy had totally dissed Clara and Krystal earlier.

"Yeah Finn said he's a prick." Interrupted Ethan, brushing his floppy chestnut hair out of his startling blue eyes.

"Well that's it then." Joked Sienna, "Finn has spoken..." she playfully smacked his arm and threw her dark red silky hair over one shoulder.

Ethan laughed. "Nah babe, Finn is sound. But you don't start a new school and pick a fight with the golden boy do you?Anyway, I am not gonna argue with you in that dress..."

He bent down and kissed her neck much to our dismay.

'Eww get a room guys!' Cried Rosie, rolling her eyes as Sienna pulled Ethan in for a kiss. I gathered my dark brown hair into a bun at the top of my head as loose tendrils immediately escaped. Ethan stood up finally entangling himself from Sienna.

"Right baby. Gotta go, do you wanna ride home?"

Sienna yawned.

"Or you can stay at mine...." he said staring at her chest whilst she stretched.

"Yeah I'll come to yours, I just need to pick up my stuff from mine."

She stood and laced her fingers through Ethans.

"Laters girls." She said, blowing us both kisses. Ethan waved as they made their way to the door.

"Well," I declared."I am just gonna nip to the ladies."

I slid out of the booth we were in and made my way to the toilets which were across the room. My hair annoyingly became loose again so this time I flicked my head forward, gathering it all together using my fingers as a brush. As I lifted my head back I felt myself collide with someone. I immediately let go of my hair and saw the new guy standing in front of me.

I pulled my hands in front of my mouth with horror as I saw him holding his face. His beautiful green eyes stared into mine in anger. I felt like I had been electrocuted and felt myself wobble slightly as I said,

"Oh shit, I'm so sorry!"

He glared at me as he pushed past me,

"It's not like there isn't enough room in this shitty town."

I watched him walk out of The Lounge, the door slamming shut behind him.

"Babes," gasped Rosie hurrying over. "Are you ok? What did he say?"

My head hurt from hitting his, so I shrugged and said I just wanted to go home. Rosie linked arms with me and said,

"How was the physical contact though? He is the sort of guy I wouldn't mind butting heads with."

She giggled as I swotted her arm.

"Don't be a knob Rose."

I made it home in one piece, falling onto my bed fully clothed. Suddenly my phone vibrated in my pocket.

Sorry babe. Only just got back and I'm wiped. See you tomorrow?X

I was so annoyed I didn't reply. I closed his message and slipped out of my clothes and into my comfy pjs, falling in to my bed gratefully.

The next day I considered what to wear. It wasn't like it mattered, I always wore the same things. I settled on my skinny jeans, knee high boots and a long black t shirt. I slicked on some lip gloss and mascara. It was pretty cold so I pulled on my puffa coat and slipped my phone into my bag. I picked up a cereal bar on my way out, annoyed I hadn't enough time to make Nutella on toast. I locked my door behind me and walked the fifteen minutes to school. I was lucky I didn't live too far away, it was actually a pleasant walk. When I reached my locker my vision was blocked by a pair of hands covering my eyes.

"Guess who?" A voice murmured in my ear.

I whipped around, striking blue eyes inches away from mine. I put my hands onto his chest, moving him away from me so I could see him better. He wore a soccer jersey, his toned body evident through it. His helmet was in one hand as he ran the other through his jet black hair, whilst gazing at me.


I turned back to my locker and continued to put my things away. Luke leaned on the locker next to me, frowning at my reaction.

"Am I in trouble? I'm sorry about last night. My cousin has just moved here and my parents insisted on having them over for dinner- then we ended up going for a little tour around the town." He frowned, blowing his jet black hair out of his eyes. "Fucking pointless really- he upped and left- apparently he needed a smoke. But then he never came back." He rolled his eyes then focused on me. "Anyway, do you forgive me?"

I sighed, his puppy dog eyes looking at me with mock sadness.

"Yes, but you can make it up to me later."

I kissed his lips softly as his eyes lit up.

"That's a deal, right there. Gotta run babe, I'll see you at lunch yeah?'

He winked at me as he walked in the direction of the gym. I grabbed my drink from my locker and opened it for a quick sip before class, forgetting to open it slowly- suddenly I was covered in sticky Lucozade. Luckily the hallway was quiet with everyone in class, so I made my way to the toilets to clean up as best as I could. Is there anything worse than being covered in sticky orange soda? I grimaced as I came out, still brushing my clothes down with the paper towels. I hurried along, trying to not be too late for class. I looked behind me to make sure I hadn't made too much of a mess near the locker. The janitor was a freak and I really wouldn't want to give him a reason to speak to me if I could avoid it. I turned back and walked straight into a hard chest.

"Shit!" I cried as I looked up in horror.

"I am starting to think you are making a habit of this Raven." His voice had a Brooklyn accent, ever so faintly but it was there. He looked amused as I stood and glared at him. His eyes twinkled and a smile played on his full, sexy lips. I shook myself mentally.

"Raven? My name is Gretchen." I retorted as I stepped back, feeling more in control away from him.

He held his hands up in mock surrender as he chuckled softly, my skin tingling in response.

"Yeah, ok doll. Either way thats the second time you've thrown yourself at me. It's getting a little embarrassing. For you, not me.' He smirked as he glanced down the corridor.

What the fuck?

I was furious.

"Excuse me? I have NOT thrown myself at you, you jerk."

I picked up my bag and stormed past him, hearing him laugh as I walked away, his delicious scent enveloping the air around me.

"Hey Raven, where is the Gym?" he called after me.

I turned to face him.

"Down there," I pointed behind him with my finger, before adding through gritted teeth, "and its GRETCHEN."

He hadn't heard the last bit as I saw him turn the corner. Why did I even respond to Raven?! I groaned and walked back to class, trying to avoid the way my heart was racing.

By lunch I was starting to feel drained. I sat on a table with Rosie, Ethan and Sienna and unwrapped my turkey sandwich.

"Looks like someone isn't happy." Rosie muttered as she nodded over to the corner of the canteen where Krystal was having a heated conversation with Luke. She was showing her phone to him and he had his hands up as he seemed to say he was sorry. As she left Luke grabbed her arm and went after her. I frowned and stood up to follow them.

"G? You want me to come with?" Rosie stood and looked at me worriedly.

"No babes, I'm cool. Back in a minute.' As I sent her a grateful smile.

I pushed the canteen doors open and saw Krystal and Luke whispering furiously at each other.

"Everything ok?"

I stood with my arms folded as Krystal rolled her heavily made up eyes in my direction.

"Off to mummy, baby boy." She said in a annoying sing song voice. She stormed through the double doors of the school whilst Luke turned to face me.

"Hey baby, sorry about that."

He looked super cute today I noticed, but that wasn't the point. He pulled me over to him.

"She isn't happy that she didn't get captain of the cheerleading team. She seemed to think I could do something about it- How could I?!"

Luke was the captain of the football team and therefore the cheerleaders seemed to believe he was theirs to order about and make demands from. I leaned forward and pulled him towards me to kiss his soft lips. He slid his arms around me as our kiss deepened, his tongue exploring my mouth as I ran my fingers down his back. I pulled away then kissed him again as he groaned.

"Babe you're divine, you know that? Shall we skip the rest of school and go for a drive..."

He winked at me suggestively as I swatted his arm.

"Are you free on Saturday? Another family meal I'm afraid. This time you are invited."

He pulled me towards him, kissing my neck as he did.

"You can stay in my room, all night if you want..."


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